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  1. They should, unless it is stated that it will only work for the HTC Smartphones. Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
  2. Nope... don't upgrade... the 2003 ROM is nothing more than an internal ROM version... In other words... kulang kulang yan... Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
  3. Hmmm. Let me try... The O2 XDA II is a Pocket PC phone Edition wunning on Windows MObile 2003. You get a better, richer mobile experience with it if you frequently surf the Internet, download email, and love multimedia stuff. You cannot use it though like a simple mobile phone for texting... there are Soft Input Panel alternatives that allow single handed use for text entry... but it is still not the same as a dedicated keypad for a mobile phone. Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
  4. Yep... it is... and if I remember it correctly, this was the first washable screen protectors that came into the Philippine PDA market nearly 3 years ago and it's the same brand I used to use on my Jornada 548. Well, it's nice to know that they are back... Other than this, you might also want to check out the Brando branded ones and the Martin Fields protectors. Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
  5. Well, this is a problem with companies which are not totally aware about life-spans of tech devices... Mobile phones are one thing but when you handle a more advanced device which has an Operating System, then it is totally different. You are looking at software or Operating Systems that have a cycle of 18 months only... WM2003 was released so many moths ago... you are looking at a few months ahead until the next version comes along... which is WM2003SE... If they release the Voyager... even at a very low price... I don't think it will stop people from jumping at the possible offerings of Motorola in the future... Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
  6. Isipin ninyo... ano gusto ninyo? Windows Mobile 2003 ang ilalabas kapag nandiyan na yung WIndows Mobile 2003 SE? Or WM2003 SE kaagad... iba nanaman kasi yung OS na lalabas in a few months... Pag labas ng Voyager, obsolete na yun... Carlo
  7. I don't think that is the reason. Just check out the volume of posts in the Pinoy Forums and it clearly shows that the Filipinos have a different culture when it comes to communicating over the Internet. This not only cleans up the Pinoy Forums by having its own categories... it can set specific how-tos for Carrier Specific phones like SMART's SMART Amazing Phone and Globe's MPx200. With their unique setups including extras like Mobile Banking, SMART Money, SMART portal etc... I think the move is designed more to oeganize data in a more manageable level. Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
  8. This is definitely something Filipinos have been waiting for!!! Filipinos love technology, and this has actually brought them closer to technology more than ever... Having a site like MoDaCo where people can share ideas and information internationally has always been a great thing... But sometimes... once the ball starts rolling, you just can't stop. With more Smartphones and Pocket PC Phone Edition devices being sold here in the Philippines, I think it is a wonderful move to spin off a Pinoy site which hopefully can still be a good venue for the curious to attend in. ;-) Everyone is welcome... you'll just have to bear with the occasional Filipino humor and culture... Thank you! Mabuhay!!! Carlo
  9. Sayang... Maybe next time... But for those who are still interested... come and join us... We'd like to thank one of our members, John, for preparing the food for the event. Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
  10. This is a good time to see eachother again and to discuss about the directions of the group. Those interested, please PM me or email me. Tokyo Tokyo Eastwood. 2PM to 4PM. Come and join us this weekend! PinoyWindowsMobile Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
  11. Just make sure that your plugin heights are set to take care of other events too... That is if you are using the whole day event plugin too... and some other plugins... It's just a matter of fitting it in the Smartphone's screen size. Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
  12. Yikes!... Akala ko after the warning, hihinto na itong thread... Looks like I was wrong.. Anyway this thread is just wasting bandwidth... Locking it. Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
  13. Here is something which I think will help SMART on deciding whether they shoudl actually push through with the Voyager now... WM2003 has been out for some time, but as usual, they're tweaking it for their own system as well as figuring out how to lock it to the network in a fool-proof way... But since it has taken them this long... Will any of you actually buy this device or will you wait for Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition? If they won't release the Voyager within the month... It's plain pointless bringing in a device running on the old platform. Changes for Windows Mobile 2003 SE is not only about resolution and support for 240x320 on Smartphones... but also includes some tweaks. What's on your mind? Mabuhay!!! Carlo
