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  1. Sayın Sinan bey, 6.5 romunuzdaki ekran kilidi standart 6.5 ekran kilidinden farklı, daha çok 6.1 ekran kilidi gibi olmuş ve çok güzel görünüyor, ayrıca ram' dende kazandırıyor. iconsoft phone extention ile cevap ekranı çakışmıyor, bunu nasıl yaptınız bize öğretebilirmisiniz, yada bunu yapacak bir cab vs varmı, teşekkürler
  2. Dear Sinan thank you for this nice rom( 6.5.x), but I wonder how you changed lock screen which is very nice ( like windows 6.1 lock screen) , can you descreibe your methodology, or do you have any cab about this thanks again
  3. Dear Gary your roms are excellant, I use your 13 april rom, when I sent an sms and return to desktop the phone freezes and I see messagin title on the right upper top on the desktop screen, then I take out battery reopen the phone is there any remedy for this
  4. I use 13 april rom but it frequently freezes after sending sms, and start menu does not work, what is remedy for this problem
  5. I have java program installed in esmertec java and it is impossible to reinstall this program after rom flash, how can I backup this java program to use later after flashing your last rom thanks
  6. Gary could you provide the cab for windows mobile office 2010, thanks again
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