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  1. Years ago I got a brilliant deal for mobile broadband from a link in the Modaco forums which somebody had kindly posted . Does anybody know of an excellent deal (perhaps not widely advertised) by any of the mobile broadband carriers that is on at the moment. Data use will not be very high but I don't think 5GB per month is enough so looking at the 15Gb deals if possible. The connection is for a childrens educational charity that need internet provision but can not fit a land line in the property. Being a charity, money is very tight at the moment and any saving on the 'high' monthly cost of mobile broadband would be much appreciated. Regards, Nerd
  2. Hi Dave, I posted links for the Advent 4213 recovery disk once - would they be useful to you? (I think they are down now but I can reupload them if you are prepared to wait...) Regards, TheNerd
  3. In the £10-£25 bracket, you could include something that should be on everybody's list... The ZAGG Invisible Shield (http://www.zagg.com/) Example: A Zagg Invisible Shield for the HTC HD2 is £16.99 from Expansys. Surely it makes sense?
  4. Good competition. Great prize! :( As I'm being a complete biff on the computer today I managed to retweet twice so now I'm getting abuse from condescending twits. :D Anyway, good luck to all. Fabulous Chrimbo present for the lucky winner.
  5. These are the connections settings screens from my Touch HD running Dutty's Leo ROM R7 with Tsowens WM6.5 Taskbar icons There are also these pages that list the settings... http://www.mphone.co.uk/mms_wap_settings_t_mobile.html http://www.allaboutsymbian.com/forum/showthread.php?t=37247 And I'm sure there is one on the WinMo forum pages somewhere! Found some proxy settings screens... I untick (disable) the proxy setting as I can not connect to my email server using TMobile's proxy.
  6. Gosh, my typing was really quite bad wasn't it? I blame the squished up keyboard. :) Errmmm... Anybody got a link for the service manual for these things?
  7. Hi folks, Had a disaster with my laptop and was forced to go out and buy a new machine from PCWorld (ahhhh!) but they have a good deal on at the moment with the Advent 4213. First I want to do a "TechGuys Recovery Backup" which requires a 2Gb USB flash stick or SD card. I put a 4Gb mini SD into an SD adapter and slot it into the inbuilt card reader. It recognises it then when running the backup, I get an error and it can not go any further. So tomorrow I have to either go and buy a 2Gb or greater flash stick or get a ful size SD card. (I think?) I would rather use a cheap SD card and have it permanently keep the recovery backup and wherever the notebook goes, the SD card goes just in case. Good plan? I just wonder why I can't run the backup on the mini SD. 1) Can I image the backup from the flash stick/SD card to a hard drive for archiving and then use the card or stick for something else (then put the image back on for use when required)? 2) Why won't the mini SD and adapter thing work? 3) Does a SDHC card work or does it have to be non SDHC? Next I'm thinking of adding a Linux OS (ubuntu) and the Mac OS X (thanks for the tutorial on the 4211 Paul), and running it tri-boot with Windows XP. Probably will have a few pains but there seems to be a lot of help from the many who have done similar things. Wondered if the laterst copy of Max OS X (10.5.6) was OK to use for the procedure or if it had to be 10.5.4. I am paying a visit to the Apple store tomorrow and will probably only be able to get the latest edition, so would like to know if I would be better getting an older 10.5.4 version from Ebay? (Could save a bit of money and hassle maybe but I'm happy to shell out the cash to Apple if it warrants the latest edition). Finally, had a quick look at the accessories (namely carrying cases) for the netbook. Does anybody have a particular favourite which is especially good for a netbook? I'm a bit worried about getting something that resembles a handbag (or God forbid a "Manbag") but will be keen to protect my littl'un from harm as I don't have much luck with laptops. It's a hell of a machine by the way folks. Really recommend it. I'm sure the next gen of netbooks will wipe their butts on it but for now the price is good and with a bit of smoothtalk you can get s few extra goodies thrown in as well! (PS The keyboard is utter pants, I know but I can probably live with it when I need to!)
  8. :) I'm not insinuating anything by the way!
  9. Sure there is... when you call TomTom and give them the serial number and supplied activation code of the purchased maps they will sort you out with a fix - unless of course they are not maps you purchased? <_
  10. Have you got any contacts? Is it using the correct address book (i.e. is it using your phone contacts? you haven't changed it from the default setting somehow?)
  11. Just use the Add recipient... option from the menu
  12. I haven't seen this in the news but I stumbled on it yesterday... Date: 2009-01-07 Category: Hotfix Website: HTC.com support Download: 566Kb
  13. Nice one Chris. This brings up another issue. The problem about the threaded text taking up all the room in the reply message; sometimes I can not even see the text I'm writing, maybe only the top half of the letters! I have a registry tweak which can enable you to drag the keyboard out of the way which sometimes helps, but not very much... What I would really like is to drag the size of the previous messages smaller (and therefore the reply text area bigger) so I can see what I'm typing. - This is one of my biggest gripes with my HD at the moment. I end up just creating a new message to the SMS recipient so I can see what I type in a bigger area without the previous message getting in the way. Other than that I actually like the messages stored in a thread.
  14. I found Gyrator very buggy on my HD. (Although at the time I loaded it, Gyrator was doing better than either GSen or Flip-It
  15. http://www.hardreset.eu/htc_touch_hd_hard_...t_reset_en.html
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