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  1. The fix for this was great on the Omnia.....any chance of similar fix for the HD? Cheers B) FG
  2. Yeah - I get that with Spb Backup? :D What does it mean? More importantly does it mean my backup is corrupt? :lol: Cheers FG
  3. Hi, I been looking through a few posts but I can't seem to figure out the following... I want all pics taken to save automatically to a specific folder......say Storage Card\Pics How to do this? Is it possible to MMS; Email; Bluetooth pics from a folder such as the above? If so - how to do this? Cheers FG
  4. OK...after much testing and stuffing about...I found the cause of this cut-out was MS Voice Command. Checking out someone else's difficulties of another matter put me on to this. The version I was using was 1.6.19209... On removing this and installing the latest version available of 1.6.19214 - it seems now to be OK... I now get the initial 2 second "quiet" ring then onto much louder normal ring...so far so good. Now if only I could get the 'Lock/Unlock/Close' issue resolved...but that's another (thread) story. :lol: Cheers FG
  5. Which version of MS Voice Command do you have installed.... RETAIL VERSIONS: 1.5 – There exist retail versions of MSVC 1.5. These are very outdated, and will not work on Windows Mobile 6.0+ devices. 1.6.4622 - Retail localized versions (available in US, UK, and French versions). Should work on WM 6.0 but WITHOUT incoming announcements. 1.6.17913 - Updated retail US version. Should work with some WM 6.0 and 6.1 builds. 1.6.19209 - Embedded WM 6.0 US version, not available for retail. Should work with most WM 6.0 and 6.1 builds. RECOMMENDED FOR 6.0 devices. 1.6.19213 – Updated WM 6.1 US version. Should work with newest 6.1 builds. RECOMMENDED FOR 6.1 devices. 1.6.19214 – Latest WM 6.1 US version. Should work with newest 6.1 builds. RECOMMENDED FOR 6.1 devices. Cheers FG
  6. I have gone back to S2U2 for now....until I can find a fix for the Close situation. Does anyone happen to know what the "Close" soft-key is supposed to represent? If the Omnia manual was any more vague it could be talking about another phone entirely! But the main problem I had with S2U2 previously was when a call did come through....everything was fine but on trying to slide it would not open - it seemed to have locked the slider and I would miss the call. So I turned the 'slide to answer' off and went to an S2U2 on screen button/soft-key and it seemed to freeze/lock when a call came thru' also on most occasions. I am beginning to think that maybe the phone does not like sbp mobile shell. As no matter what firmware I use, I have problems with incoming calls (ringer cuts off after a couple of seconds, etc.) and the S2U2 problem... After any firmware updates PRIOR to installing the mobile shell again everything is fine. But I really like the spb mobile shell and the skins I have now set it up with.... Cheers FG
  7. I have also been getting this 'Close' soft menu - and then have to remove the battery to even restart and get back into the phone. But this was only on using the phones default lock/unlock function. Anybody any ideas what this nasty 'Close' is??? Cheers FG
  8. Hi, I had a few probs with S2U2 so reverted back to the phones own screen lock system of holding the Call End button to lock the phone. However sometimes the 'Unlock' statement above the Call Button on the screen turns into 'Close' and no matter what I press - nothing happens. I usually have to remove and re-insert the battery at this point. What does the Close represent and is there a way to use Lock/Unlock without this occuring? Cheers FG
  9. Hi, I had done all that....but no matter which ringtone (custom of Samsung) or ring setting I use (with or without vibration) the ringtone cuts off after a couple of seconds....then returns just as it is about to go to voicemail...so about 10 secs after it cut out. It has happened using diff firmware also. Any ideas? Cheers FG
  10. No matter what ringtone I use - on receiving a call - it plays it once and then the ringtone stops working and only the vibration carries on for each call. I am using HI1 f/w. Anybody else get this? Cheers FG
  11. Ahhhh - just that that has never happened to me before - so didn't see that comment. Ooops :lol: FG
  12. Hi, I am on DXHI1 and my Smart Reader also does not start. I never tried it on earlier versions so it has never worked. Anybody any ideas? FG
  13. I managed to download file 1 of 3 for i900DXHJ1....but now Rapidshare gives me error when trying to access any other files - even one at a time. Stating "Error: download limit reached......" After 1 file??? Anyplace the total file can be downloaded or the remaining 2 file segments? Cheers FG
  14. Yeah - I had same problem of turning off....finally updated to HI1 via HH3 and not had one shutdown since...and its well over a week now. HI1 seems a good firmware methinks....as I also get much improved battery life now. ;) Regards FG
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