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  1. Very impressed with the SmartWatch 3 so far. Took a bit of getting used to Android Wear having come from the Pebble, but think im there.Took the SM3 off charge yesterday morning and so far im still on 38%, and thats with pretty heavy use playing around with it - So will easily get 2 days out of it. (That was working a night shift yesterday as well, so watch was constantly used throughout the night) Screen is very bright and easy to read - also very impressed with the high quality. Strap is very comfortable and feels nice and secure, although it is a bit of a fluff/lint magnet. Going to be taking it out on my first run shortly using Runtatsic and GooglePlay Music - however will be using my phones GPS. Will let you know what that does to the battery. Its definitely a thumbs up from me.
  2. Will update once ive had a play :)
  3. Was waiting for the LG G Watch R - however have decided to go instead with the Sony SmartWatch 3. Should hopefully be picking one up today. I like the sports look of it, plus the added GPS will be ideal for running. Only downside is that they left out the HR monitor. However, having never used a HR monitor on a phone/watch - not sure how accurate they are compared to the traditional band.
  4. Dave UK


    I purchased the one below in blue and the missus got it in pink. http://www.amazon.co.uk/TESCO-HUDL-Tablet-Case-exclusively/dp/B00O58FSUK/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1414606613&sr=8-2&keywords=hudl2+case Both cases arrived today and must say we are both very impressed. Quality feels good and they are nice and sturdy. Colours are a perfect match and all the holes are in the correct places. Would highly recommend - and its only £6.99!
  5. That sounds about right - might explain why ive previously left it on charge for quite some time only for it to never reach 100%. Phoned Tesco tech support, first they have heard of this issue, however been given an exchnage code so can pop my hudle back upto Tesco and change it for another - hopefully that will solve the issue.
  6. Dont know if anyone has had this issue or whether ive just got a faulty unit that needs to go back. I leave my hudl2 swicthed on, but in standby mode - aka screen switched off. Screen then lights up of its own accord - like a backlight but nothing displayed on the screen. It either stays on until the battery is complety dead - takes holding the power button down for 30 seconds to turn it back on (reboot it) or you have to hold the power button down for ages to try and turn it off. Happened three times now. Anyone else had anything similar?
  7. Is it just me, or is anyone else dissapointed in the battery life of the hudl2? JUst seems to deplete so quickly. Took mine off charge yesterday, checked facebook quickly and the battery dropped 3% in just 2 minutes.Play a game for 5 minutes and thats another 10% dropped. Im currently using JuiceDefenderPlus to try and extend the battery life as much as possible. Absoutely love the device, just wish the battery lasted longer then what it currently does. Anyone else experiencing this or have I hopefully got a fauly unit?!
  8. Cant answer all your questions, but can hopefully help with he first one! Someone in another thread has used a USB OTG to connect an xbox controller and stated they wasnt rooted.
  9. Ah brillaint, thank you both :)
  10. Have you got a link to the wireless receiver you use? Ive got a 360 controller and an OTG usb cable, would be great to hook my controller up!
  11. I was put off by the bad reviews for the leather case on the Tesco website - especially if your going to be spending that kind of money. The missus and I have both ordered from Amazon - Great price and the reviews all seem very positive. Just a case (boom boom) of waiting for it to arrive now. http://www.amazon.co.uk/TESCO-HUDL-Tablet-Case-exclusively/dp/B00O58FSP0/
  12. Sainsburys are doing 64GB Sandisk Ultra microSDXC Class 10 cards for £19 in store. Picked one up last night. Put it into the hudl2 and it asked to format the card. Leaves you with 59GB of space once formated.
  13. I know the offical line is upto 32GB - Just wondered if anyone had managed to get a larger size SD card to work in the hudl2.
  14. Thanks for the reply. Such a shame as it looked really good.
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