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  1. Try to install the attached file into the device, then reboot and monitor how it performs. Hope it can solved your problem. AutoClosePatch_1.1.rar
  2. Wishes you all the best and enjoying your new toy. For me still live with O2 because I need Garmin navigating software and voicebook for story listening which Android without it. Thank for your great JF5 ROM which made the O2 really good.
  3. Totally agree with your points. I will kept my Omnia2 for Garmin Mobile XT and most likely move to Samsung Galaxy S.
  4. 2, when S2U2 Screen locks, the End/Power button still active, so it will power off i8000. Try Re-asigned wake up to Lock button only.
  5. Thank you for good consideration and your experience as a ROM cooker. You provided those ROM_dump.bin as well the full ROM like on JH1 and JH2. I was very appreciated your contribution in this community.
  6. Mine was ucweb 7.4 Chineses version with UCmobile as an compliment browser.
  7. Thank for sharing especially the ROM_Dump.bin files.
  8. Without the keyboard the ROM will not worked. Thank twu2 for sharing!
  9. Here you are and it was downloaded from twu2 JE2lite thread. i8000nxxje2_smartreader.cab
  10. Thank lancer and speedfrog for the download link. For those prefer Chinese Hand written input. try 国笔输入法 2.2.1. GB_PPC_FRAME_V2.2.1.cab
  11. It worked on Newforce ROM: "NFX-JF5 Lite rom - 8MB pagepool with most Samsung apps intact, this is a WM6.5 rom"
  12. Tried the attached which was from JE2 wm6.5(I got it from twu2 thread). i8000nxxje2_touchclock.cab
  13. Better you flashed to Rapid's JF5 Sense ROM, it will auto detect of SIM card now. If you used JD6, you need to manually setup the internet connection which you had to find out from 3 provider in Australia.
  14. I used Newforce JF5 ROM, with 3D accelerator on, it worked smooth even on landscape mode.
  15. Thank newforce for this great ROM, using it for few day I never encounter any problem. It was smooth and stable. One commend is not to included opera but with the cab instead. I prefer Opera 10.
  16. Try notepad if you see the square box, then you installed sunfon.cab in Device. For traditional Chinese, set regional languages to Chinese(Taiwan). But I think Gary ROM already have sunfon font. Notepad.zip i8000nxxje2_sunfont.cab
  17. Definately JE2 which I already switched back after flashed JF1.
  18. I reflashed again and it turned to normal. BT, wifi, GPRS etc all worked well.
  19. weir, this one without Regional Languages selection for Chinese. I flashed with i8000XEUJE1 CSC PDA JF1 Phone: i8000xxid1 I can't installed King reader V3.51 because need to set Chinese(PRC) first.
  20. Thank twu2 for the info and links. But downloading from King mobile was faster then RS premium account. I have 120kb/s.
  21. After using of few days, which I can't paired my BT stereo head set with Samsung setting but winmo setting was fine. Unfortunate I had to took out the battery nearly everyday. So I flashed back to JE2 wm6.5 with the same set of software installed and I had no problem. Any people facing this problem?
  22. Thank Gary for your great ROM. Finally I abled to assigned "ROTATE SCREEN" to a hardware button with winmo setting. Samsung setting can't do this. All my program were smooth and stabled. Very interesting was many time I flashed your ROM, I had wm6.q popup style which I like it most because it was more efficient.
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