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  1. Might want to change the title to say MIUI isntead of miii
  2. People with no lives and who also visit XDA, however they shouldn't be considered the views of XDA
  3. Everyone id just like to say anyone coming here and badmouthing trip or wolfbreak should not be considered XDA And the people claiming to be me arent I hope to be working with the moderators here to end what ever is going on PiLoT
  4. Hey Everyone This is the real PiLoT You can see by my member number and stupidly out of date device list ive been here a good while I have no Issue with WolfBreak or Trip And i would never come to another forum to give them hate Everything that was done over there was a Moderating decision and in no way reflects my personal feelings about these developers best regards PiLoT
  5. PiLoT Tempest 6.1 WWE v 1.5 1.56.405.1 Radio_52.62.25.3 4 - This ROM is based on the 1.56 WWE release Quick info Based on the 1.56 WWE ROM Some applications from Topaz included Updated HTC camera Includes Xtract game Updated TouchFlo 3D to 2.0.37889.1 Includes YouTubePlay (created by milesmowbray) TCPMP added (No Codecs, may add later) In The new verison Added Facebook app Added PPC PimBackup (Created by dot fred) Added HTC Addicts cleanRAM(by HTCaddicts) more information can be found HERE
  6. thanks guys i got a pm saying this means a lot to him so im pasing the message on
  7. thanks guys i hope you dont mind me passing along this thread link see he can see that we care
  8. i know. it went on for so long then it just happened
  9. i know i already posted this in the lounge but i thought id pass it on here as there has been a new turn of events Click HERE
  10. im just trying to lket as manyn pepole know as possible
  11. This post was previously called a cross forum appeal, but. On the 24th of May 2009 at 8.45 CST Alessandra passed away Please show your support by writing condolences Here or in the following places HERE or HERE or at the origional thread over at XDA HERE
  12. there is a disclaimer in the t and cs wich claim theyll charge you. but they dont its just an obligitory warning.
  13. for more ifno go to omnia winmodevs post dont worry its not spam but ive put it up on my forum so i can maintain it better
  14. im thinking of selling my omnia. its had a good run but i tink ill stick yo the htc brand as i nkow more about it what i was wondering is whats a good price for and omnia in GBP its ... unlocked ill put the mshj1 upgrade in teh storage just in case 5 small imperfections in screen (were the calibration targets are ) 2 or three sets of complete earphones (original) original box all software any pay as you go sim from any company (ive got every major operator except voda) data cable charger ... im not sure exactly when ill sell it as i was looking forward to a 32 gb micro sdhc card in my touch hd. but if anyone can tell me if theres n point waiting then ill reconsider but all i want for know i what you would pay in GBP for the above bundle NB this is not spam, no spammer would admit to handset having imperfections in screen)
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