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  1. How much program memory are you expecting to gain? The Dopod 818 pro is almost in its barest form. If you are comparing it to the O2 version of the device, or some other similar device which install extra applications during initialization after a hard reset, then you won't gain much program memory from the Dopod. Other units have unique applications that actually hog memory. You are looking at all those bells and whistles they load up after a hard reset. The 818 pro has nearly none except for the configuration files for your SIM card, the Voice Commander, and probably a few other applications. None of these really take up program memory unless they are activated. Program memory is basically your RAM and when you have the OS running along with the phone edition specific apps running like phone, sms, mms and the like... everything is pretty much what you can only get. I'm using an 838 right now and I see about 18.89MB free in Program memory... I'm using about 25.12MB... I think your 818 pro will reflect a similar value. That's pretty much everything... The only way to increase RAM is if you can change the memory chip to a bigger one... Deleting things in ROM will not do anything because that is a completely different chip you are talking about... Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
  2. ppcsurfr

    O2 exec

    Very reasonaby priced... now you should just make sure your SIM runs on it.
  3. Ahh. nagsend ka ng text... nasubukan mo bang tanggalin yung check sa Unicode text? Sa send options yun ng sms...
  4. gamit ko kasi RescoExplorer... pero hindi yun freeware... gusto ko kasi yung support nila at yung free upgrades kaya binili ko. Yun gumagana... pwede rin yung sa binarys... mas mura http://www.binarys.com/smartexplorer_en.asp
  5. Ano sinend mo? Kasi kapag nag send ka ng contact na may embedded note o kaya picture baka hindi tanggapin.
  6. Yes pwede... Which file explorer are you using?/
  7. It's built into Windows Media Player if you are using it... it allows you to switch off the screen while playing music. Check out the button mappings in the settings of WMP. Carlo
  8. Mukhang pinalitan nanaman yung date... to get the right info punta nalang kayo sa Pinoy Windows Mobile site for updates... Mukhang Friday daw... Oct 8, 7pm sa Fort... Carlo
  9. EB nalang talaga tayo... Pwede kayo sa Saturday? Oct 9... Sa Pier One tayo sa Fort... para meron tayong Wi-Fi... See you all there... lalo ka na /you .
  10. Basta ako naglibre nung araw na meron dapat EB... sabi ko sa inyo punta kayo sa Booth ng Team 77 Racing nung AUTOSHOP2004... Sorry nalang sa mga hindi nag punta... hehehe Si /you nalang daw and may sagot sa EB na sinet namin for October 9!!! Carlo
  11. Sino gusto... kita kita tayo After the 7th of October... isang EB ulit... /you ikaw ang may sagot ha... Carlo
  12. You know whjere to find me Thrusday to Sunday! Kita kits tayo sa Autoshow 2004 sa booth ng Team 77 Racing... look for the Pinoy Windows Mobile logo sa banner nila! And of course the X-Box and the PPCs running games... Trying to put there... some cool games for demo. Carlo
  13. Sigurado kayo diyan? Libre ko X-Box... extended EB pa tayo. Meron Pinoy Windows Mobile event starting Thursday... hanggang Sunday. Autoshow 2004 sa World Trade Centre. Meron tayong booth doon under Team 77 Racing. Matt Yngson's team and Matt turned it into a Pinoy Windows Mobile affair... Meron tayong X-Box doon plus Windows Mobile devices for gaming and video. Punta naman kayo doon... doon na tayo mag celebrate. Carlo
  14. Twilight Zone ba to? Hehehe salamat sa inyong lahat... pero kakatapos lang eh... :wink: ...sandali... :shock: ano yung sagot ko lahat? :shock: Carlo
  15. Nope. I've tried it and MMS works pretty well with the Voyager. It's basically the same design for all WM2003 devices including Pocket PC Phone Edition... similar yung settings. It's quite dependable... no errors so far. And I've been using the Arcsoft MMS for the longest time... BTW, I'm on SMART Gold... Carlo
  16. How about this? http://www.hkscorpio.com/members/bong/prod...aker_Deluxe.htm Let me know is this is what you are looking for. Carlo
  17. No. That means violating the End Users License Agreement. Carlo
  18. You are using the "Use as Background" feature which automatically mutes all colors so that th text can be seen over it. To really create Today Themes, you will need apps such as TKCreater from FunnySnake or ThemeMaker Pro Plus SE from Kamware. Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
  19. Try mo irename using Explore sa ActiveSync Carlo
  20. CSV as in comma separated values? You cannot... Not from the Pocket PC though... I take it you are not using Oultook on your desktop that is why you are thinking of editing CSVs... The easiest way is to do it via Outlook... all modifications are then transferred into the Pocket PC as soon as you synchronize them. Carlo
  21. Hmmm... hindi ko yata nakita yung post mo sa Phone Edition ng MoDaCo... Anyway why don't you look at Spb GPRS Monitor. or All-Locations GPRS Traffic Counter Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
  22. Oh... Microsoft did come up with something new... It's called Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition for Smartphone... You'll need a new phone though to make use of it. If you're expecting any upgrades for the old unit... I don't think it will ever happen. All that can be done with it is to fix some bugs... and that means not even adding any more features... Carlo
  23. Yep... same day I upgraded my phone to 1.8... That was the time I was also trying to figure out what my Password for the Action Engine apps... well, I figured it out after about... an hour or so... Carlo
  24. As service providers they are allowed to do this. We can request them to turn these off... if they don't get turned off, then probably it's something to complain about. But to get into their program to avail of a handset for free so that it can be tampered with so that it can be used for another Telco... is definitleysomething that falls under "Naisahan ko nanaman ang SMART" category. Getting a PhP 33,330 phone without paying for it... [-X Like movies in movie houses... we pay them so we can watch movies, but at every beginning of the file are a bunh of adverts and trailers. Do we complain? Not really... if we don't like them, we just ignore them and enter a bit later... Same thing with SMS. Ignore them and delete them. Until a law is passed that says it is illegal to advertise over SMS, then I think they have the right to do so. If you don't like their service, then why not drop them? If you really like the Voyager, and opt for another service, then why didn't you just buy your phone from iMate or O2 and have a legitimately unlocked phone? But of course... the whole unlocking thing is still a grey area... If they did offer their phones unlocked... then I think things will even be better... Carlo
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