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  1. This. Also turn off signature verification in CWM.
  2. Hy I just received my brand new SGS2 (White) and I noticed a problem with the in call sound. I tried calling my phone with different phones so it's not one phone that's acting up but my phone that has a bad speaker. The problem I'm experiencing is a scratching sound when someone is talking with a high or low pitched voice. It sounds like a busted speaker. I'm writing because I'd like to know if the speaker is really so bad on this phone or if it's something wrong with it. My wife can't hear a thing but I's really bothering me. Note: I'm not talking about external speaker. I'm talking about the headset or whatever you call it. The one that you use in a normal call. :) Edit: I forgot to mention that the scratching sound goes away if I set my volume below 40%.
  3. @HoM3r: Thanks for the info. I've crunched the numbers (or should I say checked the Data/app folder on my tablet) because I want similar apps on my phone as well and they take about 1gb of memory (around 850mb to be exact) so that probably wouldn't be enough seeing that the data/data/ partition also needs some internal memory and I don't want to constantly monitor my memory usage. It seems that I'm just used to my tablet having 28gb of Internal Storage so it will probably be better to have a device that will have a similar capacity. It's a shame and I'm really sorry to let HTC go (I sold my Desire a few hours ago and I already miss it). Thanks for all the advice. I really appreciate it because I couldn't make up my mind (and I'm still on the edge). My provider will probably run out of SGS2 (that would be my luck acting up again) and I'll purchase a Sensation in the end. :)
  4. Thanks for the info guys. I still don't know which phone to choose so I guess I'll have to go with the old coin drop. :) The biggest and actually the only thing that bothers me on Sensation is the 1gb internal memory. Even my wife's Ideos X5 has 1,5gb for apps. Edit: I've just checked and all my apps installed take about 700mb of internal storage. So is the 1024mb of free Internal storage the whole partition (including the storage that rom uses) or is it 1024mb minus the 300mb (give or take a few mb) that the rom uses?
  5. @RemzNL: Yes some of your points do help. @All: I didn't make up my mind yet and all the reviews are mixed that's why I'm asking. I did read that SGS doesn't have the excellent build quality but I did like the extra battery power (all the specs I've read list the SGS as the better phone battery wise) and I really need Internal memory so I'm scared of running out of it because the main reason for ditching my Desire is the memory. Also I don't like the resolution on Sensations screen. I come from old Windows Mobile phones and I know that I had a lot of problems with apps and games not working because of the odd resolution on my phone. That was also a pro for SGS when I noticed it.
  6. Hy guys I'll switch my phone soon (in less than two months) and I'm looking for one that will replace my old HTC Desire. I have been looking at SGS 2 and Sensation. I do know that this is a HTC forum so I'll probably get biased answers but I need some advice on both phone. Which one should I pick? Here are my pros and cons for Sense: + I love the Sense interface + I like the design + Good specs - Free RAM - Internal storage Here are my pros and cons for Samsung S 2: + Internal storage + ICS I'm looking at SGS 2 just because I had a terrible experience using my Desire because I never had enough internal memory even after using a2sd and all the other options. Either the phone was slow or I didn't install the apps I needed. I'd also like ICS since I'm getting a new phone. Does anyone know if Sensation will even get one or will it be similar to Desire (almost abandoned after 6 months). So can you help me decide?
  7. We probably misunderstood each other then. :) You can't solve it yourself if it's under warranty because the only option is either pressing the button really hard or banging it on the desk. :) Both options are bad so you should get it fixed. Search a little for a proper RUU. BTW does the button still move in clockwork if you press the up button? Or does it stop then (because it's pushing up and down at the same time)?
  8. What you're describing seems like an issue with the button not the rom itself so you should get it fixed or try dislodging the button yourself (if the module isn't broken which could very well be the case).
  9. Because you're deleting the apps that you've installed. System apps are residing on a different partition. Think of it like two drives. A has system and B has your files. When you run out of storage you clean the files on B. The files on A wouldn't make any impact on the space on B. But there is a data and data/data directories that reside on B and take most of the storage. A2SD+ and similar scripts will help freeing some space by moving it to SD. So do some search and you'll get lots of options. The best way IMHO would be by using S-OFF, resizing partitions and using a script to move the files. But that's up to you.
  10. bpivk

    UPDATE 2.29.405.5

    It doesn't matter. Unlocking and updating are two separate things. Ad Froyo can be rooted and so can Gingerbread before you ask. :)
  11. Hmm. Maybe by running a RUU and re-rooting. I don't know because it's a first for me.
  12. Yes it seems so. Did you try flashing a new recovery through unrevoked?
  13. Did you try formating the SD card or using a different card? And when you go to the menu where you select the zip file do you actually see it or is it empty?
  14. I usually do it from recovery. Make sure that you've copied the rom to your SD and that you've wiped the phone (wipe not clear data or whatever the second option is). Then just select the rom from zip (not update from update.zip).
  15. That could be a side effect of the lack of app cache. You're lucky at least you still get your SMSes. Some phones stop receiving them after they drop under 10mb. :)
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