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  1. Hey guys... Meron bang EULA yung app na yan??? Baka magalit yung original maker niyan kung hindi kayo humingi ng permiso na imodify yan... I'm sure this can be an issue if you sytart distributing that with your names on it... Better ask the original creator first... Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
  2. All I see is the .nbf Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
  3. Thanks guys!!! Hehehe... Baka may beer din daw sa 19th... well, still have to confirm... Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
  4. Thanks!!! Resources meaning available memory for apps to run... since Smartphone 2002 is supposed to handle this automatically, I suppose that an ever growing temp file or a bad app with memory leak caused it. Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
  5. Hehehe... happened to me once... It wnet dangerously low on resources that it couldn't boot up and when it did viola! A half resetted unit... But it happened once only... Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
  6. BTW, Kailan ba yung sa Ortigas? may final date na ba? Mabuhay! ~ Carlo Microsoft MVP - Mobile Devices (PocketPC and Smartphone)
  7. Thank you so much guys!!! ;) I'm really touched... :wink: BTW, PinoySmartphone and PinoyPocketPC occasionally hold eents too... and I try to arrange for free food and drinks most of the time... maybe in one of the PinoyPocketPC and PinoySmartphone events, you guys can drop by... And one of them is going to be on the 19th tentatively... free food, free drinks... and some benefits for members... like special discounts etc... Pwede yun na lang yung treat ko sa inyo? :) Mabuhay! ~ Carlo Microsoft MVP - Mobile Devices (PocketPC and Smartphone)
  8. Guys, I see Paul has a good point here... and while this may be a Filipino community online... it is still just a segment of a bigger group that is MoDaCo. What I see here is probably an opportunity to share whatever we have learned or uncovered. I know many will benefit from it and it will also show our willingness to share our knowledge. Just like the "how to" repository, which I feel that Paul may take a look at too and see if it is fit to be placed in the front page or in the main section of the forum. We all speak english anyway so I don't think it will be very difficult to go back and edit those that make it to the front page or main section for the benefit of all MoDaCo members. Another thing is that we may be able to move topics while retaining the first post as a form of referrence that would link back to moved posts... This means that a moved post will still reflect at least the first post (locked) but the moved post (body) will still be active in its new location. Those are my thoughts... I think all that is needed is for Paul to give the go signal as to which threads will have to be moved. Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
  9. Just don't forget that we have the PinoyPocketPC/PinoySmartphone Mobility Event coming mid September... BTW, I'll see if I can make it na rin... Mabuhay! ~ Carlo Micrososft MVP, Mobile Devices (Pocket PC and Smartphone)
  10. @grifter: True... but I guess the OS will have to compensate for this... BTW, I once asked O2 Asia whcy they stuck to the SA1110 processor for the XDA... they said it performed better... I guess they have their reasons... I just jope they come up with a WM2003 update for our Tanagers... :-) Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
  11. You might want to try out Midnight's LED Fix for SMP2002 which allows you to use it for notifications as well. Or you can do it yourself with a registry editor... :-) http://www.ppcw.net/index.php?itemid=1448 Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
  12. Well, WM2003 was designed for ARM based processors and not particularly for X-Scale... Yes... it would be nice if they included a newer processor... one that would actually run faster than what it is now... I think even a regular 132MHz SA1100 processor would do... as with one of the MS powered smartphones I tested a while back (and no it isn't a Tanager or a Voyager... in fact it wasn't even from HTC). It's not in the numbers... Don't let X-Scale numbers fool you... it doesn't work that way all the time. Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
  13. :shock: :shock: :shock: Try resetting our phone by swtiching it off ad then on again. After which try to synchronize it again with your desktop PC. Make sure that you're setting up the right profile too... sometimes people forget that they've created a new partnership in addition to the older one and they end up adjustign the older one and not the new one... Let me know how it goes... also you can try doing this while the SAP is connected to the PC after the initial synch you will be able to access the settings again... see if this helps. Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
  14. Well, Windows CE 4.2... at least on the Pocket PC running the Windows Mobile 2003 Softwasre for Pocket PC has shown significant performance improvements over that of the older OS. This means that even the old 206MHz StrongARM processor in the really old iPAQs performed far better than the original PPC2002 OS. Also, The new Windows Mobile 2003 Software for Smartphone, which may be similarly designed as compared to the Pocket PC version handles resources better being designed to be used for both NAND and NOR flash ROMs. I've seen iPAQs running on the new 266MHz Samsung processors and they can realy run circles around even the 400MHz PPC2002 devices... so I guess you shouldn't really be disappointed about the processor being the same one... but of course a faster one will always be welcomed... for as long as it is battery friendly. Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
