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  1. Thanks nOObody and Rapid81,really good :huh:
  2. Every master of fine rom separately :P They are all masters of this opportunity to thank you for taking your valuable time :huh: We are waiting for your nice rom :o
  3. Very simple. I recommend you try as I mentioned, of course do not forget the DNS settings :huh:
  4. Whatsh methodh ? Everyone benefits...
  5. Open folder Aplication Data > delete Skyfire folder and run now :huh:
  6. Thanks,thanks,thanks SINAN to great ROM :huh:
  7. But there sb19 avaiable ;) Popular chance to tri Monday ;)
  8. Work well for the exam + exam results good = good rom :P Success in the exam ;)
  9. This issue is closed as''sweet''I'm glad ;)
  10. Sinan will answer for it, I do not understand much... This to me that I remind people at the opening of each phone, but not so easy to change...
  11. 1) Expand the number 7 (htc album) If you've already installed, 2) Install this keyboard (to My Storage) XT9_Keyboard.cab 3) If you have contacts stored in phone memory is already seen ;) But as I said would be great if some more work ;)
  12. Yes, but it would be better Sonblack rom, I'm sure ;)
  13. Sense 2.5 If?It would be great to do Sonblack rom ;)

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