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  1. Just got my new HD2 and, upgrading from the Nokia 5800 I'm hugely impressed. I'm having trouble though. When entering text, say in a text message, I want to change the keyboard to the phone keypad style. I should be able to select the Input Selector at the bottom next to the keyboard symbol, but whatever I do I cant seem to get it to give me the options. Anyone else having a similar problem. I remember on an older phone with WM6 having trouble selecting this accurately enough unless I used the stylus..which of course isnt an option here. Thanks Nick
  2. No screen protector on it! Eventually I left the phone on the align screen for a good half hour, reset and tried again and it did eventually work. Still no idea what the problem was but it seems to be ok for now at least. I did find another forum where someone had a similar problem but all that happened there was the phone was returned to samsung.
  3. I've tried holding the stylus on each cross hair and after a second it then moved to the next. Still going round and around the screen though and not getting past this screen no matter how many times... :-/
  4. After I hard reset, when I get to the align screen, I touch each crosshair and i moves onto the next. However I have been going round and round and can't seem to get past this screen, no matter how many times I keep touching the crosshairs. I have noted that after the fourth crosshair each time, the display very quickly appear to reset, which I'm sure it didn't used to do. Has anyone else had this problem? The other thing I have noticed (This is a 2nd Omnia I have used) is that the screen seems to be very unsensitive. When touching the crosshairs with using the stylus, I have to press quite hard on the screen. Any help/ideas appreaciated! Nick
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