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  1. Really you should stick to the iPhone cause WM is going down the tubes. I have a HD2 and I'm thinking of switching to the iPhone because there are so many apps for the iPhone compared to WM/HD2.
  2. somehow I think the hotfix for the pink image issue also included the fix for this lock problem. I don't see it now - after my installation of the hotfix
  3. Hi there, I'm using Pocketmax.net's AlarmToday 2.81, when I write a note, it scrolls the screen.. anyway to correct this? Is there anyway to disable "stylus sliding up / down scroll" for a specific app like this? TIA
  4. Hi there, just wondering if BT Spammer works for their omnia. seems like an interesting app http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=409089
  5. Guess there is an official app for facebook for WM 6 PPC now? http://www.microsoft.com/windowsmobile/en-...ShareNetworking
  6. i don't want to have to raise the volume everytime I dial/receive a call. Which is what I'm doing now. This is especially dangerous when I'm driving. I'm hoping that someone can provide some suggestions on what I can do. TIA.
  7. Hi there, i have been playing around with the *#0002*28346# settings but no luck. My problem with my Omnia is that when I pick up /make a call and turn on speaker phone, the "in call" volume (when you press the up/down volume button) is always preset to the lowest volume. Bugs the hell out of me. Does anyone know how to change this default volume to the highest volume? I don't believe *#0002*28346# actually changes this specific volume level. Anyone has this problem?
  8. prefer Vito Voice2go application. using it everyday.
  9. hmm, seems like there is no solution yet? Can some expert mortscript-er write something to rename all the file names in the photo directory to the same as the date of the photo taken?
  10. I had this problem before. A simple light knock to the phone and the phone disconnects power/shuts off immediately. Warm restart to turn on. After 2 trips to the Samsung service center, they changed the motherboard and I never had this again! I believe it's a hardware/motherboard issue. The way I tested was to hard reset/clear everything. Live with basic contacts only. Use it for a few days. If it shuts down again, then it's hardware issue.
  11. fugly design. they should just have a slot at the back to put in a flat stylus (almost like a toothpick size).
  12. Yup I'm looking for something like that too! anyone?
  13. Go to \windows and launch WlanLoader.exe. Then choose Load. I'm guessing, when Omnia starts up, it loads this driver. If this driver is "unloaded", the Wifi link will disappear.
  14. Hi there, there's a button in the Samsung dialer (where you dial phone numbers) which brings you to the crappy phonebook application. Is it possible to change registry so that when I click it, it goes to call log/previously dialed numbers? TIA !
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