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  1. Looks like I need to update my "Devices" bit on my profile... Phone ordered :)
  2. Mine gets delivered today while I'm at work(with sim card cutter) but atleast I'll have it tonight :)
  3. So jealous lol, anyway how do you condition your batteries? There is so many conflicting reports on the internet it gets a bit confusing.
  4. Just got an email saying it was been dispatched on 03/04/2012 :D
  5. So my next phone is most definitely going to be the One X (In grey). It's been pre-ordered since it was put up for sale. So who else is getting one and, like me, can't wait :)
  6. That may be the case but this time last year we only had single core phones yet MWC this year is full of quad core phones, so the software has to keep up with the hardware.
  7. Hey all, I'm looking at getting a HTC One X(Endeavor/Supreme/Edge) when it comes out but notice on the current rumored spec it required a MicroSIM. Was just wondering if anyone had got one from T-Mobile before and if so how (I am currently halfway through a 2 year contract) Cheers :)
  8. If I ordered with Next Day Delivery, and it came in stock Friday, would I get it on Saturday or have to wait till Tuesday?
  9. How else do updates get from the server to the phone?
  10. Paul, Are updates push or fetch on WP7 I.e, If someone where to message me on facebook would it pop up instantly or would I have to wait for it to poll the servers Cheers, Jonny
  11. Hi I've had the problem where the phone would not respond to pressing the power button, but since the update I've noticed it hasnt happened Am I the only one to notice this or has google fixed it with software?
  12. Could be a corrupted zip file, try re-downloading the file and starting again.
  13. I really should get round to signing up :P
  14. One thing you could try is: Delete twitter account from accounts and sync and then re-add it
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