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  1. Hey, when i try to use LZX Compression, The rom crashes on boot. I tried to change the cecompr.dll from lzx folder, but nothing changes. Can someone write here, how to use it? edit: ok. now its working. I replaced files from LZX to MODULES and its. ok. Thanks;)
  2. Hey is it possible to change clock color to white? couse black doesn't look good for me.
  3. i understand You, but this ROM isnt multilanguage. It's only english. You can only change the language of tf3d in registry: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\MUI\CurLang you have to enrer code in HEX for Germany - 407 for English - 409 for Polish - 415 then you have to reset tf3d or windows mobile and You have tf3d in your language. And if you want, to have regional setting, and SIm card settings from germany you have to flash new CSC file with german settings. go here and read it about csc files: http://www.modaco.com/content/i8000-omnia-...g-rom-on-i8000/
  4. if you read all posts you would know that there is a fix for it. http://www.modaco.com/content/i8000-verizo...fix-by-noobody/
  5. I think that it isint as good as Rodrigo Leo2 Fusion ROM. Is has many bugs, and you have to install many program, and fixes, and other stuff. And still it isnt the same. In Rodrigo ROM you have full package from HD2. All program for messaging, for calling and others. And here you have to install it alone. You say that you have "About 40-45MB and booted this morning (12 hours ago)" and I have on Rodrigos ROM 50MB RAM free now, and i have more programs than you have. and it looks better (icons, dialer, messager etc.). Untill there will be no full working version for i8000 there is no sense to play with it. Just take full working ROM and have fun. Maybe there will be a new realase of this ROm, and then we will be all happy;) p.s. sorry for my english:) im from Poland:D
  6. i have >80MB free RAM on WM6.1 polish ultralite ROM. But there are problems. Like: i cant add any email account, and when System starts 'SMS patch.exe' crashes. But for now everything works good and smooth.
  7. Hey, can you tell us what ROM exactly dou you have? And what versions of Sense etc.? They say that you cant change homescreen wallpaper and you done it?
  8. ok. And for me the Music Tab Fix dont work. Its useless. I will wait for full working wersion. Just likt it is in Leo2 Fusion ROM (the only bad thing in this ROM is low memory and Win 6.5 :) ) Im going back to Rapid's Semi-Lite ROM with TF3D 1.3 . Its full working and quick;)
  9. i installed HTCDiamond CommManager (6-6-2008).cab What does it repair?? couse New Message tap is still not working??
  10. Hey i habe problem with instaling NoData.cab . Only in this ROM there is a problem with it. When i want to turn it On it crashes. Meybe You could help?
  11. Hey, thank You for Your Work:) I have one problem: Is there any way to change language? Couse when i change it for Sense in REGISTRY to Polish the is no Polish Font, and i see only squeres. Meybe the is a posibility to Cook a ROM supporting all Language Fonts? or else could You give me files for Sense 2.1 and all fixes + all necessary CAB's that you used in Here? and ill try to cook Polish version:) best regards:) p.s. in English version i dont have the temperature info in Celsjus. Maybe it is the same problem? European Font or maybe code??
  12. i love you man:D That thing is great:) I have one request to do task witch will add flash lite 3.1 couse, when i do that manually it couses errors. Once again, great thanks for the great job;)
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