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  1. Dear members, I have unicode tamil fonts for android.downloaded from http://www.higopi.com/index.php?option=com...ry&catid=11 My rom is GINGERBREAD XWKE8.and also rooted.how to install this tamil fonts thro terminal emulator.I found tutorial for ADB method only.not for rooted phone.My phone galaxys I9100.
  2. Dear Friends, In froyo roms PC internet not available.Why it is not available.Is there any possibilities in android 2.2.(Settings/wireless and network/USB settings > samsung kies,media player,mass storage and ask on connection only available)
  3. I give custom rom link also. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=780057 http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=76937 this link is custom rom of xxjph.
  4. first go and check.already I installed this xxjph rom.It is available.
  5. Dear friends, New i9000 xxjph (android 2.2) available in www.samfirmware.com Here is the link:http://www.samfirmware.com/WEBPROTECT-i9000.htm
  6. How to access cache internet files and web video like windowsmobile.in we can get browsed web site images played flash video from windows/profiles/temporary internet files.I can identify flash video and copy to sd card and renamed.in android i could not find cache files and played flash video in browser.in nokia n900 also I took flash video from cache files.in android unable to get.please help me.
  7. Dear Paul,after removing other usb divices I installed this rom.other things fine except default browser.It is not co operate with flash player 10.1.after opening a flash site It is forcely closed.xscope light browser ok.Thank you.
  8. I got failed with odin.pl give small instructions for odin.what is to be checked,and what is to be unchecked.odin says cant open the com port Thank you.waiting for your reply.
  9. Hundreds of time I tried in home screen my pc not even detect.after format option performed Kies detect my phone.
  10. Dear friends, I found a solution for samsung kies connection.last two weeks struggled to connect my i9000 with samsung kies.Today I transfered all datas from internal storage to external sd card.then I removed sd card and connect thro card reader with my pc and copied all datas(Dont do CUT) to my pc,then again mount sd card in phone.goes application/settings/storage.........There I unmount intenal memory and formatted,next unmounted external memory and formatted.After this I connected my phone tp pc.The kies automaticaly opened and detected my phone.The sd card should fomatted thro phone only.Please try with this method and give feed back.
  11. I am unable to try with other roms.still I am struggling with samsung kies.it is not connect the phone with computer.
  12. http://www.xda-developers.com/android/flas...o-needed/(first go this page.there is a link for download page.that is( http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.p...p;postcount=16)
  13. I downloaded flashplayer 10.1 from forum.xdadevelopers.com and installed in my i9000.then went to whatismyflash.com it shows Installed flashplayer:9.1.122.then in phone I went to setting/applications/manage applications shows Adobe Flash Player 10.1 and size 12.28mb.Please check this.
  14. connecting with samsung kies very difficult.so many times I tried but no success.what are the setting to be made in i9000.My computer is windows xp.
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