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  1. hello! I don't know why but the time of my incoming text message is 4 hours late. The time in the cellphone and outgoing text is correct. Can someone help me?
  2. Will Samsung Omnia supports the requirements to run windows mobile 7?
  3. Does the space bar works in reply now?
  4. small stupid question: how do you change the ring? I put my music in the same file with the others ring but then it doesn't appear in the list (even after a soft reset). Thank you!
  5. Hello, I usually use SPB Shell and I installed 2 news 6.5 roms with bigger butons and the bottom of the screen (with the windows logo). Since, the wallpapers of SPB Shell are not going to until the bottom of the screen and it doesn't look nice at all. Did you have same problem? Do you know how to resolve it? Thanks!
  6. Hello, I'm using the ROM 28014. It is awsome. However, everytime I use a program, when I close it and come back to the main menu: TouchFLO is diseable and I have to wait for it to restart (I have the message "Tap here to launch Touchflo"). It happens for big applications (Opera) but also very small such as my Clock (G-alarm). Is it normal? Thank you!
  7. The OCK ROM looks nice. Currently the video camera doesn't work so I'll wait.
  8. I know they all have bugs. I'm just looking for a fast ROM. I was using one of sector's rom until now but I wanted to change.
  9. Hi Everyone, I really like the M2D roms but I think they are a bit slow (it doesn't feel real). So I use SPB Shell. Since I have to use my friend’s computer to upgrade, I can’t try all the ROM (he doesn’t like when I borrow his computer). Can you recommend me a ROM which is fast and stable now? Thank you!
  10. Which one is the fastest? 15MB pagepool make it lower? Thank you for your help!
  11. Hi Steff, I updated to your 28014 M2Dv2. It is a nice ROM. I really like it! I can't enjoy fully the ROM because of one small bug: the weather doesn't appear on the main screen. I have the message: "Tap to update weather". It takes me to the settings page and I select "Update now". Then it says "No weather data available". I don't understand because on the Weather page everything works great. I also had a dark square on my screen but I resolved it with an hard reset. Only the weather problem stays. Thank you for your help!
  12. I'd say: - Don't touch the cable and use a laptop - Turn off all the useless softwares (like messenger, firewall, anti-virus, etc). Turn off the internet too. - Read a book while waiting :D Just don't stop the process. You might get the message "PDA devide not found". It is a problem in the configuration of Windows Sync but I don't remeber where it is (search the solution in Modaco). Good luck!
  13. Hello! I have a small problem using G-alarm 1.5.1. When the alarm starts the music is playing but then the back lights turn off (it happens when you don't use the phone) and the music stops. Usually the music keeps going even if the screen is not on. How do I configure my phone to not stop the music when the screen is turning off. It also happened with Skype when I was calling someone. Thank you for your help!
  14. I'm not a big fan of widgets so I don't really know. You should update to the last dutch rom to see if there is what you want. If not, use an english ROM or wait ;)
  15. You can install any ROM (official and non-official) for Omnia from any other omnia ROM. However, when you tried to update the ROM, the software might told you that there is a problem with the PDA. In that case, try another ROM. If you want a special ROM, first update to a recent official omnia ROM and then try again with the ROM you want. You can always go back to your previous ROM if you have the installer in your computer. You might loose widgets if the ROM didn't integrated it. Read about the ROM before updating. Don't forget to read this: http://www.modaco.com/content/i900-general...00-omnia-phone/ Good luck!
  16. 1. You need to download the ROM here: http://www.samsungmobile.com/support/omnia/index.jsp 2. You need Windows XP (no Vista) Then: 1. Install ActiveSync 2. Install Samsung Modem Driver XP 3. Click on the ROM and follow instructions More information here: http://www.modaco.com/content/i900-general...00-omnia-phone/ Good luck!
  17. Hi! I plan on travelling in Korea and China. I have a phone (omnia i900) with a GPS and I think it might be a good idea to use it there. However, I can't find a GPS software offering asian maps. Do you know where I can find one ? I can speak some korean so I don't care if the map is in Korean but I don't speak chinese so I would apreciate a map in english. Thank you for your help!
  18. Hi Sector, sorry I didn't explained myself clearly. 1. You are releasing a new version of your ROM almost every week which is a lot of work for you. Are you close to the end of your work? 2. For my problem, I'm using the Samsung Keypad and I also tried with all the keyboard installed in your ROM. Sometimes, nothing works on Opera and Google Maps and I have to soft reset my Omnia.
  19. Hi Sector, Thanks for your job! I have 2 questions: - Do you think you will reach a final version of your project before WM6.5 is released? - Sometimes keyboard is not working with Opera and Google Map. How can I fix it ? Thank you and good luck!
  20. Hi, My ROM is currently DXHG3 I first wanted to change my ROM with the one of sector. However, I got the message "PDA Device not found". So I decided to update to a newer version : DXIA5. The updater is different (I got it in the website of samsung), it is not in english (it adapts to the language of windows I guess). So I start it and then my omnia restar and the ROM is not changed. What should I do ? I'm using: - Windows XP pro sp3 - Activesync 4.5 - SamsungModem for xp I disabled my antivirus and firewall Thank you for your help !
  21. Hi guys, I have a couple of noob questions, sorry if they have already been answered in the previous threads but there are 150 pages. Is there any risk installing this theme or can I easily go back to normal by using the hard reset mode ? My version of my phone is: PDA: i900DXHG3 / DXHG3 PHONE: i900DXHG3 If I have to change the ROM to DXID1, where can I find it ? Can I do it with vista ? Thank you for your help !
  22. Hi everyone, I hard-reseted my omnia and then I re-installed iGo 8. Then I put port 3 and transfert debit AUTO. However, it is not working anymore, the phone doesn't connect to the GPS even after 2 hours. Did I forgot something ? It used to work well before I hard reset. Thanks for the help !
  23. Hello, I try to instal the skin but at the end I got a microsoft error message that ask me to send a report. Then the mobile became very slow and the skin of spbshell is a complete mess. What should I do ? Thanks !
  24. Hi Omnia Maniacs ! The camera of the omnia is usefull, We can save a business car by using the phone. But I would like to know if we can read the QRcode barcode ? It is more and more use for air tickets for example. If yes, how ? thank you !
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