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  1. I have just had my Vario II away for repair for this screen alignment issue. The report from the repair centre came back with one word... "screening" - what the hell does screening mean? Needless to say, within 6 hours of having it back in my hand the screen has gone out of alignment again. I am *not* waiting another 3 weeks for my phone to go away for repair again. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to go about this? I am tempted to print of this entire thread and show them it as they said they wont replace my phone unless it has been away for repair 4 times! Shocking service :) Craig
  2. Thanks for all your help :) I sent my Vario II off for repair yesterday evening (Screen alignment issue and it hard-reset itself twice without me touching anything) so as soon as I get it back I will try this method. I am also quite tempted to load the latest Cingular/HTC Rom onto it, has anyone done this ? Cheers, Craig
  3. Hi, I am trying to load up a new ExtRom to my Vario II but it keeps on reverting back to the T-Mobile settings as soon as I do a hard reset, here is what I am doing; 1) Unlocking the Extrom folder 2) Cut+Paste old Extrom data into a folder on my storage card 3) Paste in new Extrom data (I am trying to use the latest Extrom from the stock HTC model, I downloaded this from the XDA Developers website) 4) Hard - reset. When I have done a hard reset it starts to run t-mobile.tsk and all of its original settings again! I really dont like the T-Mobile dialer skin and dont want their customisation bits'n'bobs. What am I doing wrong? Cheers, Craig
  4. As the title says - I am in the market for a bluetooth GPS reciever to replace my aging Garmin i3. I dont have a whole lot to spend, £70 max ex delivery! It needs to work with the Hermes, TomTom (or CoPilot) and MoDaCo CameraAware. Also if anyone knows of any alternatives to TomTom and CoPilot that work on the Hermes then let me know :) Cheers, Craig
  5. As the title says, my install of SPB Weather wont auto-update :D In the "Sync" options of SPB Weather I have... Update when docked: ticked Update after city added: ticked Auto update: every 2 hours no proxy username or password I am using the pipex.dial proxy for my WnW connection but it still wont update if I remove the proxy. Does anyone have any suggestions? Cheers, Craig
  6. Ahhh, I see how it all works now... The guy who set up Exchange has tried all weekend to convice me that I needed to contact T-Mobile to get an Email to SMS address, I can now show him that there IS another way to set it up. Slowly learning Exchange now! (I am a SQL kinda guy :D) Cheers, Craig
  7. Thanks for the links :D According to the set up I require a "Device SMS Address" - I am guessing T-Mobile supply this to convert an email to SMS? How do I go about getting one? Thanks, Craig
  8. kOna

    Orange rant!

    I was 27 days into my contract and on the 28th day (the day after that call) I went into the Orange shop and told them I wasn't happy with the service, all I needed was a fault code for my phone (easy got through CS... if they pick up). They didnt really care that I was leaving mind you. You need to be within your 28 days to get out that easy though :D
  9. kOna

    Orange rant!

    I take your 48mins and raise you, 5hr 31sec. It actually took them 5hr 8min to pick up the phone. As you can guess I am now with T-Mobile. Craig
  10. I have spoke to two T-Mobile CSR's (One from personal contract's, the other from business) and they both said HSDPA has been enabled on my SIM but I still cant get above 700k? I am just about to try the fit4 hermes tweaker and see if that helps! Edit: Installed fit4cat tweaker and now getting 927k/s - much closer to what I expected :D
  11. This will be my last question, honest :D At the moment I have ActiveSync getting my mails every 30mins and SPB Weather updating every 60 mins. After these programs have updated my GPRS/3G/HSDPA connection stays active - is there any way I can get this to timeout after a period of inactivity? Cheers, Craig
  12. I have just got my MDA Vario II yesterday and have been reading about Push Email, we already have an MS Exchange 2003 SP2 server set up here at work and I am already syncing my mails up with it but how do I get Push Emails to work properly? I have WnW Standard if that is any help :D Cheers, Craig
  13. What options on 150 do you select to talk to someone about HSDPA? I have tried to get through to CS three times now and have been on hold 15+ mins and then it starts ringing and cuts me off, not good. Craig
  14. Quick question - For my GPRS settins I am using; ap name: general.t-mobile.uk username: user password: wap Should I be using the password one2one or does it not matter? Cheers, Craig
  15. I have tried the SOCKS proxy for MSN and it still wont connect, it try's to connect and I get the "waiting" icon in the middle of the screen but it gets no further. Anyone managed to get it working? Craig
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