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  1. MMS Configuration is much easier... Just name an entry in your Data and Communications part of your settings and plug in the entries in there. Select that connection type in the MMS Settings and that's it!. Carlo
  2. Ito nalang isipin ninyo... The Voyager costs US$606... that equates to PhP33,330.00 The Plan at PHP 800 at 3 years or 36 months equals PhP28,800.00 which means that they're willing to give up that PhP 4530... Basing this on market value... this is what it will cost us PhP 0.00 for the Voyager no matter what... either way, you get 36 months of service with a free phone. So... did you buy the phone? Or are you merely paying for the service? If you were to get the phone from a legit source such as iMate, Qtek, or O2, you can add the cost of the phone to the PhP28,800.00... which will then bring the total cost to... PhP62,130.00 for the 36 months. Now are you really paying SMART PhP 62,130 for 36 months with what is stipulated as inclusive in the MSF? I doubt it. If you want a Voyager or if you are after a Typhoon, why not order it from any of the accredited iMate distributors on the internet? Kasi mas mahal kaysa sa SMART? Walang libre? ano ba yung libre doon sa SMART? I'm really sorry kung meron matamaan dito... but, doing a little simple math... or even as elaborate a computation as anyone can come up with... PHP800 for 36 months and a Voyager... I think there is no other legit source where you can get a Voyager for PhP 0.00... even at PhP10,000 or PhP 17,000. There simply is no such thing. So just to clarify everything... the Market value of a Voyager is PhP33,330.00... if you want an open line phone... then pay this amount. If not, then I guess we should show SMART a little more respect. Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
  3. So totoo lang... siguro tayong nasa Pinoy forum ang pinakamaluwag sa mga patakaran dito... madami nakakalusot... sa totoo lang... bawal nga pati mag sulat dito tungkol sa ibang lugar na tungkol sa SAP... buti nalang yung PWM suportado ng Microsoft at opisyal na grupo ng Windows Mobile... kung hindi... siguro talsik tayo sa MoDaCo... Bayaan ninyo... tayong mga Pinoy... ayos lang tayo dito basta sama sama lang tayo... Carlo
  4. Isipin ninyo... malaki ang 1.21MB... yaan ay kasing laki na siguro ng ilang araw na pag post sa forums... Hindi tayo nag SPAMyad nito... kaya siguro tayo ang magrespeto sa mga may ari ng MoDaCo na nagSPAMyad para sa drive space. Walang kinalaman yung gif file na in question sa Smartphone... Carlo
  5. Try V2R's Caller2Picture software which allows ringtones for specific numbers in each contact. Caller2Picture Carlo
  6. Ithink this should be posted in the Smartphone section istead of the Pocket PC Phone Edition section... Carlo
  7. Malinaw naman sa umpisa pa lang... hehehe O2 in ASIA afaik does not allow SIM-Locking... well, at least yun ang sabi ng tiga O2 sa akin. Carlo
  8. Just a guess... updated Action Engine stuff??? Carlo
  9. Yes BAWAL! Is pang beses na makita namin any reference to illegal software... BANNED kaagad yung user!!!
  10. Hehehe... kahit na O2 Xphone... if by any chance the Xphone is available here and Globe decides to sell it... I don't think they will sim-lock the units... I think it's O2 Asia's policy not to sim-lock the phones. But then if Globe says they'll buy 15,000 units... maybe O2 might think about it... pero malabo pa rin mangyari yun... hehehe. Carlo
  11. ppcsurfr

    SD card

    Sigurado ka yung SD card mo may prublema? Try mo basahin yung SD using a card reader sa desktop PC. Carlo
  12. Well, that's how conversations evolve... Request for software info>>Advice given>>More advice(disallowed)>>Warning by a Mod>>Comment on RED button>>Curiosity about RED button>> So isn't it like 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon (6 Degrees of Separation)? 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon BTW, the topic "Suggestion" seems to be a bit vague. :P Mabuhay!!! ~ Carlo
  13. hahaha... Block user for 20 minutes lang nga gagawin ko eh... Carlo
  14. Sige... kapag mahuli kita na online ka... ma-eexperience mo rin yun... hehehe.
  15. Hmmm... wanna try one of them? :P
  16. Naku... Akala ko mapipindot ko na yung yellow button na yon... naunahan ako ni pzee... Kung ako yung nauna... yellow button na yun... Carlo
  17. Totoo... Ako sasabihin ko hindi importante Smart Explorer... para sa akin mas importante Resco Explorer... :P Mabuhay!!! ~ Carlo
  18. Madami... pumunta ka sa Handango, Smartphone.Net, o kaya... pumunta ka sa thread ng MoDaCo na panay software ang laman. http://www.modaco.com/viewforumalphanoga.php?f=32 If you are tight on the budget, you will have to settle for freeware. If you really like an application and it isn't for free... save up for it and purchase it from either Smartphone.Net or Handango.com. http://www.modaco.com/viewtopic.php?t=111858 Carlo
  19. Bwahahahahahah!!! :P Carlo
  20. No... Not recommended... Have you taken a look at Spb GPRS Monitor and for battery/memory and task switcher/killer, Spb Pocket Plus. Spb Softwarehouse Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
  21. I think this is what you are looking for... Well I hope this is the one though... Get more information from Jeyo . Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
  22. iba-ibang forum, pereparehong tao... :P Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
  23. If you need something close to multi-tap and T9... Try out Quickey Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
  24. Sign up and be a member of the local users group for Windows Mobile devices... Pinoy Windows Mobile We might be meeting this weekend. You might want to drop by. Alam ko nasa Sig ko yun... Carlo
  25. If you are getting a Pocket PC Phone Edition, you'll need a good task switcher/killer for it. If you get Spb Pocket Plus 2.0, it includes a plugin that allows you to zip adn unzip files using the standard File Explorer. If you want a real File Explorer that can be compared to the desktop PC experience.... get Resco Explorer 2003 v5.1. Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
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