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  1. You should restored user applications and it data. Look like you also restored the system files.
  2. I know Samsung never release any official ROM can flash by CWM. Gary ROM was official except little tweak on status bar and power menu plus deodexed. I can easily flashed any official rom by mobile Odin and my phone still remained rooted. If you wanted an odex stock rom without all this tweaks then you Google for wanan stock rom which can be flashed by cwm.
  3. If you need mass storage, unplugged USB from PC. goto setting > development > unchecked USB debugging then goto wireless > more > USB utilities > touch connect storage to PC and last connect the USB to PC.
  4. XWLPD was smooth and stable. Enjoy your ROM. As usual I done double wiped by changing to oxalps csc and set to XEU code, Siyah 3.2.4.
  5. Thank Gary for your wonderful ROM. I stilled on dxlp9 ROM but can't resisted your new XWLPD ROM. Enjoying hotfile download.
  6. I used siyah 3.2.1 then 3.2.2 had no problem. Your phone data problem, you can try to used titanium backup to restore diarer storage from your previous working cwm backup set. Hope it worked for you.
  7. Using dxlp9 for many days with latest siyak kernel 3.2.1 never encountered any problem. Great job Gary. Trying restoring from my Turbey ROM V37(XWLA4) cwm backup set as shown. After restored all my programs worked as expected.
  8. Enjoying hotfile download, downloaded DXLP9 and tested. Fast and stable. Thank Gary.
  9. Thank Gary for your excellent ROM. Successful installed the theme and enjoy!
  10. Thank Gary for your good ROM. This morning downloaded xwlp9 (hotfile) was very fast. Can I applying green circle battery mode(xwlp7) to xwlp9?
  11. You can tried restored from cwm backup set and just ticked only DATA. This ways your applications, data and account setting will back in few minutes including the launcher layout.
  12. Thank, I will try speed sometime later. CPU spy shown my phone stay more on 1200Hz with lolzative. Just changed to ondemand look now more positive.
  13. It worked for me. XWLP7 was good. But it drained the battery like drinking bear. I just browsing the forum with brightness auto, battery less than 5% in 3+ hours with siyah 3.1rc3 else it was a very good ROM.
  14. Cheer Gary, I was on your xwlp7 the second day. Installed the blue theme and extennded power menu and all worked great and smooth for me. Enjoying your excellent ROM. Many thanks.
  15. Thank Gary, I enjoy the hotfile download. Just completed downloaded xwlp7 and going to flashed it soon. Also thank for the extended power menu. Finally I can used as daily on ICS because I accidently found VoiceMore(语音朗读/电子书) from HiMarket China. I can't see extra power menu for xwlp7 in tapatalk screen. Modaco web site which gave me bad required. After flashed completed. Done another wiped by replacing I9100OXALPQ CSC and set to XEU CSC code. Restored just data from cwm backup set and all my data and acoounts setting were backed. Enjoy!
  16. Chinese tts not worked on dxlp7. Even Samsung TTS now also without Chinese. All ics not working though.
  17. Downloaded xxlps from sammobile and flashed by mobile odin pro with cf root lp3. It was the smoother ICS so far. cpu master pro worked but battery saver plus hand the system. No more chinese tts even Samsung tts used to have Chinese but now no more. I can installed iflytek.tts(super chinese tts, cryster clear mandarine read out) but no way to set it as default tts for Chinese eBook listening. So ICS was not my daily ROM. XXLPS was good for people who not using Chinese tts and can be used as daily ROM.
  18. A bit out topic here but someone maybe interested. I downloaded a deodex xila2 by remorema and applied Galaxy blue V34 and it was beautiful.
  19. Tested stock XILA2(PDA), XXKL1(Modem), OXAKL1(CSC) . Siyah 2.6.7 kernel. Worked swiftly with new style lock screen. Very satisfied with this ROM.
  20. I tested xxlp1 and lp2 stock rom, both still have problems on program competivty problem. I tried titanium pro and ultimate backup pro, very slow. For restoring program you can used cwm backup set just ticked only data for restoring This worked well on gingerbread but not on ICS. This ROM still not for daily used maybe waited for further few release.
  21. Google for pocket pimbackup. I used it for my ombia2 long ago. It will backup your address book, SMS Calender etc
  22. Thank Gary for your great DXKL3 ROM. Downloading....... Always enjoying your creation.
  23. Hi Gary, Any news on xwkk5 ROM? Thank! Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk
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