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  1. The thing you are thinking of is a SGS3 feature, not JB.
  2. Awesome. Working perfectly on the first release. No weather in notifications though, seen a fix on XDA but not massively bothered for the moment, will wait for a proper update and wipe I think. Oh, and "do a barrel roll" works on voice search :)
  3. hally83

    Wifi issue

    Hi, I recently upgraded my Nexus S to a Galaxy Nexus, the first thing I did was put Pauls IR13 rom on it, recently upgraded to the IR14 release and upgraded the radio to XXLA2. Ever since I've rooted it (on both roms and both radios), it's had an odd problem where the wifi will drop out, sometimes for seconds, sometimes for hours, and refuses to reconnect. The main place I have noticed this is opening Facebook, I would say 60% of the time on opening it, it switches to 3G and gives a no connection error until 3G fully connects. Any had this issue or can offer any advice? It's a GSM model by the way Cheers, Chris.
  4. hally83

    MCR r5 archive

    Yeah just done that and it worked, cheers!
  5. hally83

    MCR r5 archive

    Anyone having issues with this radio on Orange (aside from the simlock) When I boot, I enter my unlock code and it says "network unlock successful" but I get no reception whatsoever. If I go into setting to try and search for a network, it brings up an error message saying "simcard or network error" Tried reflashing the radio about 3 times to no avail. Also, it asks me for my unlock code everytime I boot or switch airplane mode on and off. Everything else works, camera etc. Cheers,
  6. hally83

    Desire Froyo Update

    it's not that I dont like sense per se, it just the more I use Vanilla the more Sense feels like bloatware. On my Hero, copilot was painfully slow on sense and on vanilla Android it was a revelation! Sense does add a nice polish and some good extra's, but personally I prefer vanilla (yes, maybe I should have bought an N1!) Again, the reason I was personally disappointed by that video is that HTC could have at least taken advantage of the new UI features in froyo. Surely it wouldn't have meant a full re-design to include those small features that make the phone nicer to use. Anyway, this is turning into a pointless discussion and I am clearly alone in my thoughts! Here's hoping we get a decent 2.2 rom soon, whatever the flavour :)
  7. hally83

    Desire Froyo Update

    Echo. Hence I said stripping sense from a DESIRE Rom.
  8. hally83

    Desire Froyo Update

    I've tried 3 froyo Roms actually and would have stayed on them had it not been for the echo issues. The UI changes in vanilla froyo are great and make the phone just that bit nicer to use, this video could be a video for 2.1 was my point. I hope to hell it is an early test build and they do make it better. Bye
  9. hally83

    Desire Froyo Update

    Im disappointed because I might as well stay on 2.1, it is no different. Maybe a bit faster but the Desire is fast enough IMO anyway. I'll be glad when it's released so someone can strip sense out of it though.
  10. hally83

    Desire Froyo Update

    Are you serious, this is a massive disappointment. So the only things they managed to update are a torch and wi-fi hotspots? No UI updates at all. No 3d app drawer, probably sacked off the awesome new gallery too (hopefully not!) no screen change animation. Bah, i'll wait for a non-echo vanilla rom thanks.
  11. yes, flash MCR as per the guide and you will be fine :lol:
  12. hally83

    MCR r21 Archive

    I only put that becuase people were asking. Any Froyo rom not installed on a Nexus 1 will have the echo problem at the moment.
  13. hally83

    MCR r21 Archive

    I still have echo in r21, yes.
  14. hally83

    MCR r21 Archive

    just tested and worked perfectly
  15. hally83

    MCR r21 Archive

    There is no radio bundled with this unless you explicitly choose to. I'm still on my original Orange radio and going strong.

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