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  1. Hi, I didn't read all the 61 pages. Is there a possibillity to enter the "apply update zip"-mode without using a pc?
  2. Paul, you're the best! Can't wait...
  3. German stock Rom from O2. Version Waiting for root guide too... Paul do you own all the devices on the market? You posted roms and guides for all phones I had (Samsung I900, B7610, HTC Desire,...)
  4. I didn't finish my work, cause I'm using linux right now. Some buttons may not work correctly. You can simply edit the configuration file. Regards
  5. i downloaded first the csc. ok o2 branded. but connection settings and background are editable. for me it works much faster. no errors found (using 5 minutes :) ) now trying phone part. and yes... please please add another hoster than rapidshare.com. maybe netload? woud be very nice! do you just want to count the downloads or do you want to collect rapidpoints? if you only count i can provide my server with unlimited traffic/webspace for hosting all roms from you (with counter ^^)
  6. i have send you (fchfan, kibiwi and pashik) a pm with direct download link. my phone was delivered with PDA: B7610BUIH3 CSC: B7610VD2IH7 Phone: B7610BUIH2 mli file is only pda part, if i remember correct.
  7. i can provide an unconverted mli dump of original stock rom wm6.1 german/vodafone.
  8. thank you so much sorg. you're the best ;)
  9. running first wm 6.5 rom on omnia pro. (arm1176 s3c6410) v1.2a shows up "This tool needs a S3C64x0 processor, detected platform : LOUVRE" error. :D
  10. bought one from zagg.com tricky to install but it really rocks. i put my bunch of keys and the phone in one pocket... whyne :D
  11. check hklm\comm\ conn mgr\destination and delete all keys you don't need (or set read only from 1 to 0 and delete them in the settings) worked for me. gmaps is solved by hklm\software}google\googlemaps\preferred-network=0 instead of 1 and supp-ext-wifi=0 instead of 1. hope this helps
  12. 1. the sms view is threaded. so you will see sent and received. else it wouldn't be threaded :) 2. some users have this problem. for me it works great. i think it's not the mobile but rather the car kit/bt headset. regards
  13. iGo8 works without any tool like GPSproxy. It works out of the box ^^
  14. they are originally from \windows\ i don't know whether they are compatible to wm6.1 roms. they are from secany's wm6.5 rom. just copy them to the windows folder. remember to create a backup of your files before overwritting!!
  15. would be very interesting for me too. 3 or 5 seconds are really too short...
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