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  1. I just downloaded and installed the S2U2 v1.22 to my phone for that iPhone slide to unluck feature, love it its great! but... the time is in military standard time and not in normal time, would like to know how to set it to normal time so i dont have to keep guessing what time it is or having to unluck my device to find the time... Another question on this software is how do you change the background of the slide to unluck software from the flower to something i want it to be?
  2. Still need help on this issue..
  3. Tell me about it mate... thats why i was asking..
  4. I noticed on the Diamond, that there is a little LED light by the looks of things where your earphone speaker is, now is this true and if so is it like the blackberry and is it the light indicator? and if so how do you turn it on so it blinks and notifies?
  5. Just wondering where i put music on my HTC Touch Diamond to have them show up in my today music screen area i added music but i dont think i put it in the correct folder... because at the moment it just says searching for music then says no music found.
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