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  1. How did you go about doing it? i know what you mean about the battery life its crap at the miniute is that the latest update
  2. Please could someone help me, i want to update my omnia to the latest software version (which i dont know which version is the latest or which i need) My phone is from Tmobile the software version is BOHH5. Please could someone help me with updating this please Nick
  3. How many contacts at once can you send a text message to ?
  4. Ill be gettin that when i get home cheers..... :lol:
  5. ok lol - there nothing there part from solitare
  6. Is there a poker game for the samsung omnia, i cant seem to find one anywhere Nck
  7. delete unwanted email messaging accounts in your messaging folder? ive got like loads i dont need BT Yahoo Tiscalli etc......
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