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  1. no pal, not had the texting issues you describe but the frozen phone when I pull it out my pocket happened alot. Sent it back as it was only 7 days old, and received new one same day(today) with upgraded rom, so far so good ;) It's a known issue with samsung and the service providers, if your phone is less than 14 days old get on the phone and demand a working one! Any longer than the 14 days and they will still fix it for you just it will probably have to be sent off for repair.
  2. Vodafone seem like their buying business a bit with the omnia, when you do the math it doesn't leave em much room for profit, hence oranges major reluctance to give them away free. I assume vodafone are banking on us racking up some high data charges to make up for it, the thing that makes me say that is when I'm on my wifi and I access Youtube, it always wants to reconnect through 'contract wap' to view videos, maybe someone can point me a way round this?
  3. I recently ditched Orange for Vodafone over the samsung omnia. I had been with orange for 10 years and contract was up, asked for an upgrade as was given the previous years, oh yes sir they said, but the phones offered were very basic and a downgrade to my sony erricson w850i. For the omnia they wanted to re-up my line rental from £20 per month (customer loyalty reward) to £35 per month + another £100 for the phone, they must of had at least 4-5k off me over the years(greedy barstewards). I was initially told I could have the omnia for free if I signed up for another 18 months, when I called back they had changed their minds. Since being with vodafone I have not had a single call been cut off on me either, which I found would happen alot with orange especially when using free minutes to other networks?.
  4. Cheers for that dunc, the hard reset removed all the contraband. The way I see it is vodafone should supply me with a working phone to start with and seeing as the phone was only 7 days old it got returned this morning, the couriers came took away the old one and left me with a new one. The new one is set to the latest roms hh3 ;) I also scratched the back case a bit on the first one so it's a fresh start all round, anyone recommend a decent case cover?
  5. Update.. I called vodafone returns dept today (20 min wait ;) ) must be getting alot returned. I spoke to a friendly chap who said yes they are having problems with some batches of omnias, blamed samsung for releasing them to early and is sending me a new replacement omnia supposedly from a new batch of which none reported faulty so far.... we will see :wacko: off to delete the porn and stuff off the phone now :(
  6. Hi FutureDirt, I'm not sure 1,2 will make a difference because the phone was already doing the freeze screen within hours of being first turned on and without any softwares installed. Have stopped using the samsung today screen.
  7. OK I have now turned off the widget screen, etiquette and all power saving features and it's still happening, 4 times already today ;) It's really starting to pee me off now. I started another thread on vodafones forum, they have advised me to take it in to a voda shop for repair, does this mean it will get sent away?
  8. Hi, My today screen is set with Samsung widget, have turned off the ettiquete feature and am waiting to see if it happens. Am also running S2U and SPB Mobileshell but was happening well before these were installed. If it happens again I will try turning the samsung widget off. Very naughty of samsung to release this phone without first ironing out the problems, I'm sure vodafone will be getting alot returned. No, am afraid I'm not the goldie of d'n'b fame :wacko: Just my first car was gold and it had abit of a 'reputation' amongst friends ;)
  9. Hi, my first post now hope you guys can help me! I received my new omnia last Saturday, am very impressed with the phone apart from some software issues that need sorting. Since I have begun using it, when the phone is locked it will randomly freeze up and only a soft reset will fix it. This is happening 2-5 times a day and is really getting annoying ;) Should I be sending this phone back to Vodafone, are others experiencing the same? Or better still can I fix the problem myself? Goldie
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