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  1. @virgil: Bakit iba lyrics mo sa lyrics dun sa Coke Ad? Anyway... kuha ko na lahat. :-) Carlo
  2. @top_222: Thanks. Got it and converted it for WM2003 in WMV format. Cool on the new devices... particularly the ASUS MyPal A620 and the HP iPAQ h1940. Mabuhay!!! ~ Carlo
  3. You can also use your PC's Sound Recorder to record the WMA file playing on Wnidows Media Player. Mabuhay!!! Carlo
  4. @top_222: If you can send me both in the original file size na mpg it would be great. Actually it would bne nice if you also have the third one... and I heard there is also a fourth one. I sent you a PM for the email address. Thanks. Carlo
  5. @top_222: Can you send me the mpeg file of that... in 240x320 format at 30fps? siguro at about 450kbps I want to convert it to WMV for WM2003 Pocket PC format. TIA Carlo
  6. Guys... hindi bug yan That's a safety feature. Some devices react that way... My HP iPAQ h2210 would terminate access to cards to save on battery power. Mabuhay! Carlo
  7. Then what you really need is the Back Pack for the XDA II which gives it a Type I/II CF slot for anyhting like memory to I/O cards and an extra (in the whereabouts of) 650 mAh battery which is buily in with an extra port that allows you to attach the XDA II directly to a Digital Projector, a Monitor, or even a TV set. Mabuhay!!! Carlo
  8. You'll be surprised as it is a hot seller here in the Philippines. Put one up and I'm sure a lot of Pinoys who made the jump from the Smartphone to the PPC Phone Edition... or a jump from any other PDA phone or smartphone would be flocking here in a jiffy. Check out how many responses it's got in PPCW.Net http://www.ppcw.net/index.php?itemid=1682 Mabuhay! Carlo
  9. Well, for those of you who have gotten hold of the Pocket PC Phone Edition... you can now go to the MoDaCo Phone Edition site... http://phoneedition.modaco.com/index.php Another place where we can all have fun... So all you XDA, XDA II, Eten P300 adn Eten P700 users... pay the site a visit. Mabuhay!!! Carlo
  10. When sending an SMS using the highlighted To: opens up the contacts list... similarly this can be done by tapping on the Contacts icon at the bottom... after choosing a contact with a mobile phone number in the international format... That is +63 (918) 902xxxx, what is entered in the To Field is simply 63918902xxxx. The 2003 Phone Edition fails to recognize the + sign and thereby fails to send the message. Mabuhay! Carlo
  11. Well, there was the Wi-Fi event... but if you guys want, I think a year-ender is cool enough. Carlo
  12. Maligayang Pasko sa inyong lahat!!! Mabuhay! Carlo Ma. Guerrero (Microsoft MVP - Mobile Devices) --------------------------------- I created this e-mail on Thursday, December 25, 2003 at 1:19:54 PM Put the power of Windows in your Pocket. This message is sent using the HP iPAQ h2210 Pocket PC.
  13. The Airborne Access / m|ph Wi-Fi Tour Free-for-all Leg is from 2pm to 6pm on Saturday, December 20, 2003 at Tequila Joe's El Pueblo. Event sponsors: Airborne Access m|ph Archos/ETEN Games and Gadgets Tequila Joe's Event participants: - Mapalad (Philippine Palm Users Group) - Pinoy Windows Mobile (Windows Mobile Users Group) - PinoyMac (we were hoping to invite PhilMUG, but they're celebrating their Victory Christmas Party during that time. Congratulations to PhilMUG, by the way, for winning the 2003 Best Community Website in the 6th Philippine Web Awards!) Event Highlights: - FREE food and bottomless drinks will be served in the venue (care of Tequila Joe's). - FREE Airborne Wingspan P100 Prepaid cards. - FREE Wi-Fi access in the duration of the event - There shall also be a lot of raffles and prizes in the event, including * Philips headphones (including those gamer headphones), * Rudy Project eye wear * Altec Lansing PC speakers * Seattle's Best gift certificates * Palm accessories (Palm Wireless Keyboard, etc.) * One-year magazine subscriptions to m|ph * One-year unlimited access passes to Airborne Access Wi-Fi hotspots * mobile device accessories from Games and Gadgets So come and join us... and consider this our Chrstmas party na rin... Hehehe. Mabuhay at Maligayang Pasko! Carlo
  14. It's not enough that you have it in the same GMT +8 setting... dapat pareho paty young cities na covered. Somehow, meron pa ring difference kasi yun. Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
  15. Well, with SMART'sROM from up to the latest ROM version... they've included Action Engine which gives you several cool features. One of them is being able to back up your phone to a server and restore from that same server without even having to use ActveSync. This was called Action Backup and now renamed SMART Secure. The next one is Action Update which is now called Amazing Store where you can download ringtones for your SMART Amazing Phone and other cool downloads. The new one here introduced in 1.6 is Amazing Explorer which gives you SSS information, a Directory, and several other things. These are special to the SMART ROM which is tied to your SMART account. With other ROM versions, you will not be able to access this. Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
  16. Try to avoid removing the battery while the device is still on... Shutting down your Smartphone properly will keep constantly modified data intact. Like the dictionary... Carlo
  17. Gusto ko yung Xphone... yun meron 64MB of ROM... Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
  18. Ano ba yan... wala naman sa inyong may avatar na Smartphone related... except for pzee's... and mine... hehehe ~Carlo
  19. Hello Pyke... I think you meant ROM... Carlo
  20. Well, I'm enjoying ROM version Will let you know more about it soon... Carlo
  21. Hey guys... here are some photos... Mabuhay!!! Carlo DSCN5053_640.jpg DSCN5041_640.jpg DSCN5061_640.jpg
  22. And can you explain more about the goals, visions of the SAP users club? Mabuhay!!! Carlo
  23. Since it supports sending SMS to other numbers as well, I think it's worth upgrading. Carlo
  24. Hindi na O2 pinapagusapan mo ah... :roll: Anyway abang kayo sa news ko for the Ateneo event. Carlo
  25. Hehehe... I don't think so too... Sabi ni Norbert, na Caps Lock daw yung keyboard niya... I don't think so... :-) Maraming salamat sa inyong lahat!!! I'll update you on the Dec. event... Baka pwedeng 2 booths tayo... PinoySmartphone and PinoyPocketPC in a combined booth... Gawing na rin nating 3 day EB yun... Carlo
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