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  1. Flashed to a latest firmware should solved the problem. Sent from my GT-I9100 using Tapatalk
  2. Thank Gary for xwkj3. Yet another good works from you. Alway enjoying.
  3. You can used S2 root 1.5.1 to unroot which will clean up the SU and BB rubish. Then used it again to root your phone. It will installed most latest SU and BB for you. S2 root hete: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1125414
  4. I tested TWR4.5Launcher, Go Launcher and Launcher Pro. All are good. Good point of Go Launcher and Launcher Pro was easily get from market. Both fast and easily to used. Especially the backup/restore function when changing to a new ROM.
  5. I never used any launcher except the default one. But after applied GalaxyBlue theme v2.9 crickelo on Gary XWKJ1 custom ROM, bonus came with TW4.5 Launcher. I enjoy it.
  6. The above step is for removed the yellow triangle, you need to use CWM flash kernel option to flash zImage of CF-Root kernel else you will loose cwm recovery.
  7. Since you have CWM already. Check whether it have flash kernel option or not. If yes, flashed the original kernel till it was booted and the triangle was gone. Used CWM flash kernel again, this time you flash CM 7 kernel so you CWM recovery will worked for you. If your CWM without a flash kernel option, then you used DarkyROM tool which can be downloaded from market.
  8. Many Thank Gary, appreciate your works! Not only me, Lancer also waiting. Later can you try to implement "six buttons quick toggle" as shown in attached pic into all your ROM. It was a good feature.
  9. Gary, even Chainfire will not done the CF-root kernels for it. Gary, not to worry and take your time. It was a challence, this will be the first person who done on DXKH2/DXKI2. Just flashed to DXKI2 with CF-KH3 and in testing phase...... immediete experience was very positive. I thing DXKH2 and DXKI2 will be on the same structure.
  10. Thank Lancer. Downloading...... Flashed to DXKI2 but waiting for Expanded power menu and 6 or 7 toggle. Else will be very happy.
  11. Which CSC? I do tried just flashed the CSC, After that the phone with had factory reset. Even within the phone CSC, Ex from kor change to XEU, phone also factory reset. Sometime I flashed the whole package from DXKH2 to xxkh3, the csc still dxkh1, therefore I just flashed kh3 csc and change to XEU. By doing this I have factory reset twice.
  12. I used "sense analog small clock 4x1" widget, I can run 2 addition program by tapping the hour and minute. yet it have system data on this widget on my main default menu. If I switched to sicopat kh3 ROM, I have 7 toggle by slide down from the top. If Gary can done the 7 toggles like sicopat ROM, DXKH2 will be near perfect for me.
  13. Goto recover mode by using 3 buttoms, wide data/factory reset. reboot and your system should be goto normal. after cf-root, installed titanium backup for your applications and data. then all your application should be back.
  14. Rooted with CF-XXKH3, used for few days without any problem.
  15. Your phone was rooted, it came with CWM, busybox and superuser. You can freely access to the system area with none restriction on programs installed into SGS2. especially those like sreenshoot, adfree which required root permission etc.
  16. Thank Gary, take your time. I tested cognition and sicopat rom on kh3. Both were working great. During installong their cwm zip files, it will wipe out the system filed but the installed apps and data still intake. This afternoon I flashed to xwkf1,fellow cf root. Then I applied sicopat cwm zip then reboot. my system changed to kh3 with 7 toggle and it still worked smoothly for me. Appreciate you help since i8000 till now.
  17. XWKF1 was Also Singapore ROM . But when you goto change language, It was like the european ROM. but DXKH2 you can Select either Chinese, Thai, viet, Indonesia Malay and Malaysia Malay yet it came with related language's keyboard. Also it have many csc for me to select. It was a good point of DXKH2 with Gingerbread 2.3.3 and aimed for South East Asia countries. Even samfirmware also release DXkf1 and DXKH2 at the sametime, but DXKF1 was no different to xwkf1, I was tested all this.
  18. Good, DXKH2 will be bebifit for South East Asia people because it have a all the languages and keyboard in this region. I tried KH3, KH4 on 2.3.4, no different and any good points compare to 2.3.3. All my applications were very smoothly running on Gingerbread 2.3.3 and 2.3.4.
  19. Gary with Confirmation number:7PA39258JA001070. DXKH2 will be my daily used ROM. Take your time. If you abled to let me have cwm zip file will be more easy to me. Your wording in expanded power menu was nice but without an option at the topwill be more beautiful. I tested sicopat kh3 ROM: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1183774, his power menu and KH3_odex_7_TOGGLES_stock.zip was outstanding.
  20. Gary, try kh3 and kh4 all failed. on kh4 I can't go any further on "f. mount -o rw,remount -t ext3 /dev/block/mmcblk1p21 /system". look like my PC evironment had problem. When I at step c: I got the $, su, nothing happen and stop as well. I still struggle and tried to figure out. I will try tonight see to see how. I try cognition S2 ROM, it worked fine for me. But I still looking for DXKH2 with Ext power menu. So I have to learn how to installing your KH4 first. SGS2 was very ruggled and never brick for me. Even I try until I facing no download mode and recover mode. Even I removed and placed back battery > I got the Big S. So I used the usb jig to bring back to download mode. I have cwm and Titanium back up and saved me many time.
  21. I realised my PC without adb, I downloaded the whole android SDK package and the download speed was 50kb/s. I had to let the pc on download mde, sleep for me. Haha!
  22. One of the best PDA phone I am using, unfortunately I still need i8000 for listen to my Chinese stories in txt file. I can't find any in Android market, even visited China web site and zero.
  23. Thank Gary, going try you KH3 soon and look forward for the DXKH2 as long as you have time.
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