  15. I was aiming for a rfee iPAQ for raffle... pero mukhang beyond the budget... But we have food and drinks and for those who are Wi-Fi enabled... probably free Wi-Fi access for the night. Also, I'll be giving a sort-of detailed description of what Windows Mobile 2003 is all about. :-) Mabuhay! ~ Carlo [MVP]
  16. ActiveSync is designed to minimize memory usage on any Windows powered device... which includes the Smartphone. This means if you set your ActiveSync to synchronize only the past two weeks and all future appointments, it will do so and automatically clear any appointments on your Smartphone that goes beyond 2 weeks. The advantage to this is that your desktop PC still has it in its database... which is your *.pst file. This works well for referrence. Check it out and you will notice that the old appointments that are beyond the specified 2 weeks will no longer show on your Smartphone. You can adjust this through ActiveSync. You can also set categories and should you want to synchronize categorized items, you may also do so. I'm not too much of a fan of the cleanup utility they came up with for the PPC awhile back... it seemed pointless since ActiveSync does it anyway. Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
  17. Well, if they are releasing it in the 4th qarter of 2003... it's pointless to release it with the oler OS right? And if they are releasing it during the first quarter of 2004... then more so... The Pocket PC has been on its WM2003 Software for Pocket PC since June of this year... The Smartphone OS should follow soon. Besides... the SDK for Windows Mobile 2003 Software for Smartphone is out already... All I can say is that there are sigificant improvements to the inbox and I hope it includes similar enhancements that the Pocket PC has received in the WM 2003 OS. Mabuhay! ~ Carlo [MVP]
  18. Just a reminder for those who are trying to install Putlook and ActiveSync on their desktop PCs... Please disable any Virus protection software you have because this can prevent you from completing a good installation of the said applications. Follow the instructions on the CD... That is... 1. Install Outlook... That is if you are not using Outlook yet... but if you have Outlook 97 and up... it will do. 2. Install ActiveSync 3. Only then should you connect your USB cable and your SAP to the PC. Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
  19. Read te specs... If you guys are familiar with the inner workings of a Smartphone, you will notice that it runs on the Windows CE 3.0 Core OS which was initially used with Pocket PCs and Pocket PC 2002 devices. The new one... the one that will come with the new SPV2 will be running the Windows CE 4.2 Core OS which has been redesigned to run specifially on ARM based processors... So you are looking at enhanced performance with such processors... It has been tested on the Pocket PC and the results are very good. Speed improvements are significant as well as a whole set of updated applications to complete the Windows Mobile 2003 Software for Smartphone. You can expect more features with every application closely matching that of the latest Windows Mobile 2003 Software for Pocket PC. So it's not only the camera that has been improved... Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
  20. Sorry I wasn;t able to join you guys. I was busy with work and arranging for the upcoming HP sponsored PinoyPocketPC/PinoySmartphone Mobility Event to be held in the second half of September. :-) Mabuhay! ~ Carlo [MVP]
  21. :x Not allowed here... That's just equivalent to stealing... Better yet, pay for it... then the developers will be happy and they will come up with better updates... Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
  22. Yep... this has been fixed with the latest 1.50.x.x ROM updates... Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
  23. @mar9118: I deleted your double post already. Anyway, here's what's nice with the PPCW.Net i-Mate ROM... it has the English T9 dictionary... among the new improvements with the latest ROMs for the Tanager... like being able to use any number for SMS... that is if you have friends with 2 mobile phones... you can put their second mobile pone under "car phone" and still send them a message. No need for the Character/SMS counter workaround as it works automatically if you're in SMS mode. Mabuhay! ~ Carlo (Microsoft MVP - Mobile Devices)
  24. Nickname IRL (In Real Life) : Carlo Industry and/or Field of Specialization: Photography/Mobile Technology Age: (d) 33 -40 Gender: (M)ale Sports and Hobbies: Fencing, photography, technology, technology, tehnology Why SAP/SPV/Tanager? (one sentence only):Because I'm into Windows CE. Mabuhay! ~ Carlo [MVP]
  25. Sad to say... but I don't think the Smartphone is Fax ready. If I'm not mistaken, the Tanager uses the same radio stack as the XDA... which means, if you were to use it for faxing, you will beed a special application to make use of its modem for fax use... something they did with KSE Truefax for the MDA and XDA... but so far... no controls nor publicly known AT commands to trigger it yet... of course unless I'm mistaken and somone has already done it with a fax software for the Pocket PC or PC... Mabuhay! ~ Carlo
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