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  1. Thanks for the replies. Will watch cruddasj's videos before touching my phone :D . Are there any software on the phone I should turn off before flashing? I have things like SPB Mobile Shell 3.5 installed.
  2. Hello Friends, I own a Samsung Omnia i900 from Vodafone UK. I am a bit bored with the phone and want to flash it with one of the fabuluos WM 6.5 ROMs around here. The current ROM on it is i900XXHJ6/ACHJ2 which was, I believe, Samsung's last update for Vodafone. Can anyone tell me if there are any precautions I need to take before flashing the phone? I have read sector's tutorial on flashing the phone and will try and follow it to the letter, but if there are any words of wisdom from you guys that can help me to flash it safely I'd really appreciate it. Hope you can help this noobie. :D
  3. Congratulations. God knows where my Omnia would have been without MoDaCo!! Flashing it for the first time tomorrow, so it looks auspicious :D
  4. Sorry for the silly question ... anyone can point me to a step by step guide to install these ROMs? I own an Omnia and have only ever flashed it once with the official Vodafone ROM (UK) update almost a year ago, so any suggested precautions would be welcome. :D
  5. And got the answer here for the 3D message viewer. http://www.spbclub.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=28636 Still searching for an answer to the sensor supported carousel. :)
  6. Loving it so far. Except that I cannot get the sensor supported carousel animation and can't read the messages in the new 3D SMS view? I have an Omnia i900. Any ideas?
  7. I tried PointUI and though the PointSense theme is cool the whole interface is a bit laggy. But it has the potential. Pardon a noob question but what is Titanium and where can I download it from? Cheers.
  8. For Heaven's sake! This is going to push a lot of people away from WinMo. I've got a contract renewal coming up end of the year and if there are a couple more snazzier Android devices on the market by then, WinMo is definitely out for me. :D
  9. thanks. I had to restart my phone for some other reason and now its showing the correct time!! I may have been hallucinating in the first instance B)
  10. Hi, Sorry if this has been asked before as I couldn't find any such topic around. My Omnia clock is configured to show my current local time (UK) and the current time in India. Yesterday, when the clocks switched to British Summer Time (BST), the Omnia clock automatically moved the clock 1 hour forward. This is correct, however it still displays it as GMT. Now, my Indian time shows as being 5:30 hours ahead of UK whereas it is actually 4:30 hours. This is happening because in the settings I can only select a city (New Delhi in this instance) and the clock automatically sets the time according to the city's time zone. So, New Delhi IS +5:30 GMT but my clock has moved the clock ahead 1 hour in GMT which is wrong. We, in the UK, are now +1 GMT which is known as BST. Question is, if I haven't confused you all, how do I set my New Delhi clock to show the correct time? As it stands, when its 11:00 in UK, its 15:30 in India. But the Omnia clock shows it as 16:30.
  11. Hi, I have been watching this thread with great interest and a few things are clear to me: 1. Its a brilliant project in the making. 2. Hellbender is right when he says he needs to choose the right people for the project. I know how awful it can be when you dont have the right tools for a job. For what Akshay said about more developers the better, sorry mate that is NEVER the case. 3. I am no designer and neither can I code for WM so if any donation is required in the future that will be my contribution to the project. 4. Hellbender, one thing I would suggest to you is to calm down a bit and be patient with people's queries. Simply ignore the repetitive ones as they will NOT stop and get on with what you do best. Its not a good idea to keep antagonising people because you are getting irritated with repetitive queries. its a forum mate, this is bound to happen. All the best and I look forward to a Beta version.
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