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  1. Gary, I was very new to Android, many things you specified in the thread, I not understand: 1. Download the XXKH3 system-deodex.zip file XXKH3 Deodexed Files Downloaded 2. unzip the system-deodexed.zip file to a local drive (you should have a system folder containg: app & framework folders) Refer to PC c: drive? 3. using adb, do the following: (note: you should create an app & framework folder on your sdcard first) Run adb from PC? Then fellow the command below? a. adb push app /sdcard/app/ b. adb push framework /sdcard/framework/ c. adb shell d. su e. stop f. mount -o rw,remount -t ext3 /dev/block/mmcblk1p21 /system g. cp /sdcard/app/* /system/app/ h. cp /sdcard/framework/* /system/framework/ i. rm /system/app/*.odex j. rm /system/framework/*.odex k. mount -o ro,remount -t ext3 /dev/block/mmcblk1p21 /system l. reboot going to flash your XXkh3 files but I was lost. Now I was on DXKH2 rooted with CF-xxKH3. I need to flash to XXkh3 first?
  2. I try Odia insecure curnels and used S2 root 1.3, and wash rooted successfully. ROM manager not worked due to certified errors. So can't installed CWM recovery. Ended I used Chainfire CF-Root kh3 for my dxkh2.
  3. I downloaded your extended power menu and copy into base system (/system,framwork) folder, then reboot my phone. Haha, it go into boot loop on xwkf1 and dxkx2. When I used CWM restore the saved backup file, the system menu became very slugish. So I reflashed the dxkh2, then fellow CF-Root-SGS2_XX_OXA_KH3-v4.1-CWM4. Restored back from backup set with CWM and everything worked fine. I do not know what happen on those 3 files.
  4. Thank, Gary. Do you going to cook DXKH2 ROM with extended power menu as this thread mention: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1169443 The good points of DXKH2 were this ROM for Asia, it have malay, Thai, Vietnan and Chinese languages including keyboard. If you can incoroporated CWM recovery in it will be ideal to me as well ad other people.
  5. Gary Crutcher, just used SGS2 for about a month. It was rooted with Chainfire CF-Root. But I like your extened power menu very much. Can this power menu can be activated by an icon on the screen and not by the power buttom? My firmware now as shown as picture attached.
  6. Happily owed SGS2 for two weeks. Just upgrsded the KG6 PDA,then rooted with Chsinfire CF-root. Don't border the warning triangle till I got my 32GB card. But my system still in Android system 2.33, What wrong? See attached.
  7. Happily owed SGS2 for two weeks. Just upgrsded the KG6 PDA,then rooted with Chsinfire CF-root. Don't border the warning triangle till I got my 32GB card. But my system still in Android system 2.33, What wrong? See attached.
  8. I had try once during flashed a new ROM long time ago, used Octan 2.14, checked the Erase NV PDA checked box. After I had a brand new mobile tracker. Just enter any 4 digit code code and voila.
  9. CB V2.2.2 used to have skin loading error. So I used back CB V2.18. If you like to read or listenig to Chinese eBooks. Try here: http://mbbs.uc.cn/bbs_ucweb/http/bbs.uc.cn...d=72&page=1 SG ROM I know was JC4, But I used JJ1, it was stabled. You can downloaded from lite rom by speedfrog. I attached GB 2.18 here if you like it. GB_PPC_2.1.8.cab
  10. Many Chinese input from this link: http://www.3gfan.com/class/132_1.htm Choose the one you like. Remember to install in device. Hope you enjoy! I was using 国笔2.18 was handwritten input。
  11. Your ROM version is JA4, If you are wanted the latest JJ1 ROM, goto lite ROM by speedfrog to download it. For a better GPS fix, used twu2 Oct 15 2010, 15:45 in this topic. The fellowing text was from his post. It have a aGPS program which used google server. twu2 Oct 15 2010, 15:45 Post #61 Diehard Group: Posters Posts: 353 Joined: 13th November 2009 Member No.: 609,730 Device(s): Samsung i8000 AGPS program from samsung's other device (samsung i8180c). (Also include the AGPS server registry setting for Google's SUPL server) But... in my i8000 device, I don't feel any different for this.... I just test it again, it's very fast in my device now (also with gpsfix patch).... In this cab, also include a GPSSetting.exe support AGPS setting. samsung_agps.cab ( 1.27MB ) Number of downloads: 348 And... there's other method to enable AGPS like this: 1. dial *#1472365# for execute nogarder gps program. 2. click menu -> settings -> gps, change operation mode to 'MS-based' (default is 'Standalone', this is only for XTRA) 3. click menu -> settings -> GPRS (AGPS), input the google's server=> 4. click menu -> settings -> security(AGPS), change SSL Setting to disabled. 5. click menu -> get position, this should connect to AGPS server to get the data, if everything work fine,you should get message like this: SUPL Flow: Unkown Status SUPL Flow:SUPL START SUPL Flow:SUPL POS INIT SUPL Flow:SUPL POS SUPL Flow:SUPL END(0) samsung_agps.cab
  12. Used the attached file and installed into device. Checked reegional language was there any Chinese languages selection such as Chinese(PRC) or (Taiwan).i8000nxxje1_sunfont.cab
  13. Change the Theme to blue theme from Setting > Display and light > theme. here you choose the classic blue.
  14. you can try from here: http://www.modaco.com/content/i900-general...is-165-mb-only/
  15. You can downloaded the full JI1 rom on post#2 from "lite ROMs by speedfrog" here: http://www.modaco.com/content/i8000-omnia-...s-by-speedfrog/
  16. You can downloaded from "lite ROMs by speedfrog" in this forum. link: http://www.modaco.com/content/i8000-omnia-...s-by-speedfrog/
  17. I had been flashed a full ROM as in the attached picture. Eboot,pda and phone from JJ1. used CSC_I8000NXXJF4.CSC and choose a correct scs version for german as shown in the picture. I worked well on my son Omnia2. All the above needed files you can downloaded from "lite rom by speedfrog in this forum.
  18. If the link no available. you can try OCK's ROM. http://www.modaco.com/content-page/297396/...mium/page/3140/ Good as well.
  19. Goto setting > screen and light > Lock screen. Here you un-checked. Then you only have s2u2 lock screen.
  20. unzipped the attached file, copy to \windows\start menu\program folder. You should have Samsungungainly threaded sms.Message.zip
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