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  1. i am not sure if its related to this rom but after updating from r21 to r22 the pingchat notification stopped working, but reinstalling the app solves that problem, maybe its a general problem when flashing new roms? and a pingchat problem
  2. i found i little issue the charging led seems to not work with this rom, but the device is charging.. so it doesnt matter :P but still one little issue
  3. qvert


    wait until he is back from vacation :(
  4. qvert


    you need root and custom recovery or simmilar way to apply a non official rom :angry:
  5. just reviewd the youtube player on wildfire for my german bulletin board.... will link you the video so you can see it, but its in german edit: here is the video, maybe you need to wait a little until there is HD quality
  6. the youtube app works correct but the video looks not as good as you know it using other devices because its scaled down to qvga resolution
  7. qvert


    he did it :-) http://twitpic.com/236cl2
  8. http://shipped-roms.com/ search for "buzz" or "wildfire"
  9. qvert


    would love to see root too :-) just get my review device today
  10. and when the droid x is available on gsm outside the US then there is a new phone waiting to be superior to the droid x, there is never the right time to buy a device, always new devices will come :lol:
  11. frf85 is released now :-) so i assume there will be r20 soon?
  12. my camcorder is working just recorded a 15 seconds video
  13. just changed at the homescreen ;) i found a little bug, @replied you on twitter the clock is white color in the black statusbar but the notifcation text for example touiteur on the statusbar is still black
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