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  1. The T-mobile website is selling the HTC G2 for free if you renew your contract for another 2 years. The catch is that you must add an "Android Data Plan" for any Android phone once the phone actually arrives. At $25 a month for 2 years my free phone becomes $600, and I'm stuck paying for high speed internet for my home and my phone! I've used an Omnia for the past 2 years with the T-Zones $5.99 data plan and have been totally satisfied with the speed. Windows Mobile on the other hand...::grumble:: According to forum posts around the internet if I use any T-Mobile (USA) branded Android device T-Mobile will eventually (after six hours or so) cut off the T-Zones and require me to use an Android plan or have just have no mobile internet (WiFi only). I'm hoping that the Desire Z can be used with the T-Zones $5.99 Internet plan I already have. People use the iPhone with T-zones so I assumed it would work with the Desire Z. I just want to make sure I buy the one that is compatible with US EDGE/GPRS data connections. According to the info from this link (/desire-z-modaco-package-now-available-to-pre-order-from-superetrader/) it is a Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz so it should work with T-mobile US EDGE Networks. However, it only lists Europ/Asia under Network HSPA/WCDMA. Also, I'm not sure if they'll ship to US. This one, an unlocked Bell phone from Canada, lists 850/1900 under HSDPA. Is the Canadian one just US 3G/4G compatible? Would T-Mobile be likely to block it because it's not an unbranded phone? Or are they just the same phone and I'm just dumb? I've been trying to research this so long my head is spinning. Regardless, has anyone already done what I want to do? Does it sound like it would work? My grand plan is to renew my contract for 2 years, get the phone for free from the website, sell it brand new on eBay to someone who just wants to use it via WiFi networks (its going for $250-$300 US), use that money towards a purchase of an unbranded Desire Z for $500-$600 and keep my cheap and slow internet access. ;) Thanks for any help. I'd imagine they're are many other potential Android users out there that would like to know as well.
  2. I think that's Microsoft's bad actually: http://www.windowsphone7.com/ Does Anyone have the newest build and problems with active sync disconnecting every like 30seconds to 2mins? This happened to me one other time and it can't figure out how I fixed it.
  3. I feel like such a leech, but could someone PM the "Omnia WM7 UI Series. Build 23128.5.3.8 (COM3). beta1. (12.7.2010)" or the most recent "Lite" version of the ROM? For those confused about why it must be PM, PDhee requested that links not be put on the internet. Thanks oh so much!
  4. Aw crap. I have the same exact issue. I was trying to keep Kinoma Player from opening my pictures (It is so slow when loading). I used the "file explorer extensions" from xda to "select media album" as the default loader for JPGs but it doesn't work. It will just open the default pictures folder. Just like above. Anyone found a solution to this? Or, maybe even better, a similar, free, no-nonsense picture viewer that is fast and finger friendly. I hate to use the "Pictures & Video" program built into windows as it lags like 3 seconds to load pictures when you cycle through them. Thanks.
  5. I 3rd this!!! This thread has a script that does it,according to the poster. I haven't tried it yet though as I'm at work: http://www.modaco.com/content/i9x0-omnia-h...c-mass-storage/ There is an app out there that does basically what we want for WiFi (on/off), that's handy. But A USB toggle would be much more useful.
  6. Today 2 will automatically resize your contact pictures into a square-ish size. I just crop my contact pictures into a perfect square (20 x 20 or 240 x 240 etc) and they look ok.
  7. I followed the directions and it works great. I set my connection to auto-disconnect after 2 mins. However, the above procedure also makes a press of the END key disconnect GPRS immediately. Even during a phone call! Really annoying! Anyone know how to combat that?In settings ->buttons ->end key, the End key setting is sent to Lock Device. Holding the end key will still lock the device, so that's not the problem. But a quick push of the end key will disconnect the GPRS connection. IN FACT IT PRESSING THE END KEY WILL DISCONNECT GPRS EVEn, WHEN THE SCREEN IS LOCKED OR THE PHONE IS IN STANDBY MODE! I just noticed this part and that explanes why my downloads keep failing. Halp
  8. The built in MP3 player on the Omnia really blows @$$. My roomate's $60 Samsung mp3 player is waaayyy more intuitive. I've had the Omnia since like day 1 and still can't use it to my liking, mostly for the problem you described. Another gripe I have is i can't figure out how to add an entire album to a playlist. Ug. S2P is a pretty neat free player. But it works best when you have your music in a Artist->Album->Track hierarchy. What program do you use to input Metadata? Winamp's way of adding album art doesn't mesh with the Omnia.
  9. OOOOOOOHHHH! Duh! Thanks. Now that I know what it does...I'll still hide it. Thanks guys!
  10. The task switcher, wkTask, is really handy. But when I install it I get these butt-ugly grey bars at the top of my Omnia. Anyone else get these? I installed to the "Device". Enlarged to Show Detail
  11. This may seem like a dumb idea, considering the circumstances, but you could perhaps use a 6ft headphone extension cable from Radioshack to move your phone farther away from the FM receiver. Maybe keep the FM sender gizmo in the center console, and the phone in a pocket on the door, if you have one.
  12. Hmm, i installed NET 3.5 and set it up correctly as instructed here. It will install, and not crash. But it won't save the input in relation to the orientation. It will always be whatever is save for Portrait mode . :( I'm using the DXIA2/DZIA2 rom. Net 3.5 takes up A LOT of room!
  13. Wait wait, what do you mean by that? Does that work? How about www.newgrounds.com?
  14. If you keep getting "Cannot install hardware- cannot find file specified" in the setup wizard, with this or any USB device do this: Go to the Start Menu» Run and type "regedit" Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion With CurrentVersion Highlighted, go to the Edit menu and select New » Key Name the key RunOnce - Leave everything else about the key alone. This allowed everything to be installed correctly on a computer that was having issues with this, but it was having issues with most USB devices.
  15. The vibrate doesn't seem to work with talkonaut either. Thanks for the reply! Note: To download Nimbuzz for Omnia, check here. For your brand select Windows Mobile , then Pocket PC.
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