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  1. Hello, New HD2 T-Mobile owner here, after my Omnia was stolen. Smooth ride so far, the phone is awesome!! Since there's no point in listing all the things that make this phone great, let's go to the bad ones. 1. Mediocre call quality - yes, this pisses me off. This is a phone to make calls, first and foremost. I'm not talking about signal bars, as that can be easily manipulated through software, but actual call sound. Regardless of my location, it sounds like s***, breaking up, etc. My brother's cheap ass Nokia (on the same carrier, same location, same family plan) works every time. Reminds me of the "can you hear me now..." ad campaign. If all the other features weren't so awesome, I'd return it. 2. Tinny speaker sound - it's sad that such an awesome phone has such a crappy speaker. My BB Bold from work is older and less sophisticated, but it does have an awesome speakerphone. The HD2's earpiece speaker isn't much better. It's too soft, and if you set it to loudest setting, you hear some distortion in high frequencies. 3. On wake-up, screen takes about a second to start responding to the touch - Not a really big deal, but kind of annoying when you just want to quickly pick up your phone and unlock it to check something out. 4. No dedicated camera shutter button - all reviews mentioned that, but I don't really care, as I'm not a big photography buff. But the on-screen shutter, coupled with the massive screen and the phone's thinness, is a real bitch to use. 5. Oh, and did I mention mediocre call quality???
  2. No, it's already been confirmed that HD2 will NOT have Windows Phone 7. Btw, I'm also leaving the Omnia forum because my Omnia was stolen last month, and I have no intention of getting another one. It'll be either HTC Desire or whatever cool WP7 phone comes out first.
  3. My Omnia has been acting up lately. It insists on connecting using GPRS, when EDGE is available. If I soft reset it, everything is fine, but if I try to connect again later, it's back to the little G. It's not a coverage issue, as I'm always in the office when I test it. So how can I force it to use EDGE???
  4. Hello, I just upgraded my Resco Keyboard from ver 5.11 to 5.22. I downloaded the cab file using Resco Update straight from my Omnia. Everything went fine EXCEPT for the fact that Auto Repeat is disabled, and all the options in that respective tab in Keybord Options are greyed out. What's going on?? This thing always worked fine on version 5.11.
  5. Hi people, I use the custom ROM DXIA1 / LFI05b and it has the Operator Settings icon in the Settings tab. How do I remove the icon and the settings from the operators I don't use??? How do I remove it on SPB Mobile Shell 3.0??
  6. Don't expect WinMo 6.5 to be released officially for the Omnia. Samsung will, more likely, offer it only on newer phones once they come out, and advertise it as a new exclusive feature.
  7. I found something called Pocket Music http://www.pocketmind.com/pocketmusic.htm which looks interesting. Will try them all out.
  8. I had an 80GB ipod stolen a few days ago. and now I'm considering using my Omnia as my main mp3 player until I can buy a new iPod (its high capacity can't be beat). I have a few questions: 1. Is there a finger friendly media player for the Omnia? I really have no problem using WMP, but the controls are just too tiny. I do NOT have Samsung's player installed as I use a custom ROM without it, but if that's my best option, I'll be happy to re-install it. 2. Since I'm downgrading from 80GB to 16GB (32GB if I ever get a microSD), managing a huge music library becomes an issue. How do you guys do it?? Again, WMP does a decent job of it, but it's no iTunes. 3. Does the Omnia sound better than an iPod (especially the low frequencies)?? To add insult to injury, I had just ordered a pair of Sennheisen CX500 earbuds for my iPod the day before it was stolen; now I'll just use them with the Omnia (because its J-type earbuds annoy me to no end). 4. Does mp3 playback (most tracks encoded at 128 kbps) suck up too much battery?? One great thing about the iPod is that I could play it almost endlessly during work and only need to recharge it fully every couple of weeks. I know the Omnia can't beat that, but I'd hate to see my fully charged battery dead at the end of an 8 hour shift. TYIA
  9. I used to use it A LOT. I had an iPaq hx4700 that had a tiny trackpad, which worked exactly like the finger sensor on the Omnia. So I used the mouse a lot to click on some tiny things on the screen (mainly some apps that aren't touch-friendly). But I had to stop using it since I updated to a ROM that had a bug with the mouse, and I'm too lazy to switch to another ROM. One thing I hated was the arrow floating around the screen when I didn't need it. It'd be nice if it simply disappeared after a few seconds of inactivity.
  10. Is there an application that uses the accelerometer to scroll up/down/left/right on a page just by tilting the phone?? This would be pretty awesome!! I have no idea if other phones have it, maybe it's worth patenting!! xD
  11. I really don't get this attitude from some experienced members (any forum, any topic), especialy the "NO NOOBS" some people love throwing around in some MMO games. Everyone was a beginner one time. On to your question, a CAB file is basically an archive to install something on your device, much like a Windows CAB file. The catch is that the CAB file for your Omnia NEEDS to be run from the device itself. You just need to sync the Omnia, copy/paste the CAB you want from the PC to the Omnia, and run it from the Omnia itself. As for the themes, I don't really care for them, so I can't give much detail.
  12. Just installed your ROM, and I love it!! Just fix the mouse issue to make it perfect...
  13. Hi all, I'm receiving the following error upon trying to sign in to my MSN account: There was a problem signing you in to Messenger. It may be the service or you may be in a place with bad reception. Please try again later. The little set up thing wen you run the app goes fine all the way to the last step when I get the message above. I am definitely NOT in a place with poor signal. I messed with the (few) settings within Messenger, still no go. I have an old Passport account ([email protected]), which works fine on my PC, my old WM5 PDA, and my CrackBerry. Just for testing purposes, I created a new Hotmail account, still no go. Is there an answer somewhere else in the forum?? I noticed people on XDA forums complained about the same issue, but I found no solution. Is there an updated version of Live Messenger I should get?? TYIA
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