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  1. Guys sorry for the Nwebie questions but it kinda my 1st time to change roms in my SPV Unilt! (TNx for your Time Guys! yur the best! ;) ) I found an i-mate update. The File is (CDL i-mate MSN Fix Upgrade 10.9MB) is i-mate better than Qtek or is it the same? when i upgrade into Qtke or i-mate ROMS will it be (Open Line?) Mean i can use different sim or i still have to Unlock then?? Tnx guys fo your Time! :D :D
  2. Guys i have SPV E100 Smartphone. i just finished my plan with SMART and i am FREE ;) yyyyeeppeeee........... :D I kinda want to change my Operating System (They said its called ROM) im kinda confused which to use. i have been reading a lot of topics here about roms and i don't know which is the latest ver. and which is better. but i read someone here said do not upgrade my phone to Orange or Smart so im looking at (Qtek 7070) is this the Rom GOOD? Qtek 7070?? ^^ if so is it possibel if anyone can help me where i can find the ROM of the latest Qtek installer. so i can install it im to my E100. is there other ROMS i can use that is stable and has no bug which takes a small amout of mu IPSM Space? You Guys are the BEST ^^ Happy New Year...... :D :D
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    Hi... i registerd a new account to be able to access MoDaCo and post my problem! My original account is "Sp!DerMaF!a™" and when ever i log in it says it is not in the data base but when i serched in the "Members list" i found the nick and is still there. i was wondering how to log in to that accout of mine! i even tried to "Forget Password" Still does not work! im consern becasue my main e-mail is registed with it and i cant use it to register here anymore and i always open that email to monitor my postings! can any1 help me! :) TNX

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