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  1. thanks for the great rom. but please do not include the htcapi.dll and htcsensorsdk.dll files when cooking. they become read-only and it will be impossible to disable the HTC sensor emulation. When the ROM is prepared without these files, you can install and remove them with the install/remove button, these files are already included as resource in the control panel applet. Just include the applet. If you do so, it wont be necessary to include the HTCSensorDisabler app under Utilities. ( more free space :P )
  2. there are updated versions of these files under this topic. you can also find sources here: http://www.modaco.com/content/i9x0-omnia-h...s/#entry1129788
  3. Cheers to all the chefs, i appreciate all your work, and use your delicious roms. I noticed that some roms include the HTCEmu control panel applet, and the dll's by default in the windows directory. The dll's are already included as resource in the applet, which provides install and remove of the dll's by users choice. Some applications/games won't work well with the dll's, so the user would like to have the option to remove them. But when the dll's are cooked in the rom, they become read-only and the applet can't remove the files because they are in rom. In short, my advice is to cook the roms only with the control panel applet included, which would do the trick. Keep up the good work.
  4. all my work was posted in this forum. you have to dig through thes topics to find them. (or do a search for my posted files). no screenshots but there are working executables. http://www.modaco.com/content/i9x0-omnia-h...the-omnia-i900/ http://www.modaco.com/content/i900-general...951/htcemu-0-8/ http://www.modaco.com/content/i9x0-omnia-h...face-for-omnia/ http://www.modaco.com/content/i9x0-omnia-h...-beta-on-omnia/ (the software ogles dll's were buid from modified source in embedded vc++ 4. if someone can write a gl2dx wrapper i'm sure tf3d will run much smoother on omnia ) ogles_src_1.0.0.zip
  5. Some more code: ddraw wrapper for running Teeter. (Labyrnth.exe's import table was modified so pdraw.dll is loaded instead of ddraw.dll) ddraw.zip
  6. current htcemu doesn't work on omnia2, but i've released the sources here. i'm sure there'll be an omnia2 version soon.
  7. i've lost all my motivation for developing something for the omnia months ago, beause the stupid cpu hog (~45%), which rises when toching the screen. after receiving some pm's requesting the source code of htcemu dll's, i decided to make all my code public. (actually, some of them were already posted in other threads.) i've removed some artwork (copyright and respect issues) from the project directories. those who are curious can check what is done how, everything is packed in a single zip file (vs2008 c++ projects). there are probably very little or no comments at all in the project files, and there's a lot of copy-paste work... needless to say: download, compile and run at your own risk. Sources.zip
  8. the OK (or X) button doesnt show up in WM 6.5, dont know why. attached is a quick fix. (added a Close button to the page.) HTCEmuPanel.zip
  9. Changes: No need to cook the roms with the "read-only" DLL files anymore. Chefs only need to put the control panel applet into "\Windows" directory. (the dll's are embedded into the applet). Tapping a button on the control panel will install or remove the emu files (htcapi.dll & htcsensorsdk.dll).
  10. HTCEmu v0.7 New version including the functionality mentioned in my previous post. HTCEmu_v0.7.zip
  11. this is a known "feature". actually it works like this: HTCApi.dll queries the mouse setting when HTCNavOpen() it is called, and reverts the setting back when HTCNavClose() is called. this is for emulating the navigation wheel of HTC devices. left and right movement on optical joystick rotates the wheel. you can also rotate the wheel by making circles with your finger on the bottom part of the screen when an htc application is running (and using htcapi.dll). i'll make both optional and make them selectable in the control panel applet in the next release. (default will be disabled). edit1: if you run an htc app while another one is running, and close the first one then the second one, this issue will always occur. edit2: the mouse setting is probably not reverting back, because the application you use doesnt call HTCNavClose() when it exits. i'll add the revertion code to DLL_PROCESS_DETACH case.
  12. brand new version, all files go to \Windows directory. added a control panel applet where you can calibrate the readings of htcemudk.dll. check under settings->system. HTCEmu_v0.6.zip
  13. you're right, i acidentally uploaded an older version which doesnt output angle values... :) this one should work. edit: i forgot to mention that some options in settings doesnt work. (eg. stylus, disable on upright) HTCSensorSDK_v_0.5.zip
  14. brand new fixed/updated bugged HTCSensorSDK.dll. (v 0.4) sensorlock seems to work on omnia. may fix issues with other apps/games as well. as always, use at your own risk. edit: dont use this one. the updated version is in post #618.. HTCSensorSDK_v0.4.zip
  15. a small standalone app based on "Box2D Physics Engine". should work on any device, but gravity works only for omnia. tilt device to change gravity vector, or drag any part of the body around. pressing optical joystick exits the app. Edit: optical button may not exit app if fingermouse mode is active. the end key also quits the app now. Physco.zip
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