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  1. Well this is looking encouraging... Is this the update file for a non-rooted ERE27 ROM and can it be applied to a rooted ERE27 ROM?
  2. I had this with v12 so downloaded it again from the developers thread and reinstalled HTC IEM after I had flashed the ROM. As a temporary measure. This worked for me but have not tried V13.
  3. Sorry, how do you use the trackball colours. I can't seem to find this in any settings or spare part options. <_< Thanks
  4. Thank you for the informative reply. So is the only way to have the fully functional ERE36B is to build the fingerprint? Are there any other limitations? I wish to load this onto my Nexus without unlocking the bootloader.
  5. Sorry if this is a stupid question. Can I flash the ERE36B Stock ROM and then the corresponding ERE36B radio to a locked retail Nexus One by applying the Update.zip via the SD card and stock recovery. I have the OTA ERE27 ROM and Radio at the moment. I did read the whole thread and it wasn't totally clear to me. Thanks :(
  6. You mean HKLM and it is one of the root folders in the registry. Open a registry editor on your phone or use CeRegistry editor and you will find it. Not sure what you want to unlock?
  7. You will find if you add the keys for the Task Manager panel manually as Panel 13, you will retain the Professional Home page. This is what I did.
  8. Backup settings: Has anyone tested the tweaks in post #1 and tried to Back Settings and then Restore them. Are the tweaks saved in the backup?
  9. As far as I am aware, it is not possible to modify a cooked ROM. You will need to cook your own using the kitchen. Alternatively in my view, if it is something simple as your post suggests, you are better tweaking the settings rather than going through a much longer process of putting together a custom ROM.
  10. Not sure what is going on... Another angle to look at though have you tried Schapps Advanced Configuration Tool? This has an option for enabling / disabling long SMS I believe.
  11. I too started doing this with my original Vodafone ROM. However there are Vodafone Official ROMs available from the Samsung website so apart from being a useful exercise(?) my vote is the latter.
  12. This has happened to me once, but only the first time I flashed the phone. I think the error is a timing issue with the computer setting up the USB port. Am not sure of the detail you are doing but a couple of pointers check: - I believe you only need to install the Samsung Modem Driver once (this is what I have done and have re-flashed the phone several times) - not each time you flash the phone! - Use the same USB port all the time for connections with your phone - this also solves problems you may get with Active Sync
  13. Well done and useful information :) . Just curious though how did you think to flash to a T-mobile official ROM and then to the Vodafone one?
  14. You need to press detect while the phone is off. Then you turn the phone on. This method worked for me :)
  15. Tried the latest GrandPrix with DXIA2. This was my first time with GrandPrix. It is interesting to note for others not used to it, the procedure is really the same as when you use EXEcutor to assemble an .exe from the components except you bypass this step. Am therefore not sure of an advantage of using EXEcutor as flashing using GranPrix cuts outs a step. A random thought - does anyone know whether it is necessary to update all sections of the phone when flashing a ROM. For instance, when I have used HTC phones in the past, the radio part is often left alone and not changed. Presumably this corresponds to the phone part with the Omnia. Any comments?
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