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  1. Double-K

    Delay for the Desire Z?

    Got mine yesterday and it was deffo worth the wait. Can't wait to tinker with it and see what it can do :-D
  2. Double-K

    To get a Desire Z or not?

    Still a 24 month contract though, I'd rather lump the extra £30 to have 6 months less contract :rolleyes:
  3. Double-K

    Delay for the Desire Z?

    Order Status: Ready For Despatch :huh: :rolleyes: :huh: WoooHooo!
  4. Double-K

    To get a Desire Z or not?

    The best value I've found is with MPD, 18 month contract at £35 a month on t-mobile. Free Handset. Total cost of contract: £630 24 months at £30 a month = total: £720
  5. Double-K

    Delay for the Desire Z?

    Has anyone received it yet? My order is still showing as Pending Stock :rolleyes:
  6. Double-K

    Delay for the Desire Z?

    I ordered via MPD too and it is still showing Order Status: Pending Stock Went in carphonewarehouse today and it was on display Just called MPD and they said they got stock today and I should have it on Mon/Tues... :)
  7. Double-K

    Delay for the Desire Z?

    Fingers crossed then
  8. Double-K

    Delay for the Desire Z?

    Amazon is now showing release date of 8th Nov; This item is due to be released on November 8, 2010. Please note that release dates are subject to change. Dispatched from and sold by Amazon.co.uk. Gift-wrap available. Play.com showing 5th Nov; Pre-order. | Due for release on 05 November 2010 Grrrr!!
  9. Double-K

    UK networks

    I have badgered T-Mobile about if/when they will be releasing the Z and they are stating that they will not be selling it directly. You can however buy it on T-Mobile from 3rd part vendors. The retention team have tried to pursuade me to have the HD - no thanks :) I have pre-ordered mine through one of the 3rd party company on an 18 month deal at £35 a month (handset free) which works out less in the long run than the 24 month £30 a month deals. I also used a cashback site to get £30 cashback, which I should have approx 2 months into the contract. Also, to keep my number, I have had to port my T-Mobile number to another network (pay as you go) and once the new contract starts I shall port it back. A lot of hassle, but I get to keep my number and get a great deal on the handset I want. Still no confirmed delivery date, but it should be next week, if I pre-ordered early enough :) Kind Regards Double-K
  10. Double-K

    Delay for the Desire Z?

    Does anyone have a confirmed release date for UK? Amazon have 1st Nov but I cannot find anything official for a release date. I've pre-ordered mine from a 3rd party company and they said they were expecting stock this week or next week but could not provide a definite date. Kind regards Double-K
  11. Double-K

    HTC launch the Desire Z (formerly known as the HTC Vision)

    I spoke to T-Mobile yesterday, they denied knowledge of the handset and it is not on their list of phones coming soon. I also spoke with Orange, same thing. Vodaphone on the other hand have advised they will be releasing it late October. I for one am waiting for this phone, even if it mens going over to voda.... Kind Regards Double-K
  12. Double-K

    Fault since 'Cupcake' 1.5 OTA update

    Well cupcake was pushed OTA to the handset approx 2 hours after putting RC7 back on, have had no further issues, so thanks for all your help. Double-K
  13. Double-K

    Fault since 'Cupcake' 1.5 OTA update

    Thinking about it, the os it's running is exactly how it was when we got the handset, there was an update between then and the cupcake. Do the updates need to be done in order?, as i'd need to update to that version before updating to cupcake. Any idea what that update was? Double-K
  14. Double-K

    Fault since 'Cupcake' 1.5 OTA update

    Right, I got some help on the T-Mobile forum (Click Here) in putting the old firmware back on (RC7 for UK) to aty least get the phone in working order, which worked fine. But - when trying to update it onto cupcake, as I did on my G1 (the problem device belongs to my gf, remember :-p) it errored; Installing from sdcard... Finding update package... Opening package... Verifying package... Installing update... E:Failure at line 1: assert file_contains("SYSTEM:build.prop", "ro.build,fingerprint=tmeu/kila_eu/dream/trout:1.1/TMI-RC9/128600:user/ota-rel-keys,release-keys") == "true" || file_contains("SYSTEM:build:prop", "ro.build.fingerprint=tmeu/kila_eu/dream/trouInstallation aborted. Press Home+Back to reboot Any ideas on this error? Also, do you know if T-mobile will push out the OTA update again, or do they mark the account as already having it? Thanks for your advice so far :-) Double-K
  15. Double-K

    Fault since 'Cupcake' 1.5 OTA update

    Yeah it says that it is done, then tells me to reboot, and it just goes back to the 'triangle' screen. GF is not happy :-( Double-K

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