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  1. Hi, As per the topic really! I have a SPV M3100 and am now out of contract, and my current handset is a bit battered. I like the M3100, mainly for the Windows Mobile aspects and easy syncing with both my work PC and home laptop. Is the Kaiser the one to go for, or is there something better out now, or something coming out Real Soon now?
  2. Thanks a lot for this post. The Battery stuff is awesome, and the Wireless Today plug-in is really useful. One thing that was annoying me with the M3100 default setup was how fiddly it was to turn wireless on and off.
  3. This worked, thanks! Basically, yes, you have to turn off the "Orange" setting within "Settings...Today" in order to select any of the other options. I have no idea why Orange wanted to force their own interface onto the Today screen. The default one is much more informative and easy to use!
  4. Ah, got it... http://www.microsoft.com/windowsmobile/art..._ringtones.mspx
  5. How are custom ringtones used on the M3100? I've tried putting some in "My Music", but they aren't available for selection when you go to customise the sound for Incoming Call. Help!
  6. oops thought this failed to post before. Please delete!
  7. Hi all, Any suggestions for a decent case? The supplied one is certainly strong, but it would be nice to have one which gives access without having to remove the whole phone!
  8. Hi, I was using my phone's wireless at work, and went to do the same once I got home. The little wireless icon at the top had vanished. Stopping/Starting the wireless in the manager did not change this. Basically, there was no way for me to get to the list of connections and get it to find a new one. A quick power reset, and the little wireless icon was back and it found it all automatically. Has anyone else experienced this?
  9. Hi, Does anyone have any good suggestions for a decent case for the M3100? The supplied one is not my cup of tea. Sure, it is very protective, but it results in there being no way to use the phone unless you remove it completely first! I'd like a case which flips over to reveal the screen (Palm Pilot stylee, perhaps). Any suggestions?
  10. Yep, that's the same problem I'm having. I found out the seemingly easiest way is to hit the power button (which turns off the screen). I'd like a way to do it like on my SPV C550 though, where you can just hold down the Red/End call button.
  11. See topic :) I couldn't see anything obvious in the manual. It seems the Orange customisation of the device hides the locking feature, even if you try turning it on in "Today". Any ideas? (I just mean locking the screen from accidentally being pressed, rather than a password one)
  12. Has anyone who got their phone today now got service? I phoned up to Register, but the phone isn't active yet, and my old one is still turned on.
  13. I have got mine as well. Very sexy! I am currently on the phone to get the phone registered and "turned on", but so far am very impressed. Very responsive, sleek, and ActiveSynced with my PC no worries (with the new software). I hadn't realised Orange had Indian outsourced their Upgrades registration line...... :)
  14. Well, I don't want to pressure you, but if you got it now, it could be in your hands tommorrow :)
  15. Ah, give them another go. The 3100 was only released to Upgrades today, so not all of their CS may be clued up.
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