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  1. I think this is why they give you ActiveSync and Oultook on the CD. These two desktop applications complete the system. Pocket PCs and Smartphones are designed to be an integral part of one's PC system. It is therefore through this that some of the Windows powered mobile device's features are utilized. If you want to maximize your SAP's features, I suggest that you install the necessary components so that you may be able to access these other features as well. In ActiveSync, you can specify the length of time your calendar entries will remain visible in the Smartphone, this can be adjusted via the desktop version of ActiveSync. Similarly, you can also add or use different categories in the calendar with the help of ActiveSync and Outlook. An example is the entry of Philippine Holidays in the calendar. If you configure your desktop PC's Outlook to reflect our local holidays, it will also be reflected into the Smartphone calendar. This also applies to Contacts. You can choose either to synchronize all contacts or specify which contacts to synchronize. Once set, you can then have Outlook reflect all your past appointments while in the Smartphone, only a specified period is shown. Also, you can set your desktop Outlook to archive old data which means you still keep a record of everything in a nice safe place. In the Pocket PC there is such an app, for those who don't synchronize with their PPCs with the desktop PC... but personally, I don't see a need for it... on the PPC or the Smartphone... Outlook takes care of it for me... and if I do need to recall an appointment, it is quite easy... Why you might ask do I stick with the Outlook-ActiveSync-Sartphone combination? Simple... I store notes in my calendar entries... notes I feel are very important. Here I usually store the person's contact number and name... who ever I'm meeting and what the person does, or what we've discussed about... Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
  2. Hmmm... I recently dropped off my HP Jornada 568 PPC2002 at Mobile 1 and I'm selling it for about PhP 8,000.00 Also there are one Stowaway Keyboard at about 3K and a battery booster pack at about 2.5K all for the Jornada 568... These I know will work well with the Tanager. :-) Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
  3. crystal01, I'm waiting... Kailan ba? Kapag okay ka na... ilolock ko ito... :-) Hehehe... Better yet, Private message nalang... para controlled. Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
  4. This process will work if you have no intention of ever synchronizing our Smartphone with your PC. That is... if you still want to include it in the Contacts data... If you do this and you create a different entry in the calendar as a recurring item, you will end up with two entries after synchronization... well, a double entry isn't something you would want to have... So I guess the best way is to simply synch it with your PC... Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
  5. When you view a website, you don;t only receive data... you also transmit data... add all of these up and you get your total cost. With MSN Messenger, ou can stay connected all day and it won't cost you anything except for the notifications you get whe someone logs in and sends you a message... or when you send them a message. Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
  6. To rodnav, tyrone_q and all the rest... I do hope things go well for you guys... Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
  7. We get the idea... if you do get intouch with any Customer Care Officer, maybe you ca ask them if they have the correct billing address... sometimes simple foulups like these can turn everything into a nightmare. Also, you might want to go to the SMART website ad register there so that you can see your bill online. As for your SMART Money, I think you have to get in touch with the guys at SMART Money and not the guys at the SMART... Try calling SMART Money Customer service at 845-7777. Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
  8. Hmmm. If ou use the wap APN and surf using WAP what happens? WAP over GPRS is supposed to be free, but internet over GPRS isn't. Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
  9. Please read the announcements in this board! It is stated that posting links to illegally obtained software is not allowed. Directing people to sites or FTP addresses included. This site does not believe in Piracy. Freeware is different. But even freeware is covered by the EULA the developer includes with it. Please be adviced that pirated or illegal software can take several forms. 1. Even freeware included, if you are not authorized by the developer to distribute an application, that means having the application for download in your own site, you are violating the EULA which turns your service into an illegal one. 2. Giving out passwords or unlock keys of purchased applications is also illegal as the EULA states that the application should be used by only the legal owner of the product. 3. Patches and applications modified to override the security measures are obviously illegal software. 4. The use of bogus credit card accounts to purchase applications is nothing more than stealing. This thread will be locked. Please learn to respect the developers who have worked so hard in giving us such good software. Stealing their products and being proud of it will just earn that person another status... that of being a thief.
