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  1. DJRedLine

    Good Bye omnia

    I have also upgraded my omnia for the N900 So goodbye from me and thanks to all those that have made the Omnia what it is now (chefs, developers etc)
  2. DJRedLine


    Not noticed any issues TBH Storage Total: 144.47mb In use: 89.62mb Free: 54.86mb Program Total: 96.55mb In use: 52.74mb Free: 43.81mb
  3. DJRedLine


    This is what i currently use with SPB - http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=604146
  4. Excellent thanks works a treat ;)
  5. Cannot seem to get this to work running WM6.5 23017 with M2D installed both cab's from 1st page onto device followed the instructions from 1st post (using full version of Spam alert) but when i re-enable Touchflo nothing on the home page appears. do i enable any other home items? do i need to use and configure the easy today launcher? the instructions for M2Dtp_Config all talk about the 2nd tab. When i load up the app it stats with a tab with a Location tickbox and some dropdowns. does anything need to be done here? Thanks for any advise
  6. Nice theme Have you got a list of plugins that do work / have been converted ?
  7. Shokka - been using 23017 M2D version for a few days now and it is superb. Has everything i need and feels responsive and quick. Thanks for the hard work put into this. There you go a positive comment :)
  8. DJRedLine


    SHKv22_M2D_23017 - http://www.modaco.com/content/i900-general...9-wm6-5-g-roms/
  9. Excellent 23017 ROM Shokka. Quite fast and stable. I'm having trouble installing the CHome Editor from the 1st page as it keeps saying install unsucessful ?? all other cabs seem fine.
  10. Unfortunately that did not work for me. I also on Sector's 23049 ROM with Vodafone network. It is definately something to do with the network connection as Opera, Pocketwit etc work fine on my Internet connection, but the fbook and twitter widgets seem to use the 'contractWAP' connection and im unable to get this to stay as default setting.
  11. DJRedLine

    New release of SPB MS3!

    Clicking on the reply button tries to load the message but then crashes, if i click on the actual message it opens up fine and i can reply to it.
  12. DJRedLine

    New release of SPB MS3!

    Same Facebook and twitter dont like my Contract Internet connection (Google, opera pocketwit etc fork fine) and only seem to work on my Contract WAP connection but i cant get that to stay as default (on WAP opera and pocktwit dont work) Everything else works perfectly out of the box. Its a shame though that smaller cities/ towns are unable to get full weather data (i have to switch to London which is about 30miles away to get full data)
  13. DJRedLine

    New release of SPB MS3!

    This new version is really good with some cool features. Anyone been able to get facebook and twitter to work? I change my connection settings but the changes dont seem to stick and revert back to a connection that is not accepted on the facebook and twitter widgets but works on all my other apps that require access (opera etc)

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