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  1. My friend, you're missing the key advantage of ultralite roms. When a new .Net version is released, with ultralite ROMS only an uninstall and install required; but with custom ROMS, a ROM upgrade may be necessary. There are lots of custom ROMs, but no pure ultralite ROM like Sinan's.
  2. I removed 3 programs: CareAce BluetoothIconNotifier CareAce ConnectingNotifierPocketPC tnyynt SD TuneUP And after 10 days I have no problem :( Sorry to bother, this is obviously caused by one of this programs :D This ultralite ROM is absolutely great. Thanks again Sinan ;)
  3. Hey shokka9, Do you think of releasing an ultraclean ROM ? If not please do not include SRS since it breaks spekearphone functionality with incoming 3G calls which is needed when not using earphones with video calles; and please do not include bluetooth fix since I read that it causes some problems that I forgot now :) Additioanally please include Pako777 camera fix.
  4. I'm using sinan's ultraclean ROM and really appreciate for his hard work, but as i reported in his topic I've sound issues with his ROM (once or two times a week randomly sound completely goes which causes to miss calls, alarms etc.) I've some other issues that i haven't reported (some random freezes). I think these problems were related with the SYS built of Microsoft that Sinan used. Another example: Ryrzy's latest WM6.1 ROM has auto kill bug (annoying 32 process limiting feature). So I couldn't found any ultraclean ROM with Pako777's camera driver which should be cooked in ROM (no chance for an after install) with bugless base SYS from Microsoft :D I kindly asked this from shokka9 as a last chance since many chefs are leaving from Omnia world. I'll continue to appreciate to shokka9 for his precious efforts even he could not found enough time to make a ultraclean built. :)
  5. Hi shokka9, I'm also waiting for your new ROM. Could you please prepare a ultraclean ROM with Pako777's camera driver ?
  6. Do anybody have a problem with sound? Randomly (one time in a week for me) my omnia lost its sound output completely as if its muted. Changing volume, muting and unmuting do not help. Just rebooting fixes this problem. This is very critical problem for me since it can cause missing alarms and calls :)
  7. Do you have problem with speakerphone button problem when you receive an incoming video call? It's greyed and disabled for me. No problem with outgoing video calls or in/out voice calls.
  8. Installed this ROM, very fast and stable. No autoclose problem, no bloatware, huge amount of file space. Highly recommended :) @Sinan, great job, tesekkurler :( .......
  9. Hmm, you're right it seems as a file garbage. I thought it should be under 100 kb but seems 2,48 MB in your explorer ;)
  10. No, I always prefer lite roms and my current ROM does not have HTC task manager and its registry keys. You can take a look to everapp written to cure this WM plague, this is not related anything than MS core codes of new builts http://www.modaco.com/content/pocket-pc-so...ce-under-wm6-x/ Be sure that if you do not notice this problem, then your ROM is a really healthy one. Because it is impossible not to notice this annoying bug (or silly MS feature) when it exists. I'm happy to hear that :)
  11. Tekrar selam, Including operator settings may be curious for who want to feel comfortable while changing operators. I know it is not too hard to make it manually, but I prefer having this done automatically since it uses minimal physical space. Regs...
  12. Selam Sinan, Thank you for this clean ROM, this is exactly what i need. Just two guestions, Does this ROM have autoclose issue which latest Windows 6.x builts (yes WM6.1, too) suffer from. I'm using currently Ryrzy's WM6.1 Build 21054 and it has this problem as discussed here: http://www.modaco.com/content-page/293427/...ryrzy/page/40/# There is a tool written attempts to fix that called everapp, but I prefer a WM without an illness instead of curing it with the cost of RAM that this program uses. If your ROM do not have this plague, I advice you not to create any ROM with plagued WM builts since this is the most annoying thing I've ever seen in WM world. Anyway, my second question, infact mostly a kind request, could you please provide a cab (or direct me to find it) for Operator settings that you removed?
  13. Hi, please continue from this general topic: http://www.modaco.com/content/i900-general...-bug-trial-etc/
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