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  1. hi! man! thanks is petty cool! what ROM you use on this post? i realy like the ICON on menu bar! my rom is IA5 WM6.5 beta .
  2. could anyone reupdate the link, please , is does't work , ths!
  3. Hi! mate, U can do that with this Software SK Shortcut Manager , just search on Google.
  4. hi mate! your ROM is too old now, i use VODAphONE too . and the best ROM is I900DXIA1 /DXL3. I bet you will like that ,and me too. check it out : amazing battery life , fast ROM, BIG store 120MB free........ http://www.modaco.com/content/i9x0-omnia-r...a1-13-jan-2009/
  5. ok mate, i know i still hard , it not many support . but just tack it eazy 1: download this rom for OMNIA with M2D buil in > http://pdaviet.net/showthread.php?t=41250 2: download this cutomer (u can set that by Ur way).>http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=427392 Your english is bester than me so check it out have 9 Xmas
  6. yep ! change region just make sure U update right version, if U in contract(i mean not unlock) U have flash to Unlock(best go to PhoneUnlock shop) and then Update follow my contrustion, and select Orange network. done!
  7. hi mate ! what!is that no USA? U mean after (core*#81230#) i not sure! but just try another country which have same BAND work in US(like uk) and i thing all they will work. SORRY i can't help U much, or find any forum in US, goodluck
  8. hi everyone, i use omnia in UK try to install GoogleNavigator and have messeger error INDEX OUT OF RANGE EXCEPTION at a.b() at a.a() at a.ah() at a.y() at bg..ctor() at u.b() :D any ideal to FIX that? also i try install round66 but still error how know any program work on OMNIA , to find the way like TOMTOM, :lol: PLEASE help ;)
  9. it work fine make sure * U work in virtual FULL screen * setup on virtual brige * unplug any USB that connect with your pc * and after reconnect your omnia > try reset untill your pc found your phone >>>START
  10. U can do follow my instruction (paper 8) U can UPDATE any ROM most NEW ROM it best looking fist P ( DTHJ5)
  11. hi! paul can U check UPDATE HI5 italia rom, can i update this rom, it much better for battery http://www.hdblogmobile.it/samsung/
  12. on LINK QVGA download .>>>> copy to you STORE CARD >>> open>> MORTSCRIP>>>> install QVGA. ok , now choose YOUR skin
  13. hi! MATE i know how U feel ! but don't be sad :P i had problem like U before! it run to SEARCH PORT ----> fail i scary, but i still try last change , just lease your OMNIA 5m >>and unplug USB >> press HARDRESET.>> it work( God!) :lol: but i just got PDA UPDATE, phone is not . DPA:DXHI3/DXHI3 phone: still XXHG5. nothing happen to ''brick'' phone ;) NOTE: for any one want UPDATE (do follow instructions ) * and unplug any USB, that connect to your PC , JUST ONLY OMNIA>>>PC i thing it very interesting while U UPDATE ROM for OMNIA {it make your phone perfect , maybe dead(please don't)} zep! U still have another chance . if your phone >> brick >> bring them to SAMSUNG SERVICE :P still garanti
  14. hi! everyone :D . who from any country , want to UPDATE ROM your OMNIA phone.( with any problem ) I show you how ! don't worry what version on your phone just change to SINGAPORE, VIETNAM..region step1: Press the 'dial' key to the left of the optical pad to bring up the dialer With the onscreen keypad input *#1546792*# Select 'Preconfiguration' Enter code *#81230*# and select OK Select 'Singapore', with the default Operator Accept this, DEVICE WILL HARD RESet (thanks PAUL) use window XP to update : vista not recomment {if not use VWware workstation any install windowXP , (remember choose BRIDGE netwok) } INSTALL omnia drive for XP INSTALL ActiveSnyc 4.5 check: make sure OMNIA conect to PC Press on POWER omnia >>>>OFF and reconect to PC Press on POWER omnia >>>>ON RUN UPDATE and press on SESET hole(neal power )>>>you OMNIA will reset and stop on OMNIA screen >> start bar(on pc) is on Press START woh ! just waiting is auto UPDATE (if stuck on 70% or...%)>> wait 30m (if nothing happen)>> restart PC, take off OMNIA batery. and start AGANE JOB DONE! woh !! :P i know smile on your face :D but not done yet! is auto reset 1 time(5m)>>>> reset2(2m) >>>reset3 OK (just TAP on Align Screen) STEP3: Press the 'dial' key to the left of the optical pad to bring up the dialer With the onscreen keypad input *#1546792*# Select 'Preconfiguration' Enter code *#81230*# and select OK Select 'YOUR CONTRYS', with the default Operator(your network in your contrys) Accept this, DEVICE WILL HARD RESet (thanks PAUL) DONE! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :D your luky day hhaah>>>> call for your girl>>>go out tonight (if no girl friend >>>>CALLgirl :P ) i'm jokeing OK enjone YOUR OMNIA OMNIA can beat IPHONE??? YESS >>>just dowload SPB shell http://www.spbsoftwarehouse.com/products/m...ownload.html?it and skin for SPB http://tinhte.com/forum/showthread.php?t=99461 ;) ok see U ! every one ! HAVE 9 DAY :o :lol:
  15. hi mae, the thing is don't use windowVISTA to update. if U don't, use VWworkstasion (seach on internet or pm for me to get the link) i live in SWINDON, with any OMNIA any vision, just do HARDRESET to SINGAPORE and then DO full UPDATE (nomaly way) Lates is HI3 and then do HARDRESET agane to XX uk take care !
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