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  1. BooToo

    StreakDroid Release Post

    If you are talking about these, I did nothing different... @@@@@@@@@@@ fac reset instructions 1. download streakdroid 1.5.1 from downloads.streakdroid.com/djsteve if you do not already have it, 2. flash this to your streak using clockwork/streakmod 3. factory reset using the dell screen (4 option menu) 4. let device boot up 5. flash 1.6.1 and relish in perfmod goodness @@@@@@@@@@@ Anyway, problem solved, thanks to Steve, by reflashing 1.5.0 and then 1.6.1 Yepppeeee!
  2. BooToo

    StreakDroid Release Post

    Hello, Just tried to move from 1.5.1 to 1.6.1. I created the install.txt and put it at the root of my sdcard with the 1.6.1 zip. I did a factory reset + the 2 other reset available in CM. The install went well but when it rebooted, I saw the new Android logo, then the energy start bios started and ended-up in a loop... Have you guys identified the cause already? (When back few posts but noting so far...) I am currently locked in a loop at the enegry start bois startup. Many thnaks
  3. Guys, Can one of you give me a step by step list of instruction to extract a log? Much appreciated. Many thanks,
  4. Time to learn something new today ;-) How to create a log... I have installed terminal. Now, i beleive i need to => open it, type SU to get super user and then activate the log functionality (what is the command line again?) => let it run and go to the market and reproduce the error => go back to the terminal and save the log on my SD card (what is the command line again?) Whould you mind confirming this with command lines please?
  5. I am creating this post because I did not find any answers in the dedicated 1.5.0 section and I would like to keep this one visible when solved as it is an anoying one... I have upgarded from a fully working 1.4.5 to the 1.5.0 few days ago. I updated my flashband to the lated version available (I am currently on GAUSB1A131800-EU) and to avoid any data corruptions issues, I did a full reset from the dell screen + the 2 data wipe from clockwork prior to the flash. The install went well with nothing special to report. Once on the new 1.5.0 I re-entered my google account credential and immediately saw all apps (including my purchased ones) THE PROBLEM Each time I try to purchase a new app, the following happend: I press buy => I press the Ok (accept permission) =>I get the following error message "A server error has occurred. Retry or cancel and return to the previous screen" I have trie to delete the market data from setting => Application I tried to downgrad to the my previous 1.4.5 then 1.4.6 then 1.5.1 this morning and whaterver I try, I now always get the same damn broken market message... It is almost like despite the data wipe and reset, something stick which make the market broken for me... Has any of you guys experienced a similar issue and could you explain how you solved it? Many thanks,
  6. BooToo

    StreakDroid 1.5.3 Release Post

    Read the 14 pages but no mention of Market problem so here I go... Steve, Installed it today after a full reset from the DELL menue + Clockwork. I must have something not quite right in my config from the Market... Each time I try to download PAYING apps, I get the infamous "a server error has occured. Retry or cancel and return to the previous page" Any idea why it is fdoing that and how to fix it? :) All free apps are downloading normally... Many thanks
  7. BooToo

    Toshiba Folio 100, rooted

    I can't wait!!!!! :rolleyes: :D :huh: :huh:
  8. So any ideas why I cannot get the $ prompt when typing SU from a dos windows in ADB shell? It stays to #
  9. Steve, Can you please le me know if you experience the same? For the first time since I have installed 1.2, I have tried to connect to the Streak using ADB from my PC. It is showned when I ADB devices it, the ADB shell launch correctly but when I try to get SU permission, it does not work... I get a # instead of a $. I went to my phone as I tought I just had to confirm to "Superuser permission" to give the rigths to ADB but no request popup... If I am correct, your 1.2 was already rooted so not sure why it is behaving like that :rolleyes: Can you please let me know if it works on your side? Thanks
  10. BooToo

    Toshiba Folio 100, rooted

    I really wonder what Paul is waiting to create a dedicated section to the Folio 100... Long WE maybe :rolleyes:
  11. BooToo

    Toshiba Folio 100, rooted

    Below is the link to Tegra 2 optimized Android Froyo 2.2 vanilla version (in case you get fed-up with the Tosh interface). http://tegradeveloper.nvidia.com/tegra/downloads The only remaining question is how it will behave with no 3G component available. I thing this is a great starting point for a clean and fast android version :) EDIT: You will find in the "Tegra Android Setup Guide" PDF all you need to know to install the USB drivers on Win 7 64bits
  12. BooToo

    Toshiba Folio 100, rooted

    By the way, let's keep this threat as clean as possible and focus on the Folio improvement. By this, I mean: If you do not like the Folio, keep it to yourself (no need to post a message just for that...). I think there is now enough feedback to allow people to make up their mind... Thanks in advance.
  13. BooToo

    Toshiba Folio 100, rooted

    Really look promissing indeed... I would really like to backup the entire ROM as an update.zip file before starting to play with it but to get to that point, it seems that the following need to happend: 1: Root the device - seems like SilentMobius got it rights with superoneclickroot - To Be confirmed 2: Install a custom recovery image WITH Nandroid - No idea how to get an existing recovery images compatible with the Folio 3: Create a full Nandroid backup of the ROM on the SD card - That should be a piece of cake once the custom recovery is in place... Then, we will have an update.zip ready to be restored if we mess up with the ROM :) Anybody skilled enough to make compatible an existing custom recovery image? UPDATE: That might be easier than I thought... http://www.androidpolice.com/2010/04/16/co...od-rom-manager/ Under the assumption that Clockworkmod does not need an access to the maket (CallHome) to work...
  14. BooToo

    Toshiba Folio 100, rooted

    Can you put a link? I can't finf it. Many thanks
  15. BooToo

    Toshiba Folio 100, rooted

    Well... I ordered it on the PC World website 2 days ago and seriously started to worry reading peoples comments about the screen, the lag, the build quality, the clumsy toshiba soft so I decided to pay a visit to my local PC World to have a good look at it before I accept the delivery :) To be honest, what a good surprise! Yes, the view angles could be better... but compared to my Asus netbook (only 1 year old), it is quite decent and I can definitely live with that. I did not noticed any "really bad" lag. My Nexus one overoptimized with a Cyanogen ROM does not perform better... Build quality? Yes, the back has not been made from a solid piece of aluminium ultra design and the black plastic is soft in some areas but it offers a very good grip thanks to its patern and looks VERY resistant to scratchs The spec is what keeps me dreaming... Tegra 2, wifi n, 16gb internal (I already orders a 32Gb SD class 6 on ebay). This baby has a HUGE potential when it would have been optimized with custom ROM and knowing the Android community, I am sure it is not going to be long... I know what I am talking about... I purchased a Streak in August running 1.6 because I felt in love with the form factor and the mobile spec and in is only this week that Finally, we now have a stable and fully functional custom made Froyo 2.2 which deliver it's full potential... (Dell is still to deliver...) No flash yet on the Tosh market? I can wait few weeks :( Last but not least, all these complaints and disapointment about the screen, build quality seems unfair looking at it price compare to its competitors (Galaxis, Ipad) with a better finish, yes, but several £100 away... If you really want to do a comparaison, look a all the tab with a similar price tag, most of them Chinese/korean that you can get on ebay (Ramos, Nationite, SPAM, Onda...). I have owned several of them and I can tell you that what I have seen this morning is much much better. And it is also Tosh... That means that we can imagine to get Android 3.0 on the Folio one day... When it arrives, I keep it :)

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