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  1. and the pass for the rar is: i900l_colombia Did you read the post ?
  2. the i900L rom is "This file is currently set to private" :D
  3. Sector.. here i`m !! :( Sorry for my delay, i sold my omnia , but i buy new i900L today. I`m downloading the flash to test it now. Edit: Pm send.
  4. Sector, thanks for your cooperation !!! I really like a custom rom for us i900L whit M2d and all stuff like your excellent customs roms for i900... and will be an honor for me be your tester ! Pdt: Sorry my english is not good enough.
  5. alinez, in this moment i can´t upload to other site, my connection is very slow :( , because this i upload whit torrent only, please be patience B) @yts17 , the only difference is the HSDPA bands ( 850/1900).
  6. That´s right, i flashed my phone and re-Unlock whit your tutorial, and all is fine now, i have now 3g in my i900L !!!!! Again.. thanks for your help!! B)
  7. i´m Sorry but did you read the title ? I900"L" full flash shokka9, is a pleasure share whit yours this flash !!!, maybe whit this phone.bin some guru of Modaco will can make the i900 work whit the 3g in all America.
  8. Here is the full flash for your i900L
  9. Hi at all !!!! I have access to this flash yesterday, and here is for yours !!! first is i900LVMHK1_HK2VMHK1 by Movilnet Venezuela Contents: second is i900LUPHJ2 by Claro Peru Contents: and the pass for the rar is: i900l_colombia Both flash are testing in my I900L whit Grand/Prix. Download LINK
  10. sea_man

    Where is our WM6.5 ???

    Here is: http://pdaviet.net/showthread.php?t=45925 :(
  11. First.. thanks for your reply B) 1- Xp 2- unchecked 3- Yes Whit Passoa´s rom all is fine ,also PdaViet 13M , but no susses whit other roms, Grandprix showme a Blue label, but the phone stuck al the Samsung Logo. Now i have the Pdaviet 13M flashed in my I900L, but i have a big big problem... when i bought it, i unlocked whit UST Pro II and i lost the 3g bands , now don´t show a E or H or 3g icon , but the GSM calls and the other funcions work fine. What can i do ??? Please Alinez Illuminate me :( Edit: Problem Solved !! http://www.modaco.com/content/forum/284545...s-the-real-one/
  12. Alinez, can you explain me how extract and flash the PDA.bin and customer.csc from a rom , to flash my i900L ?? Thanks for your help !! Edit 1.. i extract the Pda.bin and customer.csc whit Executor... after this i flashed whit Grandprix, and all OK ( blue label appear)..but after my i900L is freeze at the Samsung screen... :) please hel me !!!!!!!! Edit 2.. I´m using a PDAviet rom to extract the Pda.bin and customer.... again i try whit the Passoa rom.. and work !!!!!!!!!!!! But the question now is.. why whit this work.. but whit other not ? ( need i to change something in the secret menu ?? )
  13. I have this rom since yesterday ,the ONLY problems is : -mouse under manilla 2d ( in others windows work fine) -playback videos in camera mode. ( i play this , whit core player ) Wifi " Opera, Msn and all" works OK.... i´m using the Opera advised by PhamQuang Battery performance is very good.. since yesterday without charging ( today half hour of call , half hour of web browsing and 1 hour of Garmin Xt) The Signal in my country is strong whit this radio. In resume, this is one of the best roms for Omnia !
  14. wifi is is working fine here...is a great rom, thanks!!!
  15. They are looking for a radio or hack update for this. , for now we don´t have the answer,be patience... something is coming :rolleyes:

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