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    i900 - the best :)
  1. i910 nearly to i900 and me.. i think will be not support i920 in executor.. Because project_Executor freezed and very possible this last version program. Enough. I will be going to android.. on SGS2 - Samsung I9100.. think very soon :)
  2. Hi Mureta :D we can expect clean\superclean firmware on 29013 build ?
  3. no.. latest i900_fw was PUJA1 (but real its PUIE2 ;) ).. really last was i900XBIK1 :)
  4. you please read all text in first post.. it this - "Notes: *** some anti-virus programs (Norton360, NOD32) have a little paranoid algorithm of definition of viruses and "find a virus" in EXEcutor.exe & possible other apletts. It is a lie. Simply for the sake of economy of a place this files it is packed exe-packer. It is more low resulted Md5-hesh according to which it is possible to make sure of a correctness of the received archive with given and other sources." ;)
  5. i think - not.. this impossible with help Executor. It likely is possible by means of the special service equipment
  6. *** Audio from firmware_dump Nexus_S (Android 2.3) Mirror 1 *** Bootanimation from firmware_dump Nexus_S (Android 2.3) Mirror 1 *** Applets from firmware_dump Nexus_S (Android 2.3) Mirror 1 *** Framework from firmware_dump Nexus_S (Android 2.3) Mirror 1
  7. new mini_update - v 3.1 in first post
  8. not.. project "EXEcutor" temporarily freezed.
  9. exe_custom have not csc_section.. csc_file is not obligatory for flashing.
  10. if this error initflashfiles.dat thet program is not guilty. This file is necessary to BuildOS applet. It should is in folder OEM\OEM_Lang_0 *** (where *** - lang_ID). To take it it is possible, for example, from the localised firmware established in yours device, by removal and the dump dismantling, a following way: 1. Tools-Dumps DSK*-DSK1_Start 2. PDA-Disassemble-DSK1.bin-extract in packages (dump) ps.. and.. i'm not have version 3.1 or 3.5 . Last version - 3.05
  11. While is not present. When there will be a new version of EXEcutor - it is not known. Can be end_september or october.. Use while old version.. sorry
  12. sorry.. i'm worked on WXP.. and error message RecMod's aplet but not Executor.. i don't know how work RecMod on W7
  13. No difference in algorithms of assemblage PDA_section for i8000 between version 2.91 and 3.05. Except an application option all_packages_to_one - try to unchecked it in Options at assemblage
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