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  1. O2 what??? O2 Asia doesn't lock units...
  2. Nyahahaha... E-Science pala yun... Pareho kasing nakakausap ko sila... got them mixed up na... Carlo
  3. Diba meron ding SMS tools na gawa ng Datapax... a Fililpino software co... that also allows failed SMS to be re-sent? Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
  4. migs... sorry ha... hindiko maintindihan ang ibig mong sabihin... Carlo
  5. Just came from the party. It was really fun! People were asking about you two... (dinoalbert and pzee) Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
  6. And to add to what is included in the SAP 2... Same thing as the original SAP plus some changes... MMS is now handled by Arcsoft MMS which is easier to configure and should be less troublesome. There is an additional folder where there are utilities like Space Maker, File Manager, and Task Manager... Yes these come built-in... Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
  7. To see the photos on the recently concluded Mobile Pilipinas 2004, you can head on to Day 1 and Day 2 coverages on ppcsurfr.com Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
  8. Halooo!!! We're enjoying free Wi-Fi Internet here... And the Voyagers!!!! Meron din MPx200 Yipeee Windows Mobile heaven here. Carlo
  9. See you at Mobile Pilipinas 2004!!! http://www.ppcsurfr.com/index.php?itemid=48 Mabuhay!!! Carlo
  10. Yipee... I hope totoo na ita... Pinoy Windows Mobie will ahve the Voyager for Mobile Pilipinas 2004. Pinoy WIndows Mobile will demo the Voyager on that event... Carlo
  11. Thanks for volunteering... What times are you available? Are you giving us your whole day? Each day we have slots... 10am-1pm, 1pm-4pm, 4pm-7pm... Or, you can be a whole day volunteer which is actulally the skeleton force which will be assisted by the support volunteers... (relievers)... which should allow you to go around and enjoy the event too. You'll have to send me your names and contact numbers too... add na rin your email address. Carlo
  12. No problem there... We really need your support... Thanks so much. :-) Don't worry, we still need more volunteers... We're also handling the Microsoft booth... BTW, for those who want to go there and have a mini EB, or a mega EB... pwede rin... 2day event yun. Everyone is welcome... register na rin and you might win a Laptop pa!. Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
  13. Friday and Saturday... 10am-1pm, 1pm-4pm, 4pm-7pm shifts... Thanks. Carlo
  14. Sana naman meron tumulong... I need some people to help out sa demos... we're trying to get the MPx200 adn Voyager there... Carlo
  15. Okay guys... for those in Metro Manila, I'm looking for volunteers who can man the Pinoy Windows Mobile booth in Mobile Pilipinas 2004 which will be held in the Expo Exchange Hall, 2nd level Greenbelt 1, Makati, on June 18 and 19, from 10AM up. Salamat! Carlo
  16. You also have to remember that with the ceiling for Temporary INternet FIles... you can only save the favorites without the file itself... But... there are other ways... :-) Carlo
  17. Inviting all of you to join the Mobile 1 - HP night which will be held on May 31, 2004 at The Lounge, Podium at 6:30 PM. See the ppcsurfr.com website for more details. Libre food and drinks... Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
  18. Malamang yung standard na WM2003 lang ang kasama ng Voyager... If ever they come out with it... dapat at least befro WM2003SE comes out... Kapag hinintay pa nilang lumabas ang WM2003SE dapat ilibre na nila yung phone kahit sa Php500 na plan... hehehe. Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
  19. Windows CE does not automatically reflect Birthdays in the Pocket Outlook calendar... The best way to do this is to synchronize your Smarphone to Outlook wherein it will create the birthday entry into your calendar automatically... This will then reflect into your Smartphone after the next synchronization via ActiveSync. Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
  20. Hmmm... napapalayo na yata yung usapan ah... Anyway... Windows Powered naman eh... Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
  21. Well, at times he has some news... but somehow he destroys it by injecting crass comments about other sites even if they have nothing to do with the article itself... He hates it when someone comes up with an exclusive that he doesn't know about... Like the HP iPAQ 6300 which he claims are "all lies"... "Certain website from Australia, in cooperation with another website, that has a mis-spelled word "smartphone" in name, has published fake (designed to attract web traffic, not to provide real information) specifications of unreleased and unannounced Pocket PC phone: ... from HP and now again several other websites are presenting these specifications as "Full specifications of HP´s iPAQ H6300 Phone Edition"! Let´s take a look at them: (just an excerpt, not all): The phone has not been released for god´s sake! Not even announced and here serious (?) people are falling for these lies.... Next time we recommend to call such lies at least by a term "rumor" rather than fooling people..." This device is real... That's all I can say... Other sites have confirmed it too... but since they all point to another site (not msmobiles) he simply tries to discredit everyone who posted it on their sites... This is just one of many instances... I've been quite active in the smartphone newsgroups and he normally pops up there turning any assistance we try to give users into a mud-slinging affair... Be the judge... Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
  22. Well, you have news tainted with a lot of sensationalism and misleading info... Looks like you guys have not visited the home page of MoDaCo for a while... "Your MoDaCo Team is unanimously against recent personal attacks by MSMobiles. Please respect your fellow members and support the community spirit." This has been on the fromt page for more than month already... Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
  23. Wala pa akong nakita... pero meron sila sa site nila for the MPx200... Putulin mo nalang yung gamit mo when it gets worn out sa SIP area... I think it's still large enought that the clear portion can cover the SAP's screen. Yun ang panalo... Crystal Clear!!! Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
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