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  1. Hi, New version released. It should works on all Omnia II devices. Remember to install GRemote client and SDK on your device. You can do this by selecting correct installation type during installation process. This version should works on other devices like Omnia Lite, Pro, and Armani but I heard about some problems. Strange because it uses exactly the same SDK??? Please report and information about problems or not.
  2. We try to add support for new Samsung devices with Samsung SDK 2.0. So if you have: GT-B7300 Omnia Lite GT-B7330 Omnia Pro GT-I8000 Omnia II --> beta testers group closed <-- We will inform you about progress. If we will finish I will send my changes here, and all application used this API will work on Omnia II and others devices with SDK 2.0. Best regards, Marcin.
  3. Two screencast added. Learn how you can edit skin and configuration. In our documentation you can find two new tutorials. The first one describes how you can edit skin and add new buttons and applets. We will create a new NumPad applet and show how to change configuration to get it work. The second one shows how you can define profiles for custom application to GMedia. In our example we use VLC Player but you can add Foobar2000, Microsoft PowerPoint or any application you want. Read this tutorials and enjoy new GRemote Pro features !!! Best regards, Marcin.
  4. Hi, GRemote Pro released few days ago, so please download DEMO and try it if you like it. More info http://gbmsoftware.com/ Cheers, Marcin.
  5. Hi all, I'm proud to announce that we have our own website for GRemote app. I'm going to write a couple of articles containing solutions for the biggest problems. I hope we could place here some skins in the near future. There are some new functions in the last version like "magic" button to open ports in Windows firewall, some fixes in communication, and PC setup - now setup is easy. Please visit us: http://gbmsoftware.com/ Enjoy, GRemote Team.
  6. Hmm really strange. I know this problem occurs for some of you but for most works without any problems. The strangest think is that old version works fine ??? I have other idea but don't know you network experience. You can run WireShark on the same computer where GRemoteServer is installed and check if some packets is received on PC side. You need to watch UDP 5656 port. There is a lot of useful options like filters. Maybe you know someone who can help you with this? I don't know personally anyone with this problem. suggestion 2. Find function shoud works across this version so, you can test find function in two ways a) Old GremoteServer v0.3.0 and new GRemote client on you device v0.5.0 B) Old GremoteServer v0.5.0 and new GRemote client on you device v0.3.0 Second test will be iteresting. But thanks for tests. Cheers, Marcin.
  7. Could you run some test. Install newest version 0.5.0 on device and PC. Run GRemoteServer and go to LOG tab. Then run GRemote on your device and try to find server in profiles. You should see something similar to this: 12:21:06: Search query from IP Try to do that using USB and Wi-Fi. Tell me answer for this, maybe I can help you. Cheers, Marcin.
  8. Hi everyone, I have question for i900 users. Do you have problems with my program when you suspend and wake up you device in GMouse applet? Thanks, Marcin.
  9. First thing is made skin engine. I will release 0.4.0 version in next week I hope will some smale changes and fixes, and after that I will code skin engine. Cheers, Marcin.
  10. Maybe change speed to lower. Calibration isn't needed. Base position is position when you touch display (only Y axis, I need to fix X) Cheers.
  11. Hi all, Long awaiting, first version of GRemote Pro has just come to life ! We are proud to announce, that we have finished beta testing process of version 1.0.1 and it is ready to download NOW. During last several months we have been busy developing new features, listening to your requests, answering your questions and removing bugs that has been reported by our beta-testers. Now first version of GRemote Pro is ready and we hope it will meet your requirements and expectations. Please, feel free to download the demo version of GRemote Pro, and if you like it, you can buy a full version from our web page. Everyone, who has donated our project until 17th of April 2009 will receive a free licence for GRemote Pro in next few days. Please visit us: http://gbmsoftware.com/ ----Description below is for non-Pro version---- What we have now? GCenter - place to select controller type GMouse - mouse control like Logitech MX Air (not the same) Touchpad - applet which emulates laptops touchpad with a scroll area (dpad centre is left mouse button, useful for drag&drop) GPad - especially for Media Center (generates arrow keys, Enter, Backspace, Esc, Alt+F4, StartMenu) GMedia - multimedia keys for Windows Media Player (VolUP, VolDown, Play/Pause,Stop,Next, Prior) Keyboard - Now you can use any SIP method including the hardware keyboard in HTC Touch Pro. Extra keys on screen Ctrl, Alt (three state), Esc, Del, Tab GRace - thanks to PPJoy we have analogue game controller with 2 axis and 12 buttons. It is similar to for Nokia, but only steering wheel for now. - Download and install PPJoy (click green download button on the right side on his site) - Go to "Control Panel->Paraller Port Joystick" - Click Add button and select "Virtual joysticks" for "Paraller Port", and "Controller 1" for "Controller number". - Now windows detect new hardware and should automatically find required drivers (if not try to install drivers manually from this directory C:\Program Files\Parallel Port Joystick) -Run GRemteServer and you should see info on GRace tab "PPJoy status: driver opened succesful" - Now you can calibrate you controler using standard windows functions (Control Panel->Game controllers->PPJoy Virtual joystick 1"->Properties...) FAQs: Installation guide with USB connection howto Bluetooth connection howto This program uses 5656 UDP port so open this port to your firewall configuration if you are using Windows Firewall and have problems with connection try this help. if you are using ESET Smart Security (Nod32) you can fallow this steps. Remember to restart GRemoteServer after you finish configure ESS. if you get "Connecton timeout" message, please check your firewall. In all probability it is the source of problems with connection. Requirement - Microsoft .NET Compact Framework 3.5 (cab) And last, but not least - I really appreciate the help of new GRemote designer - Expo7. He does a lot of good job so Donate him if you like GRemote design!!! Screenshots Changelog Enjoy, Marcin Baliniak. Please do not distribute this files on other sites. If you wan you can put URL to this topic. To find latest version go to this location. Older versions: GRemote_v0.3.0_qvga.zip GRemote_v0.3.0_vga.zip GRemote_v0.3.0_wqvga.zip --- GRemote_v0.5.0_qvga.zip GRemote_v0.5.0_vga.zip GRemote_v0.5.0_wqvga.zip --- GRemote_v0.5.1_qvga.zip GRemote_v0.5.1_vga.zip GRemote_v0.5.1_wqvga.zip GRemote_v0.5.1_wvga.zip
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