  14. I think saving the settigns is a very big plus already... Great!!! I have a question though... is it an active app or a passive app? Passive, I mean simply set up at start up and that's it... Or... is is active that it is alerted by a call and then redirects the commands to a specified file/folder? Or, can it be set to... Ring ring... look for sound in SD card... if true, then notify... if false, play default notification in RAM??? I think this utility is something that a lot of people are waiting for... Carlo
  15. Okay... I'm not sure if I got it right... You created it to run on a heirarchy? I mean... is it something where you can set a preferred tone on the SD then if power is cut to the SD or the SD is removed... it will default to the sound preset in the main memory? and if tyhe card is reinserted or power restored to it, it will then revert back to the ringtone set on the card? If this is what it does... COOL!!! As long as it remembers the SD card setting too... Carlo
  16. If you guys are wondering what'snew about it... Here is the release notes for the new version... The following bugs were fixed in 3.7.1 (4034): • 21711 ActiveSync 3.7.1: Exploring connected device from desktop doesn't show contents in explorer window o This provides better user experience when exploring the device from the desktop. • 44120 ActiveSync 3.7.1: RAPI Crash o This was a fix to eliminate the top reported bug since 3.7.1 shipped • 44130 ActiveSync 3.7.1: 3rd party applications Initializing RAPI Failures o RAPI changes in 3.7.1 had affected some 3rd party applications ability to initialize RAPI. This is now fixed. • 51096 ActiveSync: Icon for Connection manager may be confusing to end users in the ICF popup dialog box o If Internet Connection Firewall is on, this will pop up a warning dialog box when users dock their devices for the first time. Minor UI changes to make this pop-up more friendly and distinguishable. Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
  17. Check out the front page for this nifty tool I knwo you guys don't visit the front page... well this is a good time to do it. Carlo
  18. Media Player 9 comes with WM2003 devices Mabuhay!!! Carlo
  19. Since December pa sila naka Voyager... Mabuhay!!! Carlo
  20. Yep... definitely looks like a missing skin directory Mabuhay!!! Carlo
  21. Walang kinalaman ang IPSM mo sa SAP mo... Yung RAM mo ang malamang ang prublema. Yung IPSM kasi storage lang talaga yun... ang gumagana na memory yung RAM. Kapag ang app na gamit mo may memory leak... hihinto at hihinto yan. Hindi lahat ng apps maganda ang pagka gawa. Yung iba sablay sa memory allocation at may leak pa.. palaki ng palaki yung file kahit sa background tumatakbo ang app. Kahit na sa SD card ka maglagay ng app... ang processing niya nasa RAM pa rin... Parang PC yan... Kahit na 120GB ang Hard Disk mo kung ang RAM mo naman ay 32MB lang... malamang hindi tatakbo ang XP... Ganun din yun sa SAP... But then you didn't really give us a list of apps that you installed so we'll never know if you have any faulty ones in there right??? :) So what have you installed in your SAP? Kasi kung hindi Software issue yan...baka hardware na... Mabuhay!!! Carlo
  22. okay lang... pero sayang din... namigay si Mirra ng isang P300!!! Carlo
  23. Calling on all of you here who are free on March 11. There will be a PinoyWindowsMobile event on March 11 in the Eten P300 and P700 official launch. The event will run from 10am to 6pm and there will be some demos throughout the day. Gain free high-speed wireless internet for the day in the venue c/o Ariborne Access. 10am to 6pm, March 11, Enterprise Center, Tower 2, Ayala Avenue cor. Paseo de Roxas. For those who are attending... please email me at [email protected] your name and mobile number. Mabuhay!!! Carlo
  24. Well, Windows Mobile 2003 is WIndows Mobile 2003 however you look at it. It's faster, more efficient, and definitely better than the previous platform. Here's one thing though that you should also consider... While upgrading a Tanager to WM2003 may show good results, the hardware itself is still limited and an upgrade in RAM and ROM is still essential. The Voyager will be available in two memory configurations, first... and probably what SMART will be offering is the 32MB ROM/32MB RAM configuration. The Voyager now available in Asia, offered by O2 (Xphone) will have a 64MB ROM/32MB RAM configuration. What is more important? RAM or ROM? Well with the Smartphone, RAM is still more important as RAM is needed to handle temp files and active apps. ROM is where your Apps and Files are... and unlike the Pocket PC, most info is stored and written to ROM before any power off. Mabuhay!!! Carlo
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