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  1. Used page4 post#61 by twu2. You can used either XTRA with SNTP server or AGPS with Google server. I quoted a text from Post#61 below: "AGPS program from samsung's other device (samsung i8180c). (Also include the AGPS server registry setting for Google's SUPL server) But... in my i8000 device, I don't feel any different for this.... I just test it again, it's very fast in my device now (also with gpsfix patch).... In this cab, also include a GPSSetting.exe support AGPS setting. samsung_agps.cab ( 1.27MB ) Number of downloads: 288 And... there's other method to enable AGPS like this: 1. dial *#1472365# for execute nogarder gps program. 2. click menu -> settings -> gps, change operation mode to 'MS-based' (default is 'Standalone', this is only for XTRA) 3. click menu -> settings -> GPRS (AGPS), input the google's server => 4. click menu -> settings -> security (AGPS), change SSL Setting to disabled. 5. click menu -> get position, this should connect to AGPS server to get the data, if everything work fine, you should get message like this: SUPL Flow: Unkown Status SUPL Flow:SUPL START SUPL Flow:SUPL POS INIT SUPL Flow:SUPL POS SUPL Flow:SUPL END(0) "
  2. Even hard to change back to defalult browser. I not using Opera for long long time. Try ucweb English version which was a from China but the server was in India so you can used facebook. See attached. UCweb7.4En.cab
  3. Hope you can really enjoying the new wm7 phone. I doubt that wm7 can handle multiple program at the same time. If just for running a single program wm6.5 also very stable and fast. Ya modaco was a wonderful site which made my Omnia2 worked like a charm. But not wm7 or iPhone, because I not like my phone be control either by apple or MS. I am waiting for android phone until it have Garmin Navigator, else will sticked to wm6.5. I can have those useful progrm I like in my phone, so I learned cooking ROM myself.
  4. On a particular Omnia2, same ROM I was flashed but I can't made it worked on Samsung Today(Phonebook). Flashed to other ROM also the same thing happen as shown: Any solution?
  5. I was trying on few Omnia2, 2 worked perfect but the second today buttom different then your as shown: The today screen will switched over as I clicked on the second today soft button.
  6. In phone mode with or without a SIM card, GPS will worked. In air plane mode the GPS will be turned off so not working.
  7. I used twu2 on post #69, fellow twu2 instruction and it worked. Now I can either used XTRA or AGPS. By using agps it fix slightly faster. Thank twu2 for sharing. Connection to google server when I used agps else will be connecting to SNTP server when I used XTRA. Fellow instruction on post #61 and I feel easy as ABC. both worked well for me. With AGPS you can either used the free wifi(Home) for GPS data or GPRS. please remember the default GPS setting for Omnia2: GPS programme port: COM7 GPS hardware port: COM9 BAUD RATE 4800 UP manage GPS automatically checked
  8. you can used the Omnia2 as modem for internet connection. Two way: 1) using internet sharing which was inside your phone. 2) used mobileAP which you can downloaded from samsung application store. I attached it for you. I was using this for internet. It provide three ways of connection. USB, bluetooth or wifi. I was using mobileAP, easy and convience. MobileAP_Application.zip
  9. Send to Samsung service center for screen replacement. My friends have it twice at the service center for warranty claim while mine was more than a year without this problem.
  10. used chainfire autoclose patch as attached, it was in this forum. this small patched made O2 stable. AutoClosePatch_1.1.rar
  11. hard reset is the way. But all your PIM data will be gone.
  12. Assigned program to center button. Goto Setting > Button > assigned a Program, here you can assigned any program to your liken. Your flashed ROM will be very stables. I used spritebackup for occasional full system backup.
  13. You can downloaded the full JJ1 ROM from #2post of "lite ROM by speedfrog": http://www.modaco.com/content-page/323437/...0/#entry1545193 without the (CSC: I8000PROJJ1). Then you download the JG2's CSC_I8000NXXJF4 which was the International version with many Telco and language. Choose the correct CSC for your own country. Read up the pinned topic on how to flashing ROM. After completion of flashing, you will have a full JJ1 wm6.5 ROM of your liken. I had used this to flash full German ROM as attached picture. This will have a German keyboard as well. If you prefer a cooked English ROM on wm6.5 with all the Samsung application, try looking for "NFX-JF5 Lite rom" at the link here: http://www.modaco.com/content/i8000-omnia-...t/#entry1348269
  14. Thank, the second set is going to Germany with my son. Appreciate you help. And your this application will be one with me and one on German Omnia2 set which left Singapore to Germany tomorrow.
  15. I was using ORG premium ROM. there are many Chinese input for you to install. I myself was using quopi 2.81 hand written Chinese input and installed to device. You can downloaded from http://www.3gfan.com/. If you still have problem, try to set regional language setting to Chinese(singapore) or Chinese(PRC). I had no problem for Chinese input. GB_PPC_2.1.8.rar
  16. I done happily with the first Omnia2. But I have problem on the second set. I can't removed the program beside hard reset. After that I re_installed all my program and it worked. I have some question: 1) How to removed the program completely if anything go wrong. 2) The setting on second today(third screen shoot) can only don't on the first start up. If I going to change, How to do it? I like this application and thank very much for your reply.
  17. I used this to cook with jj1 for NewForce alike ROM. But no Samsung main menu, so I used i8000lite_V3 E2 twu2 script and it worked perfect for me. Thank speedfrog for the jj1_romdump.nb0 file. i8000lite_v3_JE2.zip
  18. I facing this problem in the past but now not to border anymore. I strongly believe that this problem was on the telco site and not on the phone and firmware. When I used only data SIM(M1 SG) on Omnia2, peacefully without this problem. When I used 3G plan with subscribe to data plan. This problem will coming back, it look like their telco network was overloaded so their system don't a reset. Especially during lunch hour. This was only my encounter during the last few months.
  19. I downloaded many version of ROM from this thread, first time I flashed to your JJ1 semi-lite ROM and it was stable and fast. Many thank speedfrog.
  20. You can installed it as what I was doing. see attached which I downloaded from twu2 thread. Thank twu2 for your wonderful worked. i8000nxxje2_chome.cab
  21. I got the JE2 Chomemanager from twu2 thread. i8000nxxje2_chome.cab
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