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  1. anubi1126

    Hd2 home pics

    Ok here,s mine rom TOUCH_X_TREME_23554_EURO_2_30_5_54 radio 209
  2. anubi1126

    Leo Radio ROMs

    2.09 is out and works well i have flashed on my device and all is well
  3. Bye bye omnia you are going in the cupboard as a back up as i now have a htc hd2 its been great but its a dear john letter im afraid
  4. anubi1126

    Best deal for HTC HD2 on contract

    Got mine at fones4u on orange unlocked unbranded £35 pr month upgrade 1300 mins unlimited text and internet no branding on the phone case either
  5. This does not fill in the backgrounds around the carousel etc dissapointed doh
  6. I have on my omnia spb mobile shell 3 imarche skin set with toms skinset marble worlds 2 amiga invasion total commander virtual pool coreplayer frutakia xda shutdown simpsons game tetris mania block breaker deluxe .net 3.5 remote mobile desktop mobipocket reader nodata spb mobile shell links nr gradd purple rain dialler skin peggle resco bubbles resco photo viewer resco snake samsung app store spb backup dragon ball torchbutton totem game ringtone editor widgets by stropp v215 i think thats it
  7. anubi1126


    Heres two of mine what i am after is a sonic the hedgehog theme with sonic icons etc
  8. Ok heres my spb mobile shell 3 screenshot lifesyle
  9. anubi1126

    Mobile shell3 screens

    ok not sure heres what i did installed spb 3, changeskin 4.0 then toms imarch skin pack then change skin 4.1 and 4.2 i have neon clock selected
  10. @ pda512 i still for some reason can not get it to work so have removed it for now lol ok edit here i have reread the manual instructions and now have it working thanks pda512
  11. i have added the call log to my faves so it can be deleted there
  12. Hi i have installed imarche change skin added the task manager panel cab which works but it removes the changeskin pro page as its the same panel no any way to add the task manger cab with new panel no i have tried editing the cab but it will not let me thanks
  13. heck no i am always trying something new out or adding games themes skins apps etc oh and make calls text play music have had it about 4 month
  14. sonic unleashed 16 bit for spb unleashedport.bmp unleashedport.bmp unleashedland.bmp
  15. snoop launcher free works on my omnia adds into the today screen http://www.snoopsoft.com/free.asp A FREE Today Page plugin that can be used to launch other programs. SnoopLauncher can browse folder contents and display the files from any folder on the device for easy launching directly from the Today page. Additionally, SnoopLauncher can be configured with a bitmap image that contains 'hotspots' than when tapped will launch any application on the device
  16. heres sonic in 16 bit bmp sonic_port.bmp sonicblueland.bmp skull skullport.bmp skullland.bmp
  17. anubi1126

    So...PointUI 2 Beta is Out...

    Installs ok works upto a point but does freeze a lot
  18. anubi1126

    SPB Mobile Shell problem.

    There is a prog on here called spb watcher which will stop u ever seeing the today screen install the cab and in the today settings make sure spb watcher is ticked spbwatcher_1_.cab
  19. how do you mean samsung panel any pics m8
  20. anubi1126

    Omnia startup/shutdown GIFs

    heres a startup gif i use
  21. anubi1126

    Omnia Spb Mobile Shell

    I believe you would have to uninstall the customizable skins
  22. anubi1126

    Manila / SPB mobile shell

    i have tried both spb very easy to install easier to customise the background manilla is now easier to install with the manilla installer and theme cab creator so themes are easy to install all in all its personal choice
  23. anubi1126

    custom walpaper by spb

    yes paint will not work you need a prog like ahaview which will convert into the correct format, i also tried paint and a few other progs first girlp.bmp girloland.bmp here is two i did with ahaview if you want a pic converting attach here and i will convert for you
  24. anubi1126

    custom walpaper by spb

    Hi what is use is spb skins from here http://www.imarche.net/omnia/index.php also the skin generator from the same site tho u will have to create a pair of images on ur pc in 16 bit bmp and transfer to ur mobile hope that is some help
  25. H i i have a prob with the imarche background gen on my omnia i have created two images in the correct resolution but the script says its wrong any ideas images added into post thanks in advance Attract.bmp Attracjandt.bmp

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