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  1. Thanks so much for helping out at the O2 XDA II booth. I know it would have been more fun if the PinoyPocketPC/PinoySmartphone booth was beside the O2 booth, but since that was how it was arranged without us knowing... we had to make the most of it. None the less, it was a wonderful event with you guys helping out at the booth!!! Christina appreciated your presence so much and is hopeful that when they ome back for another event, she can count on you to give a little assistance. We greatly appreciate your assistance and hopefully, we can work further on up coming events... we have some coming up soon... Thank you so much! Carlo
  2. http://www.ppcw.net/index.php?itemid=1632 and http://www.ppcw.net/index.php?itemid=1632
  3. Okay guys and gals... Alam ko free yun... PM me your contact nos para ma confirm ko yung attendance ninyo... Thanks so much!!! Carlo
  4. Guys, I need volunteers for the November 25 launch of MS Office where PinoyPocektPC/PinoySmartphone will have a booth. An XDA II will be raffled off in that event. It will be at Makati Sangri-La on te 25th of Nov. Please PM me if you can help. Also another thing is the Pragmatix Technology Fair in Ateneo... I might need volunteers also. Thanks. Carlo
  5. If you go to this site and pay for it... then you can get the full version of Wnhex legally. http://www.sf-soft.de/winhex/order.html Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
  6. Why Paul... of course MoDaCo can. :lol: ;) :( :) We'll email you soon. Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
  7. The deleted items is in the Database structure... you cannot hide it or show it by regular means... what it will take is a database manager... which is not available yet... Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
  8. I didn't create the message on Sept 26, 2002... Somethng went wrong with my time encoding there... missed some code... sorry. Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
  9. I'h still here in lovely Boracay and guess what... I have my Tanager with me... and the E-Ten P300... the Pocket PC Phone Edition that feels like a Smartphone! I posted some shots at PPCW.net Mabuhay! ~ Carlo --------------------------------- I created this message on Thursday, September 26, 2002 at 12:22:32 a Put the power of Windows in your Pocket. This message is sent using the HP iPAQ h2210 Pocket PC.
  10. Well, you should be able to... it wuldn't hurt to try. Just follow the sequence I posted and the necessary string which has to be included in the setup. I'm not sure if the standard drivers on the Palm will work with it though... but I do think it should. Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
  11. I've been using it for the Pocket PC and it works 100% even for remote ActiveSync. With the Smartphone... I'm using the PPCW.Net i-Mate ROM and is seems to work too. What are the results yu've been getting? And what ROM version are you using with your Smartphone? With my old ROM it was a headache... with the I have no problems. Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
  12. Well, you should be able to use the SAP as a modem for any device as long as you enter the extra dial string modem command... And for those who are shocked about GPRS bills... that's why you can switch off the show image functin of PIE... this saves a lot since the images are not downloaded. MSN Messenger for instance can cost only PhP5 even if ou connect for several hours if only minimal data is transmitted or received. Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
  13. I'm glad to be of service to you guys! Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
  14. No drivers needed. Just go to Programs>Accessories>Modem Link Choose IrCOMM Then, Menu>Activate In your Pocket PC, make sure that your Pocket PC is set to dial *99# In the extra modem dial string, type in +cgdcont=1,"IP","internet","",0,0 Do not type anything in the user name field or the password field. then connect. If this doesn't work, type in smart in both username and password fields. This should allow you to connect. Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
  15. You an use the SAP as a modem for the Pocket PC even just via IR. I've done this and I have no problems with it... except that I have to hold both of them in an odd position to keep the connection going. Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
  16. The battery improvement is more evident if you are upgrading your smartphone from otherwise, battery life is just similar to performance. As for Action Engine, this is a browserless browser... :-) It allows you to connect to a server and access the available menus and download new stuff like ringtones, etc. For 1.6, they renamed the components to SMART... So instead of ActionBackup, you have SmartBackup, SMART etc... Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
  17. Or if you are a PinoyPocketPC member, you get it for PhP600 a month. I'm sure this will also go for PinoySmartphone members as soon as the smartpones support Wi-Fi. Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
  18. Guys, I deleted the other thread... I guess you know why... Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
  19. Congratulations to Dino and Grifter. Nice to have you on board. Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
  20. It may be very hard to differentiate if you mean it in a good way or a bad way. People may take it in a bad way... but then again they might not... but coming from someone who brags about being a parasite... I think it is doubtful that people would take your comments lightly or in a positive manner. Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
  21. Hindi ko matanggal... not in the moderator panel eh. Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
  22. Dewslat, be careful! Baka magalit yung tinawag mong promdi at bawiin yung vote sa iyo... Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
  23. http://smartphone.modaco.com/viewtopic.php?t=94196 Go to the above address Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
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