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  1. A little off topic, sorry, but... Christianedward, what sort of issues are you experiencing with the Bluetooth connection to the Garmin watch? I ask as both my wife and I now have an Honor View 10, but she is unable to get the Mi Fit app for her Mi Band 2 to keep running in the background which means that it doesn't keep a Bluetooth connection open for her to receive notifications via the bands. I was wondering if this might be the same issue that you are talking about? We have tinkered as much as possible with permissions and battery options to allow the app to run in the background, but it just doesn't work like it did on her previous phone.
  2. So when charging an Honor 7 using the supplied charger and cable I should see the "Fast Charging" message? There is no such message displayed on my son's Honor 7. And, tbh, he has always claimed that his charging isn't particularly fast. I have always put this down to him expecting miracle charging times, but perhaps it isn't then? Surely fast charging isn't an option that needs to be turned on in a settings menu somewhere, is it?
  3. This a brand new, fresh from the box and untouched device. Brilliant. Thank you. Considering the problems others have had, it gave great peace of mind. All updates have now been applied with no problems at all.
  4. Hmmm. Maybe it would be best to wait for OTA? It'd be good if there were some way to check the validity/completeness of the update files before applying, or if the first step of the update process was a check that would abort if the file were corrupt. Unless all OTA updates were recalled, it seems a bit strange that none are being delivered via the on phone check. Maybe it will just take a little while for them to come through that route? I just really wanted to get it as up to date as possible so that I could perform a post update full reset prior to setting it up for my son. I do not yet have a SIM in the phone, but with a WiFi connection that wouldn't prevent OTAs? Maybe I'll switch it back on and give it a bit of time before re-checking for updates on device. Thanks for your input.
  5. Thanks for the reply fifthcolumn. Does this apply to all OTAs after B121? Or just the latest (B140 to B170)? I guess that'd certainly explain why no updates are automatically delivered via the on device update option. FYI, mine was not Chinese bought. It is an official EU model bought from VMall (Expansys).
  6. I have just bought an Honor 7 in the most recent flash sale for my son's birthday. Out of the box it is on B121. Upon checking for updates I am informed that there are no updates available. I am in the process of downloading the OTA updates from this thread and will apply them all to the device, and I am sure that I will have no problems doing so. However, I am a little confused as to why, when these updates have obviously been out a while now, they aren't delivered to the device via the OTA option. Is this a sign of things to come? Will I have to apply future updates manually too?
  7. One of the things that I have really disliked in recent years is the network / handset exclusivity deals. If you are after a particular handset affected by this, then not only does it mean changing provider, but also that they don't need to try to be too competitive on the contract offered with said handset. This, I believe, is where these 3rd party sellers come in (the likes of P4U & CPW). At my wife's last renewal she knew exactly which phone she wanted, but also wanted to stay with her current provider who didn't stock the phone. Enter P4U where she was able to upgrade on that handset because they provided the SIM free retail version (another bonus), and on top of that she got given a freebie and a monthly discount. Whilst in the past I had always bought direct from network, it is looking ever more so that limiting to this channel will mean worse deals for the consumer. When my wife's contract ends in January she will be following my lead into the pay monthly option (currently GiffGaff), therefore saving a considerable amount of money. She has already sold her current contracted phone and bought a OnePlus One (as have I), and we will both be more likely to stick with buying more affordable phones outright in the future. Therefore bypassing the traditional retailers completely.
  8. Does anyone know how the trial works at the end? I.e. Will it auto subscribe and take payments unless you cancel by a certain date? Or is it the other way round, and you have until a certain date to opt in in order to get the £7.99 fee? Thanks.
  9. Hopefully they have also fixed the slow Wi-Fi following device sleep that requires you to stop & restart Wi-Fi manually to get a decent connection speed.
  10. This is exactly why, after using nothing but HTC since the original SPV, this time around I went for the Nexus 4. I love the design and build quality of HTC and even quite like Sense. What I hate about them is the speed at which they drop devices from software support. Even fairly recently flagship devices. My wife has a One X+ and I wouldn't be surprised if that never sees an update either.
  11. Looking at reviews for the HD+ it sounds like the Nook UI is the cause for a lot of lag & stutter. With the newly available access to the Google Play Store is this something that could now be easily overcome by installing a replacement launcher (such as Nova)? Or is a custom ROM the only way to get away from this?
  12. I insisted on having some kind of case on my N4 before I would take it out of the house. I admit, the glass back has made me very nervous. I initially bought a "official" replica by Shenit for £12.95... http://www.amazon.co...duct/B00AUDSY0K I have not seen a genuine official bumper case in person, but this copy does seem to look just like it. It retains a very stylish look, and the buttons are fantastic. However, I still found myself feeling very nervous handling the phone day to day. The black plastic part of the bumper only protruded back and front by a tiny amount, and I felt that this wasn't enough to protect the phone when I place it down or if I were to drop it. Also, the black plastic part wasn't soft enough for me. I would have preferred if it were made of a softer silicone material, as this may have given me more confidence that it would provide some drop protection. As it was, I felt that the only protection offered by this would be that it would prevent the edges of the phone from getting scratched. Obviously I do not know how this compares to the official bumper or the GENx one above. Do those protrude enough to protect the screen and back? Is it made of a softer material that might absorb some of the shock from dropping the phone? Since buying that bumper, another case came along that seemed like it would offer much better drop protection for the phone... http://www.amazon.co...duct/B00A06Z41E I have bought this (@ £13.70 including shipping) and whilst it isn't the best looking case in the world, it certainly does look better in the flesh, I have much more peace of mind that the phone will be better protected and I find it actually feels good in the hand too. It doesn't feel half as bulky as it looks like it would. For now, this is what I am sticking to and the bumper is staying on the shelf. Whilst I really do like the design of the phone and it is indeed a shame to cover it up, the design certainly wasn't the factor that made me buy the Nexus 4. As such I don't feel I am doing it a great injustice by covering it. I am simply protecting my investment. :)
  13. The updated BBC iPlayer app still does not work on my Jelly Bean toting GEDified Motorola XOOM (4.1.2). Instead it simply acts as a browser shortcut and takes me to the mobile iPlayer website. From there I can play videos, which launch via the installed BBC Media Player, but as you said the streams are pretty low quality. It really is poor. Between the BBC and Sky I hear they are providing great apps for iOS, but both are falling way too short on Android. :(
  14. That is a generic firmware (i.e. not for the Vodafone devices). Presumably this can only be applied if you have the bootloader unlocked? Software for the Vodafone UK version can be found here.
  15. Hmmm. Had a thought. If it is not possible to downgrade to B882 or B885 this way, what if I were to reapply the B892 ROM from the SD card? Unlike the OTA, presumably this would be a clean wipe and may not then have the volume issue? In fact (thinking as I type) perhaps simply a hard reset would fix it? I may try that, as at least I know it it is safe.
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