  10. Why do you have to edit it in OUtlook? All you have to do is synchronize it with Outlook via ActiveSync and it automatically embeds itself as a calendar item which will automatically be reflected in yor Smartphone's calendar... Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
  11. Oh... the half-dead reset syndrome... It goes on a half baked hard reset... It happened to me once... and all I did leave my phone i my pocket... Never happened again though... Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
  12. Hacked=Pirated... Obviously not allowed! Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
  13. I've been a Windows CE user since 1999, about 3 years after it was initially launched... I skipped the subnotebook type category Windows CE platform simply for the fact that it is still bulky and isn;t really pocketable. I jumped at the Palm-size PC for it's small pen entry form factor which at that time was still huge... but I could stuff it into my back pocket whcih was good enough for me. I then upgraded to a Pocket PC then a Pocket PC 2002 device... Now in the transistion stage of moving up to Windows Mobile 2003 for the Pocket PC... So why do I have a SMART Amazig Phone and still maintain a Pocket PC. Well, let's face it. My SMART Amazing Phone, while it is also based on Windows CE, cannot do all the work my Pocket PC does. But the nice thing about it is that I can leave my Pocket PC at home when I really don't need all that power and all I need is the calendar or contacts list I keep synchronized with my PC. Arne Hess and I share the same idea about these mobile devices, the Pocket PC is used with about 70%-80% data retrieval and 30%-20% data input, while the Smartphone works at its best 90% data retrieval and 10% data input... You can increase this though but the issue of inconvenience arises. The SMART AMazing Phone has been a very good companion to my Pocket PC. Accessing multiple email accounts even with Hotmail in my Pocket PCs inbox is something I can't live without... the larger screen is a relief to the eyes and the basic Word, Excel, Powerpoint presentations are handled with ease. One thing I noticed though is that now I can afford to leave home with only one device, whereas before, I couldn't leave home without my Pocket PC and mobile phone in my pockets. Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
  14. This is wit regard to the SAP only... we will be working out with SMART to update the Customer Care Officers with the latest news, software, work-arounds, etc. Hopefully you will all be less angry the next time around. :-) PinoyPocketPC/PinoySmartphone tapped for SMART's SAP Clinic Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
  15. This is intended for internal use only... the concerns of the users though will be brought up so that SMART Customer Care may be able to handle the issues with ease. Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
  16. Will air those concerns... Don't worry. Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
  17. This I guess will be good news to all SMART Amazing Phone users, potential users and particularly newbies. PinoyPocketPC/PinoySmartphone will assist SMART in giving a SMART Amazing Phone Clinic to SMART Customer Care Officers to address issues normally encountered unique to Microsoft Powered Smartphones. This move is aimed to update Customer Care Officers of the latest improvements, issues, work-arounds and latest software with regards to the SMART Amazing Phone. I along with 2 others from PinoyPocketPC/PinoySmartphone will be participating in this event which will be held next week. Mabuhay! ~ Carlo Microsoft MVP - Mobile Devices
  18. Are you sre it's a *.cab file? and not an *.hme file? If it is a *.cab file just look for the files it has installed... you might have to transfer them from some other folder... Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
  19. Yes they do have the same port... and the same cable can be used. But if you are looking for SPV accessories... as in the SPV from Orange which is the Canary... then you'd want to go to the Orange site... But if you mean the Tanager or to be more specific, the SMART Amazing Phone, then just go to the SMART Wireless Center at Ayala Avenue. Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
  20. Essentially the same device with several software differences related to Telco requirements... Also I think the e100 is software locked unlike the other Tanagers like the SMART Amazing Phone or the PPCW.Net i-Mate. Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
  21. I do hope they get this sorted out. Good luck. Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
  22. Sorry about that... You may have asked the right questions... but I'm not sure if you specified CSD or Circuit Switched Data... which is what they call Dial-Up connectivity for GSM phones. The guy who answered you may not have been briefed at that though... So if you asked how you may be charged if you were to call up an ISP... then they might have thought that it would go through voice channels instead of the fax/data channels. If you said CSD, and they confirmed that the call will go through CSD, then they're in big trouble because the service is specified. Just to calrify things... Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
  23. Dude... better to play it safe rather than go on and on falling victim to "misinformation". No matter if it was intentional or not, every such misinformation can and will cost you either money, or waste of time. Think of the piece of paper as a contract... it is a binding agreement. As for the CCO, they're only human. The misinformation may not have been done intentionally, the CCO may have misunderstood it, he may not have been briefed on CSD services... which is normally the case... Since Internet is always referred to as a GPRS connection, etc., etc., etc. In any case, this serves as a warning and a learning experience. You can either learn from it and be more careful... or find yourself or anyone inolved for that matter, in a bind once again. Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
  24. Read my comment... and the previous message it was directed to... I was replying to v3il's post. As for the services offered by SMART, it is true that the Customer Care Officers should know this by heart. But this incident should also serve as a learning experience on how not to take their word without double checking or asking for a hardcopy. Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
  25. Jabez, ganito lang yan... Credit Limit... PhP1500. Plan: PhP1335. Difference... less than PhP 200... If you pay as soon as you reach the cut-off of the billing... hindi ka dapat ma riderect... Now why is your credit limit so close to your MSF? As a fail safe precaution of SMART... Solution? Double the credit limit to Php 3000. How? show them yor ITR or any supporting documents that are needed and increase your CL. Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
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